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Frankston Rotarians Shared their Optimism in May 2021

Victor Perton shared the case for optimism and the how of optimism with Frankston Rotary in May 2021.   The Rotarians shared their optimism too.   Here are some of the comments captured - we missed a few as the audio wasn't perfect.

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"My optimism is always having a half-full glass (laughs and laughter). Yes, preferably wine.

"I've been a member here for a little over a year. And I would like to suggest that one of the things that makes me optimistic is the inspiring people you meet.

"And one of the fabulous aspects of the experience of being here over the last year is just how many people demonstrate their commitment to others, the commitment to causes and the preparedness to make their special effort. I find that inspiring. I find that causes me to be very optimistic."

"Nearly 20 years ago I had a heart attack and my heart arrested and I was resuscitated.

My cardiologist gave me a quote from a guy called Hunter Thompson and the quote said, “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”


"I'm optimistic.   I wake up every morning, and I think, what am I going to do today?  I'm going to do something good."

"I don't think I was by nature an optimist, but I was exposed to Martin Seligman decades ago and learned from him how to develop a positive mindset, which in summary is that your successes are due to personal and permanent and pervasive influences. And your failures are due to temporary specific and external forces. So you recognize that you will be more successful, and failure is a temporary thing. The mindset? The mindset is that when you look at your achievements or failures, you attribute your successes to permanent things in your life if you're an optimist. They're pervasive in that they leak over into every activity you do. And they're personally based due to your own attributes. You recognize your failures, and you recognize that they've been caused by temporary factors that are externally driven and specific to that activity or thing that hasn't worked for you."

"I'm very optimistic. I'm a goal setter and I set goals for the common good. And I think Rotary is a very integral part of that."

"So in the morning, when I wake up, I do a little bit of meditation. It used to be 20 minutes, but I realized that I didn't have that much time anymore. So it's now five minutes, and I get up, and I'm thankful for what I have.

"And even though because from the island where I come from, people don't know, they don't understand anxiety, anxiety doesn't exist. They don't understand that because we come from a very extended community. So I appreciate where I live, and I'm thankful for that."

Meditate to be More Optimistic

"Well, I'm optimistic about the fact that maybe tomorrow I'm going to be more optimistic than I was the day before. (laughing)

"And I'm also really, really happy when I looked down the track. And I see how optimistic and how positive our three sons are. And I think the world's in good hands.

"When you look at the kids of the people here and see where we're going.

"And also, I just have to say that Terry always says to me,  "Why do you worry about things that you have no control over?"

"I can't help being a worrier, but he is right. I shouldn't worry at all. So Terry is my mainstay. I have to say."

So I've always been optimistic.  I think it's just a mindset.  I'm particularly optimistic about the opportunity to keep doing new things.

"I think I'm a really optimistic person, I think because I've had a fortunate life, sustained by family, friends and lots of humour."

" I'm an optimist, on the basis that I believe my life will continue the way it has for 72 years I think. I'm a pretty happy fellow."

"I'm optimistic about the benefits of tomorrow."

"I'm very optimistic about life and the amazing opportunities I get to share on this journey."

"I'm optimistic that I'll see Melbourne Football Club win a premiership before I depart this earth."

Much laughter and commentary followed.

"My relationship with my wife is an excellent source of optimism. Since my retirement, we spend more time together, doing good things together. That's the most important thing to me: that's my family."

"I'm optimistic because I have a beautiful, optimistic wife. And many years ago, somebody said to me, the best way to handle stress is there are only two things you got to know about stress. You don't sweat on the small stuff. And it's all small stuff."

"It was more of a comment on what you said again. Victor, You talked about the science on the relationship between optimims, pessimism and longevity. A few years ago, somebody told me that "this ease causes disease". And that said, it really is. You got a bigger chance of getting disease if you're a negative pessimist than if you're a positive optimist."

Rotarian Man Number 1

"I'm optimistic that, knowing here the grass is still growing at home and I'll have to mow the lawns tomorrow."

(laughing and accompanied by much laughter in the room)

Rotarian Man Number 2 responding

"I could say I'm optimistic knowing someone else is going to mow my grass tomorrow.  But I think I was born optimistic. I'll give you an example. I've recently taken up croquet, and every game, I figure I'm going to win. I win About half of them, but it just means that I say to myself, "next Saturday, I'm going to win".

"Just be positive and keep walking forward."

"I am optimistic every morning.  I know when I wake up because I've actually woken up, and I've got a really lovely day to look forward to.

"And I get very optimistic at about 10 to 11 because I know Peter will make me a lovely cup of coffee."

Much laughter

"I'm optimistic about having a lovely family and seeing how well they've done and keeps me going."

"I'm lucky that I live in this wonderful country Australia and for my family to be part of that. And I always look upon the glass as being half full, not half empty."

"What makes me optimistic is how clever people are. And I'm sure that the cleverness of people will bring us through to a happy ending."

"I am optimistic as a young leader, leading a young team and a dynamic team. I have to be optimistic because they look to me for all the answers, and yeah, there's a lot of wine that I drink to keep that going. (laughing) But I think from where I come from and in the background that I have, I think I have it good.  So I am optimistic for my extended community and the Rotarians. I keep them going."

There are a lot of optimistic people in this room because Victor you've been asked to draw the Raffle.

"I'm optimistic about everybody here buying a fine pass (laughing),  And I'm optimistic the moment I wake up in the morning. There's another little tip to this. Never worry about things that haven't happened."

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