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2021 What makes Essendon Rotary Optimistic?

In preparation for a presentation at Essendon Rotary, we asked the members to fill out our global optimism survey.   We included some Rotary Club of Boronia comparisions for interest.

Essendon Rotary

Global Word Cloud

Do any of these 'optimisms' describe your optimism? 

Essendon Rotary seems to have more resilient and realistic optimists than the average.  Worth talking about.

Essendon Rotary

Boronia Rotary


What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?

We ask, "What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?" and offer a series of options derived from our first global survey and the answers we have received from thousands of people.    

The top answers globally in order are Mindset; Life Experience; Most people are trying to do good; Gratitude; Faith in God; Family; Faith in Humanity; Hope; Science; Young People; Things will work out in the end; Belief; Friends; The Future; History; Medical Science; Good Government; and, The Economy.

For Essendon Rotary it's even more about life experience and faith than the average.   

Essendon Rotary

Boronia Rotary

Global Results

What has helped keep you optimistic in these difficult times?

Regular Positive Conversations, exercise and yoga are the top 2 for Essendon Rotary.  Makes sense!

Essendon Rotary

Boronia Rotary


What makes us Optimistic?

“I believe you create your own luck, and to do so, one must be positive.”

“Rather than looking ahead, I enjoy the trip. Without ignoring the future, I prefer to enjoy the present.”

“Life is good with the love of family, continued prosperity and the opportunity to travel.”

“Regularly and lovingly communicating with my family and close friends.”

“Encouragement, opportunities, supportive family and friends, sound mind, things to look forward to, placing events or incidents into perspective.”

“If I don’t subscribe to being optimistic, then I’m stuffed.”

“Family Sunshine Sea Breeze”

“Meeting new people and old friends.

“Getting a good night’s sleep.”

“Spending time with my pets: a dog and 2 cats.”

“When I have diligently prepared.”

“My positive attitude.”

“Being grateful for what I have and get.”

“Maintaining a positive outlook.

“Aligning my expectations to what is important in my life.”

“My attitude and outlook on life.”

“With a positive attitude all things are possible.”

“Hope, positivity and belief that things will ALWAYS get better.”

“Humans are a resilient species.”

“When the sun shines, and it is warm.”

“When I have a purpose.

“When my family & myself is healthy.”

“The end of lockdowns & dawning of a new era.”

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