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The Centre for Optimism

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Entrepreneurship and Optimism

Chris Gale, CEO of Latin Resources

“As an entrepreneur, you have to be an eternal optimist!”

Nick Stanley, CEO of Runway

"It’s been my experience that optimism is the single-most-important characteristic of the successful entrepreneur. It’s a characteristic that you look for in the toughest of times.”

Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

“Those swimming in a glass half empty are more likely to drown than those swimming in a glass half full. I’m an incurable optimist, and I like it that way. It’s enabled me to remain hopeful and future-focused. Attitude is everything in life and in business.”

T. Boone Pickins, American Entrepreneur

"A good plan and hard work helped me get there, but neither are possible without healthy optimism. So, be the eternal optimist."

Susan Bibby

“As a farmer and budding entrepreneur, for me optimism lies in investing new innovative renewable technologies in production of clean green environmentally sustainable foods, so that as a country we are self-sufficient. I'm talking about food security. Following years of challenge and markets that are heavily influenced by overseas players I believe Australia has an optimistic future if they begin to start with looking after their own first and with this they showcase inexpensive innovative food production technologies for our own populations rather than selling our commodities continually overseas.”

Miriam Feiler, co-founder,

Optimism drives every entrepreneur. The deep belief that we can, and will “make it”, whatever our “it” is, enables us to push through the obstacles. Optimism helps us believe that our next venture will thrive, even after a spectacular fall. In this way, you could argue that ‘small business’ isn’t actually the engine the powers most economies in the world. It is Optimism.

Jonathan Lamb, CEO, The Entrepreneurs' Forum

“Entrepreneurs are all about resilience andoptimism and taking on and overcoming challenges and they are the key to creating future jobs and prosperity.”

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