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Optimism For an Employment Firm

In preparation for an optimism workshop, we asked the participants to fill out our global optimism survey.   

What makes you Optimistic?

Employment Firm Word Cloud

Global Word Cloud

Do any of these 'optimisms' describe your optimism? 

Interesting: There are more resilient optimists at the firm - it may have something to do with the higher than average number of people attributing their optimism to mindset.  Worth exploring more.

Employment Firm


What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?

We ask, "What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?" and offer a series of options derived from our first global survey and the answers we have received from thousands of people.    

The top answers globally in order are Mindset; Life Experience; Family, Most people are trying to do good; Faith in God; Gratitude; Things will work out in the end; Faith in Humanity; Hope; Science; Belief; Young People; Friends; History; and, Belief in the Future.

For this employment firm,  it's very high in mindset - much more than the global average.  This is worth exploring.  Also much higher in an understanding of optimism "Things will work out in the end."

Employment Firm

Global Results

What makes us Optimistic?

"I believe good things happen to good people and look out for the good things in life."

"From my experience, things usually work out, and there are positives in every situation. I see that most people have positive qualities and will help others in times of need. I've met a lot of people who want to make things better."

"I have been through a lot and have out the other end so much better, and life keeps getting better! So I guess seeing how far I've come :)."

"I try and see the positive things in life, faith in my religion, I try and do things that bring joy in my life, I surround myself with positive people, I have a growth mindset and have the mentality that every problem has a solution. I also try to keep good health, which is one of the essential things in life as it's difficult to be optimistic with bad health."

"Situations are opportunities, often just a series of choices. Most always, we can influence or drive our outcomes - that's exciting. Some of my hardest moments are when I've learnt the most, so I see those hard times are part of the bigger picture (necessary)."

"I am always looking for the GOOD things in life, being always positive although things are not going well, finding the best things during troubling times, being happy and smiling at problems. Learn and overcome difficulties. Problems are good in life to learn and provide us with experience. Being grateful that life is and I am alive so that it is great!"

"As I age and my 0eyesight disappears, I am finding a huge number of very helpful people, on the bus, at doors, read signs for me at the station, helping me at the bank, read labels and find things at the supermarket get me safely across roads. My faith in people is now very high."

"You manifest your future, thinking things will work out and setting those steps in place from the beginning sets you up for those good things to happen."

"Life will balance out but no point worryingly myself about things that you cannot control."

"I am eternally optimistic. It's a gut feeling and belief I hold that regardless of what life throws my way, I'll rise above the rough times if I just stay centred and confident in my ability and the friends and family I depend upon."

"I am a good person who wants to do good things, and I expect that good things will come of that."

"Waking up each morning knowing that I have a job to go to. A job that could potentially change someone's life and give them the same optimism

"Witnessing positive qualities and/or actions from the people around me - family, friends or even people in the media."

"My childhood and being raised in a catholic faith."

"Believing in myself and abilities and the spirituality of optimism."

"I like to place myself in a positive place, physically and mentally, to back myself and the conscious decisions I make. I surround myself with positive people and culture and set realistic goals."

"I think that optimism is a derivative of self reflection which allows you to assess the way things have happened and what you can do to make those things more controlled or improved in the future."

"I know from past experiences that there was always something positive that came out of a negative experience. Even though it may not be clear at the time and in that moment, it is clear that something good will come your way."

"Simply a good habit of being open-minded about good possibilities

The change that's coming embodies guaranteed universal principles achieving harmony and prosperity in the absence of any Government interference by the one collective body, We The People, the exclusive Ultimate Higher Authority."

"Feeling like I have a realistic plan to do things I like."

"Daily reflections Seeing the positive in any situation no matter whether a positive/negative scenario."

"Successful activism that makes the world a better place."

"That things will work out in the end and there is always a solution."

"Ability to see positive outcomes."

"The belief that people are inherently good."

"The ability to look on the bright side, find a silver lining and being solution focused."

"Behind every cloud there is a silver lining. Past experience has taught me that after bad experiences comes good fortune."

"The self-confidence that I can handle any scenario."

"Believing that 'good' will always win."

"My family"

"Positive mindset."

"The confidence I have in myself."


"Knowing there is a coffee on the horizon each morning."

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