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Dush Wimal on his Optimism

Dush Wimal talked to Roland Weber about his optimism and what it means to his leadership style.

Dush WimalGeneral Manager at Weather Intelligence

"I've been asked to talk about optimism, what it means to me and for my leadership style.

"I think optimism comes in parts.

"For me personally, optimism itself, hope as well as positivity. Remaining positive and hopeful and optimistic are three vital and fundamental things that people look for in a leader, and particularly in times of adversity such as now.

"So in times of adversity, I look back through history, and I look at what the human race has achieved, and that gives me hope and encourages me to stay optimistic and remain positive as well.

"I have three children whom I'm bringing up potentially to be leaders to the world, leaders in their own world, and I would like them to remain positive and optimistic as well. So for me to behave in that style, hopefully, will rub off on them. Thank you very much."

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