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Craig Ondarchie

Victor Perton: And Craig, what makes you optimistic, what's your case for optimism?

Craig OndarchieOn balance, this world is a good place. And we spend our lives in a field of negativity through media, through commentary and things like that. But the definition of happiness is expectation minus reality. And I think the world is not as binary as people think it is.

You're not either pessimistic or optimistic. I think there's an opportunity because I believe that optimism is brave. I think optimism is the opportunity to shape reality. I think optimists probably have more disappointment than other people, but they get the opportunity to create opportunity. They get the opportunity to create happiness.

Often people just go through life, whereas I think people should grow through life.

And I find, currently my current role but my other experiences in life, is people spend so much of their time trying to prove themselves to others, where I prefer them to improve themselves to others.

Part of my optimism is in how we educate the next generation. I think education is the key, particularly embracing the diversity of cultures that we have in this country. That melting pot is beautiful.

What do we do? We tend to alienate one from the other when in fact we should be embracing them. If we can do that in education, and kids don't see differences, only adults do, we can do a lot better in this country.

Craig Ondarchie is a Victorian Member of Parliament for the Northern Metropolitan Region and is Shadow Minister for Trade, Investment and Jobs. 

Craig Ondarchie on Australian Leadership and Optimism

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