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Community Sport: Small Wins that Matter

by Nathan O'Neill, CEO at Bendigo Stadium

The one common denominator is Sport

Sport exemplifies hope in a time of sheer adversity

Four months, and together we have had to find much resilience, strength, and adaptability.

Vigilance is expected by all to get through this disruption. With welfare the priority.

Experiencing glimpses of what ‘used to be’ is super important as we fight to find avenues of normality within restrictions, allowing recalibration of our welfare and everyday living.

"The Better Normal Research Project"

Sport is our connector to normality. It is the one moment in our fast-paced livelihoods where we are able to switch off from the challenges of life and become absorbed in the ‘moment’. To say we need that ‘moment’ again is an understatement.

To see up close the return of junior sport this week was an uplifting experience for all. I’m very fortunate to be involved in a workplace which provides a much needed outlet for our community on a daily basis. The core purpose of my workplace was the attraction almost fours ago, and i am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Community sport has so many benefits that we take for granted, until they are taken away from us. Wellbeing, social connection, self-esteem, fitness, inclusiveness, and life balance.

With the ‘lockdown’ in Melbourne and added pressure to uphold current restrictions to re-flatten the curve, there is a long way to go.

Small wins however will ensure the light will remain bright. Junior sport returning is the small win which will keep our communities in good spirits during difficult times.

Stay safe everyone, do the right thing and enjoy the ‘small win’ back to normality.

#Community #Sport #Optimism #Resilience

Nathan O'Neill, CEOBendigo Stadium Limited 

"The necessity of remaining relevant in business is determined by how leaders act in the moment.

"Demonstrating optimism in everyday life will significantly shape your mindset always to find a way, enable you to be agile in your decision making. It will instil confidence in others around you.

"I look for the character in our people during adversity, as their action will define them as an authentic leader."

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