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Bendigo is Tough and Optimistic

“She’ll be right mate” is a stereotype of the Australian practical response to a problem!

Despite months of COVID restrictions and lockdown, it remains true of Bendigo residents. 

The “Better Normal” Survey conducted this month by the Victorian-based Centre for Optimism asked 3000 people from 37 countries whether they made positive changes to their lives during lock-down.  Two-thirds of Bendigo respondents said yes: They want a better normal not a return to old ways of working.

With most businesses still awaiting a full return to work, the Centre recommends all businesses and agencies ask their workforce, customers and stakeholders about the improvements they have made and what they expect.

“We have a people, young and old, changed and strengthened by the pandemic and lockdown state of disaster!  Government and business would be crazy not to understand it better and respond,” said the Centre for Optimism’s Victor Perton

The Centre’s Chairman, Robert Masters said the change highlights that organisations need to be prepared for the unexpected.

“The pandemic has been a global societal shock,” he said. “Through the collective conversations in the survey, the greatest damage to an organisation lies in unsuccessful management of the new expectations of stakeholders. This can be achieved only by complete and accurate data and insights.”

Bendigo examples of a Better Normal:

Leadership: “The better normal for me is to continually encourage people I meet to be positive and optimistic, and to remind everyone that innovation and adaptation to adversity is not difficult.”

Working from Home: I can see working from home works for me a lot better than travelling. I've learned that I don't need to meet people face-to-face to get things done. And I save lots of time.    :-)

Balance:  I have a better work-life balance: More family time, less travel, higher productivity, better connected and supported, more resilient, recognition of what is important.” And “Refocused on work- life balance, more flexibility in the workplace and my priorities realigned.”

“Ability to see "other" possibilities in the way I work or my life in general. The change shift has enabled a new view.”

Community:  “Seeing people recognise that their previous life was maybe not quite worth pursuing.  The change is very good.”

“A kinder world, where there is greater support for the less fortunate members of the community”

“More generous and simpler society”

Fitter: Better diet and physical health” and “Fitter and more organised

Further Information:

1500 expressions of “The Better Normal” -

Summary of Survey Results


For Further Comment

Victor Perton 0417 217 241

Some examples of what makes Bendigo residents optimistic:

“Nothing is permanent. No matter how bad something is today, tomorrow is a new day and things will get better. There is always a positive to everything, you can chose to focus on the negative or you can chose to focus on the positive.”

“Probably born that way!”

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