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Australian Political Leaders on Optimism

“There is no country on earth that prospers without optimism”

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

"At the best of times and the worst of times I'm always optimistic."

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health, Government of Australia

"Optimism is the indispensable element to success. It may not guarantee success as hard work and planning also have to be involved.  But the absence of it will almost always prevent success"

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

"Victorians are buoyant and optimistic"

Craig Ondarchie MLC, Victorian Parliament

"Optimism is brave. I think optimism is the opportunity to shape reality. I think optimists probably have more disappointment than other people, but they get the opportunity to create opportunity. They get the opportunity to create happiness."

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Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

"Serving the people living in the regions is what keeps me optimistic, even in the toughest of days. These people have put their trust in me to fight and deliver for our local communities, and I will always speak up for them loudly.”

Darren Chester, Minister for Veterans Affairs, Australia

"I’m optimistic because I spend time with many passionate, intelligent and resilient young Australians in our regions who want to make a difference in their own communities." 


Senator David Van, Australian Senate

"I am optimistic because I see how resilient the Australian people are. We live in a tough environment that throws extreme challenges at our people & they always rise to the challenge, help each out & move on. Australians are a remarkable people."

Sue Doherty, Mayor of the City of South Perth

"Faith is the foundation for my optimism"

Cr Samantha McIntosh, Mayor  of Ballarat

"Optimism gifts us the potential to make nothing something and something wonderful."

Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer of Australia

"we should be optimistic and outward-looking, confident in the knowledge that our people are our greatest competitive advantage"

Jan 2019

Anthony Albanese, Leader of the Opposition, Australia

"I’m optimistic about the future. Provided we get the policy settings right."

on "Jobs and the Future of Work" October 2019

Bill Shorten, former leader of the opposition, Australia

"I'm optimistic about our nation's future because this country has so much going for us: a continent to call our own, next to the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the resources to be an energy superpower."

April 2019 Hansard

John Eren MP, Victorian Parliament

"#Optimism is what keeps people inspired to live and love life. Being #optimistic also inspires people around you to be hopeful for the future. It is part of the evolution of humanity for the better."

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Dustin Halse MP

"People working together for the common good — this makes me optimistic, and it’s a decidedlyVictorian trait."

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