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2021 What makes Australia Post Optimistic?

In preparation for an "optimism the how and why workshop" with Australia Post, we asked the participants to fill out our global optimism survey.

Australia Post

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What sort of Optimist are you?

Australia Post Participants

Global Results

Realistic optimists constitute a quarter of our participants and it's pretty close to the global average.  Cautious optimists are the next largest group and that's almost three times the global average.  The third largest group are purposeful optimists at about the global average.

What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?

The participants in our Australia Post workshop seems to have many more people with an optimistic mindset than the global average.  Those who know "things will work out in the end" are almost double the global average.  Family is a strong underpinning for many.

Australia Post Participants


What makes us Optimistic?

"I consider myself optimistic because it's a successful trait and a good habit to get into."

"I believe that everything happens for a reason, and there is a lesson to be learnt, so I remain optimistic that I will gain something from everything."

"What makes me optimistic? The belief that there's good in every situation and a positive mindset."

"My Role within my Organisation is safe - it is also growing and flourishing. My family also makes me optimistic - we always try to look on the bright side of life."

"What makes me optimistic? The right people making the right decisions at the right time."

"What makes me optimistic? A belief that good things will come if you are good and work hard and try hard."

"Things usually happen for a reason."

"I am positive and open-minded."

"Self-confidence can make me optimistic - knowledge that I can handle life's hurdles."

"I believe things will work themselves out."

"What makes me optimistic? Having the patience to understand that sometimes it takes time to get things done and finalised."

"I have been diagnosed with a Major Depressive Disorder. What makes me optimistic, well knowing that I have the strength to get the balance between medication and exercise right that I will stay ahead of my depression."

"have the drive to succeed and make things better."

"Knowing my thoughts influence my outcomes."

"I believe what actions and work I am doing now will help set myself and family to be comfortable and loving space. That's what makes me optimistic."

"What makes me optimistic?

"Plans for the future, the end of lockdown. My young family and helping others."

"Life Experiences tell me that everything will work out in the end. That's what makes me optimistic."

"What makes me optimistic? Communication - whether positive or negative but the truth on where we stand.

"Caring for my family wellbeing and mental stability makes me optimistic."

"I'm very optimistic about positive outcomes; it's just the way I'm wired.

"What makes me optimistic? Humans can adapt for the better in very challenging situations.

"I have a deep faith and belief that you are only ever dealt what you can handle.

"Being grateful for what I have and focusing on concerns that are within my control or have the power to influence. It empowers me to determine my response to concerns outside of my control.

"Knowing I have time ahead.

Having experience of good things happening Having faith that good things happen."

"My work ethic makes me optimistic."

"We will get out of this situation, and life will return with some normality, be it with certain caveats.

"What makes me optimistic? I think I got it from my mum; we always grew with a belief everything was always going to be ok, and it was. She also balanced that ideal with the necessity to "be good" and "do good".

"Thinking the best possible thing will happen and hope for it even if it's not likely.

"Be positive and have hope.

"Being surrounded by like-minded people makes me optimistic.

"Positivity breeds positivity.

"Holidays and exercise make me optimistic."

Because you get out what you put into life

FY22 will be a positive year, and normality will kick in back again.

"My open mindset and embrace of change.

"Mindset and mindfulness make me optimistic."

"Australia Post makes me optimistic.

"What makes me optimistic? Knowing that when we are all vaccinated, I can get back to my nice life."

"What makes me optimistic? Clear messaging, positive vibes and culture, engaging team, recognition."

"I'm the heavy, cautious anchor in a sea of true optimistic souls, they keep me excited and hopeful, and I make sure they don't do anything stupid!"

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