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The Centre for Optimism

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We ask "What makes you Optimistic?"

We empower people to become more optimistic themselves and to foster optimism in those around them.

The times call for "realistic and infectiously optimistic leadership" and we believe "the leader looks like the person in your mirror."

We started global with workshops, keynote speeches and pop-up Centres for Optimism. 

We have opened what might be the world's first optimism store in the Melbourne suburb of Middle Park, Australia.

Our History

Our founder Victor Perton had been working globally as a trade and investment commissioner and then as an adviser to the Australian G20 presidency.  Everywhere he went there was a positive reaction to his Australian character and story.  Moving back to Australia he was bewildered by the negativity towards leadership in a country with one of the world's highest standards of living.

Read more about the History of The Centre for Optimism

Some Answers to the Question "What makes you Optimistic?" 

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+61 417 217 241 (Australia)

+1 415 692 5290 (USA)

253b Richardson Street
Middle Park, Melbourne
Victoria 3206

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