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"What makes you Optimistic?" - Free Text Answer in 2021 Survey

In the survey, we ask "What makes you Optimistic?" with a free-text option.

Here are the answers we collected.  This is a survey which most people completed in under 5 minutes - there are some inspiring answers and some reflecting the thoughts of the moment.  We are grateful for every minute people spent on this survey.

We would be very grateful if you picked out a favourite or wanted to add your own.

Nominate a favourite answer to "What makes you Optimistic?"

Some Highlights

Martin Richards, Coaching for Educators, Sweden

"I choose to be optimistic. Having spent decades with disempowering pessimistic thoughts, I chose to let them go and deliberately seek the best of every situation.  That optimistic mindset becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy."

Sonja Cronjé

"What makes me optimistic?  Appreciating and savouring the little joys of everyday life such as the kindness of others, eucalyptus flowers, the sound of black cockatoos, good coffee, the morning sun on my face."

Elizabeth Hungerford Morgan 

"I believe optimism starts in a mindset and is nurtured with gratitude, recognising the joy, planning pleasure in your life, being surrounded by love and loving others, giving back to your community and taking responsibility for your own experience and to be alive to life."

Will Abdo, a member of The Centre for Optimism, living in Australia

"What makes me optimistic?  I definitely feel a new positive change coming."

Simone Blakeman, Australia

"What makes me optimistic?  Being loved and knowing I have that feeling with me, regardless of what happens. Life would be hopeless without a sense of optimism that each day holds new experiences or an increased understanding of the world and my place in it."

Vanessa Wiltshire, Health Promotion & Communications OfficerRochester & Elmore District Health Service

"What makes me optimistic?  A general feeling inside: I am in control of my mindset and my faith."

Diego Garetto

"Everything has a beginning and an end. Of course, this also applies to bad things. But, eventually, bad things will be over, and good things will occur. There is always sun after the storm."

Syed Saeed Alam, a member of The Centre for Optimism, living in Pakistan

"What makes me optimistic? 2020 has been a steep learning curve for many of us. Reliance on long-established processes, global supply chains, and manual labour has all been reimagined during the pandemic. The knowledge built and new ways of working tested in 2020 will serve as a solid foundation for us all to build back better in 2021. Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted. Green shoots of recovery have already begun, and these give hope to continued recovery for all markets. What we need to focus on now isn't a return to what was once considered normal but come together to create a better way to build, manufacture, and communicate in a global market. Behind the masks, you will find smiles and new hopes. Resilient people possess three characteristics a staunch acceptance of reality, a deep belief often buttressed by strongly held values, that life is meaningful, and an uncanny ability to improvise. You can bounce back from hardship with just one or two of these qualities, but you will only be truly resilient with all three. These three characteristics hold true for resilient organisations as well. Life is not what it's supposed to be; it's what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference. Resilient people and companies face reality with staunchness, make meaning of hardship instead of crying out in despair and improvise solutions from thin air. Others do not."

"Nearly 20 years, I had a heart attack and arrested and was resuscitated.    My cardiologist gave me a quote from a guy called Hunter Thompson, and the quote said, "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!" 

"Two things come to mind:

"1. Taking a walk in nature, particularly on the beach, and watching the continuous ebb and flow of the waves on the shore. Their constancy reminds me that nature/spirit/earth is wise and gives me hope and inner peace.   

"2.  Reflecting upon history and recognising that, despite all of the tragic circumstances going on in the world today, wars and plagues always eventually cease and, though it might take generations, the march towards justice and equality moves ever forward."

"Optimism and gratitude have become a way of life. There are always challenging times, this year was extraordinarily so. But if one's belief system allows for positivity, joy and a genuine love of life, it's quite remarkable what one can accomplish."

"Helping humanity always gives me positive vibes."

"Life is about choice. You can't always choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react. I choose to be optimistic because I believe the bad stuff makes me stronger and wiser and can find the good after the bad."


Amanda Jones, Group Homes

"It's part mindset (growth versus fixed), part resilience (the ability to roll and/or bounce back),  and part belief. (Faith, or spiritual that the universe will provide) and part confidence based on experience, education, knowledge, and skill - whether life or work. "

Brian Martin, Teacher

"For me it is just a mindset. By nature, I'm pretty optimistic, but through life experience, I've learned the benefits of positivity as well as hard work, staying the course, and the belief in what you expect is what you'll get."

"I don't think I was by nature an optimist, but I was exposed to Martin Seligman decades ago and learned from him how to develop a positive mindset, which in summary is that your successes are due to personal and permanent and pervasive influences. And your failures are due to temporary specific and external forces. So you recognise that you will be more successful, and failure is a temporary thing. The mindset? The mindset is that when you look at your achievements or failures, you attribute your successes to permanent things in your life if you're an optimist. They're pervasive in that they leak over into every activity you do. And they're personally based due to your own attributes. You recognise your failures, and you recognise that they've been caused by temporary factors that are externally driven and specific to that activity or thing that hasn't worked for you."

"What makes me optimistic?  A positive mindset is a good start.  Nature and humanity's persistence spurs me on too."

"Always work and play in an Optimistic way, and generally, things" do" work out for the better if you go in it with that mindset."

"I am always positive no matter what the situation!"


"A belief in a purposeful life."

"A belief that everything happens for a reason."

"A belief that humans will always find a way."

"A belief that most people are inherently good and righteousness will ultimately prevail over cynicism."

"A belief that most people share my values and aspirations for a healthy, safe and comfortable life and that those aspirations are achievable."

"A belief that things can always get better, never settling for the status quo and taking time to bath in awe."


Hope (Five people wrote the one word "Hope")

"Hope and my family. I have a tendency to imagine the worst-case scenario. Still, if I reflect, things are never as bad as I anticipated."

"Hope, a happy family life and belief in society makes me optimistic."

"Hope and Faith, a belief in karma."

"Hope and rewards for past efforts that have turned out well."

"Hope and trust.

"Hope for a better future. Gratitude. A deep belief that things will work out in the end.

"Hope for the future

"Hope, Faith and belief in something more, Family, Nature, Choice, Determination and Prayer and Meditation.

"Hope. Being surrounded by amazing people. Acts of generosity. Each new day.

"Hope - Hope in mankind. I truly believe that the after Covid time will make the world better than what it was before.

"Hoping to start my studies."



"Optimism is a personal choice that I make. I have a fundamental belief in humanity. I believe that global communities can survive and thrive when they commit themselves to a cause and are prepared to take appropriate action. My faith in government and politicians globally is not as strong.

"Life is about choice. You can't always choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react. I choose to be optimistic because I believe the bad stuff makes me stronger and wiser and can find the good after the bad."

"It's a choice to be optimistic and to take a positive view knowing we could fail/get hurt etc. Coping mechanisms to get through uncertainty with a strong sense of self helps when I use a positive filter."

"Being in the position to have choices of alternative options, so as to take control of the situation."

"I'm not wasting my time being miserable when I have a choice."

"It's a decision created out of many different events in life that were less good and through reading and learning that pessimism was never going to help get me to where I wanted to go. The choice is reasonably binary - one alternative offered nothing, the other hope. So let's get be optimistic!

"The fact that everything is temporary. Optimism is a pragmatic approach to our condition. Being alive in and of itself is evidence of a benevolent universe. There's abundant science of the mind showing the utility of optimism. What you believe determines your attitude, which determines your emotions which determines your behaviour. To the extent that we choose our beliefs, being optimistic is a rational choice. To speak more personally, having read Victor Frankl's book Man's Search For Meaning recently, I can say that I'm also optimistic because I feel like I'm acting in accordance with my purpose. There has been a thread through my life that I've been reluctant or inhibited to tug at. The seclusion of 2020 has given me time to study and reflect, to notice the thread, and change my behaviour accordingly."


"What makes me optimistic?  A faith that sees God is in control of the world and that He will be involved in working things for good, even when the circumstances are less than favourable."

"As a devotee of our solar system's 13+ billion year history, I have FAITH the sun will come up tomorrow. I turn over ALL fears and hyperactive thoughts to that certainty."

"As I age and my eyesight disappears, I find a huge number of very helpful people, on the bus, at doors, read signs for me at the station, guide me at the bank, read labels and find things at the supermarket and help get me safely across roads. My Faith in people is now very high."

The belief that my thoughts create my reality - so positive thinking generally results in positive outcomes meaning I have Faith that good things will work out in the end

"Faith In community and my it's capacity to adapt when needed. Knowing there is always a path to a destination."

"I am practical, realistic, optimistic about tomorrow, a positive thinker, exercise, like to help others, reading and a person of Faith."

"I appreciate the smallest things and grateful for all my experiences. I have Faith and trust in myself, believe that l can handle whatever is thrown at me. I have cultivated a strong inner world and believe in what is possible - a sense of hope."

"I believe optimism is the strength to survival. So I try to stay optimistic. Secondly, my Faith sees optimism as a strength and pessimism as a sin."

Faith in God. (Three people shared this phrase)

Faith in the goodness of people and hard work

Faith in humanity.

"What makes me optimistic?  Faith in Jesus Christ and my assurance of eternal life."

"What makes me optimistic?  Jesus Christ paid the price for our sin, he defeated death on the Cross."

"My faith in Jesus is at the centre of my believing things will work out in the end. Romans 8:28 says, “all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

"My faith in Jesus."

"Faith in myself, hope that things will get better and work out. I understand the pointlessness of unnecessary pessimism and negativity to improve situations."

"Faith in the future"

Faith in the human spirit and intelligence to solve the most complex problems of our generation. A belief that all people are born with good intentions, with love and care for others.

Faith that most people in the world are good people

"Faith, my Christian faith, my Faith in the basic goodness of humanity, Faith in our leaders and Faith in my ability to sustain leadership through the crisis."

FAITH,79 years of experience and common sense.

Faith. Being around positive people who have the emotional intelligence to see good in people.

"Having Faith in BK teachings that a new age is about to happen. More people care about the environment and climate change and be part of a caring community and family."

"I have Faith that it will all work out."

"Kind, brave and compassionate humans, animals, God's goodness and faithfulness, Nature.

"It is knowing that God will never break me and realising that you can bad circumstances, but your attitude can change it.

Faith (Four people did the one word faith)


'My relationship with my wife is an excellent source of optimism. Since my retirement, we spend more time together, doing good things together. That's the most important thing to me: that's my family."


"Climate impacts are already being acutely felt, but our experience gives us optimism that we can meet global climate goals while creating social and economic opportunities – with contributions coming from all corners of the globe."

"People working to solve climate change and the plastic problem."

"Global climate consciousness - raising  my kids"

"Global warming will be reversed."

"Increasing number of youth and young adults, who are getting trained as global leaders with Climate Reality, uniting to reverse global warming and mitigating negative impacts of climate change. Statistics showing record numbers of new installations of clean renewable energy. US re-entering the global Paris-climate accord and pledging to do its part. A US economy which slowly, steadily improving and providing more job opportunities for the unemployed."

"Millions realise we must transition trillions of dollars into things that lower pollution, create a more circular economy and deal with wealth inequity and climate crisis all at the same time."

"My inner compass  That kids are uniting behind climate change."

"My life experience to date is that things will work out in the end... so I have confidence and Faith that it will continue to be so! I'm buoyed by the change in leadership in the US, and the positive action that is now being taken to address climate change. I'm excited about the strong women that are putting a focus on gender equality and forcing the issue to be openly debated. And I've just had a new baby, and don't have room for pessimism in my life! I choose to have a positive, productive mindset - and lead a happy and fulfilling life."

"People are thinking about climate change now. Renewable energy and the circular economy is becoming real."

"Progress in field of Climate Change and Nature-based Solution."

"The world has gone through one of the worst crises in living memory. Though not perfect, the world has risen up to meet that challenge and most likely come out of it OK. That is cause for optimism. Now only if we can deal with the coming climate crisis in the same way."

"While anti-science movements hamper progress in major global issues like the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, I do believe that ultimately science (and sense) will prevail and help us deal with these and other challenges."

The world is starting to take steps to tackle climate change - net-zero by 2050 movement."

I am currently studying Prof Jem Blundell’s work on Deep Adaptation as a Climate Coach & finding it must harder to stay optimistic this year."

"Seeing and meeting amazing young people who are trying to make our world a better place. The expectation that COVID vaccines will help the world get on with living with less fear. Some change in common thinking on climate change- seems we may be approaching a tipping point. Optimism comes from living with Freedom."

"More and more people, businesses and governments picking up a meta-problem and tackling it, e.g. Climate, Environment."

Positive Change

"Seeing people smiling, laughing and happy.  Meeting people making change for the greater good, seeing positive change even if small to someone's quality of life.  Love."

"Making positive changes in location, work, and life."

"Clarity and seeing results and incremental positive changes."


"Being around positive people. Being mindful and centered through techniques like meditation and engaging with others or fulfilling activities."

"So in the morning, when I wake up, I do a little bit of meditation. It used to be 20 minutes, but I realised that I didn't have that much time anymore. So it's now five minutes, and I get up, and I'm thankful for what I have. "And even though because from the island where I come from, people don't know, they don't understand anxiety; anxiety doesn't exist. They don't understand that because we come from a very extended community. So I appreciate where I live, and I'm thankful for that."    

"What keeps me optimistic?  Daily Practice of Meditation and the Study and Practice of Mindfulness"

"For me it is an inside job - seeing the opportunities and possibilities. This practice is supported by meditation and also by managing my life: Taking in positive information and minimising the negative, time in nature, healthy food, sufficient sleep, and spending time with people I care about as well as doing work that has meaning."

"Optimism is an internal state and in ideal circumstances can be maintained no matter what is happening externally. to this end, I find meditation, rest, nutrition and exercise, as well as living with purpose, having rich connections are foundations for my optimism.  i.e. living whole heartedly."


"I am a strong believer that you get back what you put out.  If you project positivity, then you will get it back."

Bianca Walker

"What makes me optimistic?  Being well informed with correct information and helping those who struggle with that. I've found many people are frustrated and confused which is natural, but I do enjoy trying to help others understand things better. I also have a strongly positive attitude as I have a chronic disease including chronic pain, so it's very helpful to keep that mindset."

"An understanding that people are inherently good and if we come together selflessly, the individual goodness will prevail for our communities and broader society."

"Seeing Each Day again! :-)

"Progress makes me optimistic, and little pieces of progress."

Looking into my past and remembering how things paved out before.

"That we have the ability in Australia to take advantage of opportunities that arise and that my family and I are healthy and intelligent enough to make the most of those opportunities.

"I'm an optimist, on the basis that I believe my life will continue the way it has for 72 years, I think. I'm a pretty happy fellow."

"I am optimistic as a young leader, leading a young team and a dynamic team. I have to be optimistic because they look to me for all the answers... But I think from where I come from and with my background, I think I have it good.  So I am optimistic for my extended community and Rotarians. I keep them going."

"I think I'm a really optimistic person, and I think because I've had a fortunate life, sustained by family, friends and lots of humour."

"I'm lucky that I live in this wonderful country Australia and for my family to be part of that. And I always look upon the glass as being half full, not half empty."

"I'm optimistic about the benefits of tomorrow."

"I'm optimistic because I have a beautiful, optimistic wife. And many years ago, somebody said to me, the best way to handle stress is there are only two things you got to know about stress. You don't sweat on the small stuff. And it's all small stuff."

"I'm optimistic."

"I wake up every morning, and I think, what am I going to do today? I'm going to do something good."

"I'm very optimistic about life and the amazing opportunities I get to share on this journey."

"I'm very optimistic. I'm a goal setter, and I set goals for the common good. And I think Rotary is a very integral part of that."

"My optimism is always having a half-full glass."

"I've been a member here for a little over a year. And I would like to suggest that one of the things that makes me optimistic is the inspiring people you meet. "And one of the fabulous aspects of the experience of being here over the last year is just how many people demonstrate their commitment to others, the commitment to causes and the preparedness to make their special effort. I find that inspiring. I find that causes me to be very optimistic."    

"Optimism is possible when we are empowered by the freedom we have to grow and change our circumstances."

1) Watching my children develop   2) Having a good network of people around me at work and at home  3) seeing success post effort  4) planning for the future

50+ years of studying the future, seeking facts among the opinions passed off as news. As head of Futurific Inc., Foundation for Optimism, my optimism is reinforced every month since there is so much good in the world it trumps all the bad.

"A feasible mission or a goal that I can work towards."

"A better life for all."

"A bright sunny day."

"Confidence that there is a "reawakening" of objective truth, the value of facts rather than opinions."

A core belief that we should be thankful we're even here. Every day is a blessing.

A dollop of human endurance coupled with lashings of scientific discovery and knowledge make a successful recipe for sustenance, growth and achievement! Bring it on.

A feeling of positivity- my starting my is things will be fine. We just have to work through what's in front of us now.

A few years ago, somebody told me that "this ease causes disease". And that said, it really is. You got a bigger chance of getting disease if you're a negative pessimist than if you're a positive optimist."

A frame of reference from past experience trusting my own instincts as proof that a positive outcome is likely.

a general belief that everything happens for a reason, and I trust in a higher power

A good childhood and the basic foundation for a positive outlook on life

A good plan and great people

A half glass full view of life and that things will work out in the longer term even if it wasn't quite what you thought you wanted.

A hope that things will be OK, because not to do would be unbearable

Knowing in myself that I can survive any circumstance based on the past. An understanding that my current circumstances (health and wealth) are very good, but that this can change. If there was nothing material left,  my family and I are still OK - the quality of close family relationships (children/wife) is paramount here. 

A long life, well-lived

A mentally positive start for the day.

A new approach to managing life is emerging from the COVID crisis.

A positive attitude that is reinforced by others around me working and achieving worthwhile outcomes.  

The belief that the world is a good place, and even though bad things happen, we've got this far without destroying the world.

A return to travel and a new normal as C-19 vaccinations rollout across the globe.

A sound federal government

A supportive community

A trust that all is evolving and expanding as it should be.

Accepting that life is a mix of good and bad, believing that nothing lasts forever and that change is possible if we persevere.

Achievable goals

achieving an outcome

Advancement of science

After every low, there is a high

All facets of my personal and business life show great promise post the extended Covid lockdown and restrictions in Australia.

All the goodness I see in the local community

Always been a fairly optimistic person and always remain physically and mentally active. Now in retirement, my hobbies keep me motivated.

I am always positive no matter what the situation!

Always looking for the best in people, situations, life in general

Always see the beauty in everything

America elected Joe Biden and is replacing Republicans in Congress to achieve democracy again after being in the clutches of their autocratic, self-involved, fascist leaders.

An inexplicable belief that things will come off well, despite how difficult the situation I'm currently in might be or might look like

An innate experience that things are always working out exactly as they should be

An inner knowing inside of me that intrinsically knows that everything always works out exactly the way it is supposed to

An intrinsic belief and hope that humans are by nature good

An underlying and unmovable personal belief that there is a solution for everything and that it can be worked out

Appreciating that I have pulled through tough times in the past. Looking after my own well-being (good food, good exercise, good sleep = good mood). Taking action to move forward, no matter how small. Practising gratitude and celebrating the little wins. Reading and researching various philosophies and thinking about the possibilities of the future. 

Appreciating what I have.

Australia has escaped the worst of the pandemic, and we all have access to vaccinations. We are better off than many countries that are being ravaged with no end in sight.

away from the mad cities and frantic lifestyles

Bad times never last.

Being optimistic brings positive thoughts

beauty - arts and nature

Beauty in the natural world and kindness in people

Because every day is a new crack at progress & discovery.

Because I like to view problems as opportunities

Because of all the miracles that surround me

Because they always have worked out in the past

I am  a proactive person, and mapping a real action plan that helps me towards my goals. And gratitude for great relationships that I can count on for support or assistance.

"Being able to meet people"

"Being alive"

"Being alive"

"Being among positive people."

Being busy, doing useful things makes me Optimistic.  When I feel a bit 'flat', I look for something different to do, and that gets me going. Also, there are some things I choose to not read every detail about, once I know the basics or what I essentially need to know. I protect myself in this way (e.g. in 2020- not dwelling on the fine daily details of the Australian COVID statistics). Also, I really believe in Silver linings, every bad has a positive- you just have to sometimes be creative to find it. So many new creative things are happening ATM due to the COVID crisis.

Being grateful, looking forward to simple things, focusing on positives

Being in touch with nature.

Being grateful that I can see & hear the birds as they sing

Being part of loving and supportive communities such as this one!

Being personally secure in life, well placed to take advantage of individual opportunities when they emerge

Being positive to encourage others to be the same

Being resilient - whatever happens I know I will bounce back

Being somewhat prepared so I know that if I continue on my journey, good things should happen.

Being specifically aware of what is most uplifting to me

Being vaccinated twice already! Looking into a normal future.

Belief in GOD and my ability to learn new ways of being that supports a healthy state of mind.

Gratitude for what I have and been given despite obstacles.

Belief in myself and stepping up to any challenge, bit by bit. Not being overwhelmed

Belief that no matter what is happening now, things can be even better tomorrow

"Big ideas."

By and large, things tend to work out for the best in the end. We are a resilient and adaptable species that likes to enjoy being together and flourishing from the improvements we make to our lives.

Clear vision of a path to follow

Clever human innovations in health, environment, energy - areas that make the world a better place.

Closed caption zoom

Coming out of the other side of COVID and the fact that Australia has managed COVID well - leading to an improved economic outcome compared to 2020

Common goals with my family and my close relatives. OK- sometimes not common goals but common direction))

Confidence of being able to deal with most things in life no matter what the challenges are keeps me optimistic

Confidence that a combination of science, concern for others and society as a whole, and probably a dose of dumb luck, will get us through this pandemic.

Continuing to look for what is working and share and promote that

Covid bringing changes and new opportunities.

COVID recovery plus common-sense.

Creating the future that I want to have

Curiosity, learning and solving new challenges on a regular basis

Currently, seeing unwell people recover is having a positive impact on the well-being of me and my team in India.

Daylight, sunshine, blue skies.  Laughing, being silly, dancing, shaking the tree*.  Observing beauty in everything.  Mindfulness.     *Pretending you are a tree and doing a big ol' shake of your branches (arms)

declining Covid rates, increased vaccination rates, growing re-openings


End of covid

Engaging with a broad cross-section of people, my environment, my dog and every amazing dawn I get to witness.

Every day that I am alive makes me feel optimistic. It is a miracle anything at all is alive.

Every situation has a cause-effect and a ripple effect. Optimism is essential to find a way through, and preferably keeping the Collateral damage to a minimum - ethically sensitive. 

Everything is temporary, and if temporary, we can change, edit, improve and move forward.

Everything passes, this shall too

Everything. Being alive. The belief in humankind.



Experience - that all things pass

Experience, overall we live in a wonderful world at the best time to be alive in history, so the numbers are stacked on my side

Experience. Eventually things work out.

Experiencing that people increasingly care for each other.



Family and friends

Family and friends

Family and friends doing well. Government running smoothly. Time to reflect.

family, friends and meaningful work with passionate and engaged people

Family, friends, positive people who can share their optimism and charge your battery. History makes me remember people who experienced more difficulties in life which shows that my problems are not that big.

Feeling good about life in general.

Feeling love makes me optimistic

Financial resilience and good health

Finding innovative ways to find solutions to issues that may be impacting yourself, others and the community. A positive focus rather than a negative . Also, being surrounded by like-minded people who get this message, think outside the box and look at how to be change-makers. Also getting out on that tree branch and giving it go, if you don't get out there you will never know and will miss that opportunity ".

Firstly, observation. Just looking around I can see that things are better for me, my family, my business, and my circle.   Secondly, there are many things of which a wise man would do well to remain ignorant. Modern media is one of these things.   Thirdly, I have a strong internal locus of control. 'If it's to be, it's up to me.   Fourthly, the first three things are synergistic. Find your tribe and reinforce your optimism positively every day in every way.

For me it's really simple.  You either are happy or you are suffering.  So optimistic is better.

Freedom after COVID restrictions last year

Freedom, seeing generosity and unselfish behaviour, seeing happy people

From past experience the greater good in society keep us moving forward. It's still happening day today. "I look forward to everyday no matter what happened yesterday. Every day I feed my mind, body and soul with good things and I can't help to be an OPTIMIST"

Future plans!

Gen Y, young women, hope for gender equality

Generally things work out - they will in the future too

Getting back to normal life and being able to move around freely.


"Because of the success in creating new vaccines and getting them out to the people that need them."

Covid is receding , vaccines have arrived and we are getting to a resumption of normal international transactions. Projects I am doing are getting closer to fruition and we may be getting rid of the Victorian Premier

Economic recovery, vaccines, new treatments for COVID, technological advances continue."

"Getting on top of the pandemic in Australia, rollout of vaccines, improved economic outlook."

Gift of life

Giving, sharing, being grateful

God in my life

God is in charge!

God is on our side

Going through life's experiences and the innate knowing that it always works out...

Good always wins in the long run.

good behaviour by leaders

Good books and watching good content

Good Friends and family

having support from other  artists that encourage me to  pursue my dreams.

Good health, strong family, supportive community

"Good leadership."

Expectations of teenage girls on being treated equally to males  Looking at lessons of history - things do work out in the end!

Good people

Good people continue to do good things.

Good people, generous people.  I have known quite a few. Life's adversities can be overcome with the right attitude.

Good weather

Good weather, my partner

good works and actions

Gratefulness for each new day



Gratitude and positive outlook on life

Gratitude and reflection of what you have.

Gratitude for the opportunity to be part of a quality solution. To give of what I have to make that so.

Gratitude for what I have in life and how I can help others

Gratitude.  There is always something to be grateful for

Great staff, great job

Hard work

hard work and a belief in myself, my people and our mission

Hardworking and struggling

Having a kind, empathetic and supportive community and family.

Having a plan

Having achieved great things in difficult circumstances.

Having amazing family and friends who share  both laughter and support during difficult times.

Having an unconditional positive regard for all people and trusting my gut instinct. That when you are out yourself out there, opportunities arise. That being your authentic self helps people to trust you, which builds relationships and brings a sense of belonging.

"Having clear goals I am working towards.   Knowing that I can handle whatever comes my way."

"Having friends who are optimistic."

Having gotten through difficult times. Friendship and family. Creating things ... art, gardening, renovating my house. Talking to people and learning new things. I tend to start from the negative and imagine worst-case scenarios and strategies to manage them and then feel prepared and hopeful ... prepare for the worst and hope for the best

Having had cancer a few years ago, every day that I wake up is a gift. I remind myself of that regularly. Appreciation is important to practice

Having meaningful goals, meditating regularly, and spending time in nature.

Having personally learned from and overcome hardship  Seeing those around me do inspiring things   Being part of a community that strives to create well-being

Having a positive lens , doing things with a positive actions that will deliver positive outcomes .

Having positive people around me

Having projects and trying to have a positive attitude

Having the support of my family and knowing that if I set my mind to something and persist something good will generally come of my efforts

Having too many opportunities to deal with!

"Head down bum up always gets done."

Hearing good news!

"And after 2020, there is increasing good news about vaccines, the economy and returning to a (Covid safe) life style!"

Helping others

Helps to achieve goals

Hindsight. Reflecting back on my most difficult times, I can see there were so many positives to come from them despite the loss.


History. good things have happened in the past.

"History. We see that apartheid fell in South Africa, so we might believe it will fall in Palestine. And blind hope. What would be the point in going on without some sort of Faith in the future?"

How life turned out

how people manage to still be good to each other in a world increasingly not designed for that

how quickly Industry responded to the need for Covid vaccines

However the situation is bad, think positively and face all sorts of challenges is really Optimistic for me

Human being drive to improve and solve problems and to create a future that is best for their children

Human ingenuity and perseverance


Humanity is resilient and adaptable, we will survive and thrive and in fact do better than we would have if there had been no pandemic, sometimes you need a jolt to change for the better

Humankind is learning how to get on top of the pandemic - very slowly, but surely

Humans are resilient, they rise to the challenge

Humans want to improve their lot in life. They need to work, and hopefully that leads to new inventions, discoveries and improvements in society

I actively look for good things that are happening & focus on them.

I always look at the brighter side of everything or event that happens to me or around me. We have survived the first wave of the biggest pandemic, and we will win against this one as well. In the meantime, we have learnt the caveats in the existing system, which has been unravelled by this pandemic. This I believe is the greatest opportunity available to us and with good use of technology and resources, we can better ourselves. This makes me Optimistic- Things happen for a reason.

"I am alive, have a roof over my head and food.   And, a bonus, I have a loving family."

"I am always optimistic."

I am an Optimist because of the path and challenges life has put me through, and I have had the strength to see the beautiful lessons in every heart ache or tough road to cross.

I am convinced that everything will work out in the end, no matter appearances at any given moment. And if I feel that way, I am sure that others do too. It is that inside voice telling me that everything will work out for good that drives me to do my best. I am convinced that it is the same for others, and as long as there are enough people pushing us forward towards a good outcome, it will be so.

I am eternally optimistic. It's a gut feeling and belief I hold that regardless of what life throws my way, I'll rise above the rough times if I just stay centered, and confident in my ability and the friends and family I depend upon.

I am fortunate to be working with future leaders. The future looks bright!

I am grateful for so many things in my life every day.

I am investing in myself and in my contribution to the world, building a better me so that I can help bettering the life of everyone. That should do the job.

I am not sure.

I am optimistic based on making positive, small and achievable plans, then making a habit of believing  I can make progress. A step at a time

I am optimistic because I have survived difficulties in the past.

I am optimistic by nature. The people I hang around with and my belief in the ultimate good of humanity are the other contributing factors.

I am optimistic that nothing is permanent in this world,  Whatever someone is going through is just a passing phase, not a permanent phase.

I believe in hope, and there is nothing greater than hope.

I am optimistic that when people want to come together for change or to solve a pressing issue we have proven we can do it. Opportunities abound if we want them.

I am optimistic when I am able to see opportunities and take action to gain from the opportunities

I am of the belief that if you can think can create it...My mental visual boards during mediation!

I am very optimistic about the innovative health practices in Australia fighting COVID 19 variants enabling us to continue to live happy, healthy lives

I believe in the quote - Being optimistic does not mean that things will turn out OK, however it is knowing you will be OK no matter how things turn out.

To be alive to life!

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I believe that good energy attracts good energy and that  showing gratitude will ultimately result in attracting good things

I believe that optimism allows us to be aware of opportunities that pessimism does not.

I believe that optimism can be found even in the face of adversity. We all face challenges in life, but I think my optimism allows me to recognise that happiness can be found in small things and that by enjoying what is possible, I can provide balance to the difficulties and continue to enjoy life and look forward to the future.

I believe that that this pandemic is waking people up to all sorts of corruption and stirring many into activity and greater responsibility in terms of their own health and freedom, and their country's freedom.

I believe that we as human beings are made with a desire to fix problems we come up against.

I can feel it

I can see amidst the breaking apart of life as we know it, some newness being born.  This includes the ability for individuals to not delay doing what they want, and a feeling that we are all in this together.  Also the below only allows me to check one thing.

But I also wanted to check Faith in

humanity, God and friends.  Thanks

I can see what great looks like and know we can get there - I have visionary people in my network who feel the same and with whom I collaborate do make a difference

I choose to believe that everything's always working out for me, that even "failure" is success if I chose to learn from it.

I consider I have a tendency to maintain an optimistic outlook. If I look back, my life has he'd more good than bad. We need to accept that the worst scenario is death and it comes to us all. Since if we have made it this far, the future will hold the same mix, but like the past, the future will be more good than bad with the possibility of something great.

I consider myself optimistic because History has taught me that human beings will sort out obstacles no matter how intricate they are because we have the tools, the skill, and the willingness to change the world.

I do everything with a good and positive heart, dedication and honesty. That's why I have a firm belief that everything will work out in the end.

I do not know any better way to lead a happy life. So far I found being Optimistic is the only way for happiness.

I feel a new era has begun and it will bring people, communities and planet closer

I feel I am optimistic as I have a lot of gratitude for what I have and always have hope that each day is a chance for me to do better than the day before.

I feel most optimistic when I have a positive attitude and try to hold onto hope for the future.

Having a positive outlook on life can surely help.  For example, keeping my hopes up to have good things happen, such as my occupation, health, family, finances, and relationships.

I feel optimistic because I have been through difficult situations before, but I managed to deal with the problems and survived.

I have a 7 year old grandson - I HAVE to be optimistic!

I have a general belief in myself that whatever may happen to me, I'll be able to figure it out. My Mum is very optimistic and it must rub off. I like to enjoy the little things in life, like good food and family and friends. I don't need much to be happy.

I have a good knowledge of my subject. A healthy, positive attitude, and I do not mind asking questions and help when I need it.

I have a strong belief that humanity already has got all the solutions for making the world a better place - what we are missing is enough good leadership. It's something I'm working on. Nature is showing us amazing levels of resilience - we can learn from that. The beauty around us makes me optimistic.

I have always been a glass-half-full sort of person

I have Faith in my Christian religion. And the ability of the human race to have hope and to survive.

I have full confidence in my own skills and abilities, and this makes me optimistic about the future.

I have hope for the future because of my Christian faith, and past evidence of things working out as an indicator of future reliability.

I have never had a good result by being pessimistic - being pessimistic is not pragmatic!

I have not felt optimistic for so long I do not know

I have three sons (21 - 29 years old), and when I look at them, their circle of friends, and the extended circles of friends they have, I see ROCKSTARS! The younger generation has a lot of energy, ideas, compassion, and passion. They are bright and up for any challenge. Our future is looking great in their hands!

I have very decent friends and people who love me.

I have very supportive family and good friends.

I look on the bright side, and even if I see problems or challenges, I look for ways to make things better, the best they can be. That trait helps me to be optimistic.

I love being alive...and this world despite being hard - is filled with blessings.

I love life and I as long as I believe that nothing is impossible with Love . I will persevere.

I made progress on my side business - Sharing my networking tips to help people connect to grow their professional and personal life. I know I am on the right path to share my experience.

I naturally expect that good things with happen, so I find that I'm always in a state of optimism because of that.

I observe people of goodwill helping outers without expectation of reward. Also, I see smart new businesses addressing our environmental, social and well-being issues.

I pretty much dig out something positive about any situation. I generally expect success and take steps to make it happen. Other than that ... a sunny day, warm air, cold air, walks in the forest, playing with kids, good conversation, connection with someone, success, and many other things.

I see myself as an optimistic it's how I look at life.

I set out each day to try and achieve at least 3 tasks. If I don't achieve them all, I say to myself. "There's always tomorrow. Eventually over time my tasks are completed.

I strongly believe that reward comes to those who work hard. If I put in the effort and do things right, I believe that things will go my way. This applies to work and personal life.

I tend to be a positive person

I think as folks start to think about the summer, and not wearing a mask and being outdoors and being able to catch up because they perhaps have been vaccinated and catch up with a family member or friends. I think that is a big driver behind the optimism

I think it is largely innate.  external things are business confidence returning and seeming improvement in battle against covid

I think many people have learned communication skills and had opportunities to reflect that they would not have had without the COVID lockdowns.  I think this will have positive implications for interpersonal interactions post COVID.

I think my football team is in a good position to win the Grand Final this year.

I trust in science, and I am so happy that humanity has come together to produce effective vaccines against COVID-19. I am optimistic that the pandemic will be controlled, and we can return to our social lives safely when vaccines are broadly deployed.

I wake up , no bombs flying overhead, clean water to drink, not a millionaire but with a healthy mind, anything is possible.

I wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead.

I wake up in the morning to a new day.

I was actually diagnosed with Depression after a major operation it was a long road back  now I'm more optimistic about life seeing a councillor help , medication , family matter

I'm committed to creating a world that works for everyone, with no one left out, and I have a message and product that delivers. I'm a part of the long-term solution for humanity, partnering with good people like you. That makes me optimistic.

I'm not sure I am currently that optimistic, I normally am but seem to have misplaced my optimism temporarily - I am optimistic it will return though and that optimism is based on the understanding that life waxes and wanes and that the moon and sun will continue to shine for at least a couple of thousand more years.

I'm optimistic about having a lovely family and seeing how well they've done and keeps me going.

I'm a strong believer in the strength of the human spirit and have been fortunate to be surrounded by good people both personally and professionally. These encounters reassure me that the future is good.

I'm not sure. I just am. I believe things will be pretty awesome.

I've always had a positive outlook, visions, plans etc always need to be optimistic. There is no sense striving for a pessimistic outcome. So years of proven delivery and positive outcomes through working towards goals keeps me optimistic that people can continue  to improve.

I've had so much happen in my life to cultivate my optimism that good/great/amazing things will continue to happen in my life.

If I don't believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, then there is no point in trying.

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are all way more resilient, creative, and adaptable than we give ourselves credit for. I also believe that we rediscovered to be thankful for the little things in life and the importance of health & relationships. So the prospect of meeting family & friends, having unrestricted movement and confidence in our abilities makes for a positive outlook for 2021.

If things are bad they

will always get better

In general and over time, the conditions of human lives have improved.  I expect this trend to continue

Increasing emphasis on science and it's better and healthier to be optimistic than the opposite

Ingrained sense of hope

Inherent goodness in humanity  Government


Innovation - The willingness of relatively few to solve the problems of the many.

Innovation and research now driven by shareholder action, meaning that in more cases than less, industry will find solutions to both large and small issues of concern to many people.

inside of heart

It could always be worse! (This sounds more negative than I want it to, but being grateful for what I have makes me optimistic!)

It gives me a strong desire to keep pursuing in life as a survivor of Meningitis, there is no tomorrow to relax, make today happen

it is a natural sense of Justice in the world

It is better than being anxious, depressed and living in fear. Filling your life with optimism and hope is much better for your health and for living a good life and inspiring others to do the same.

It is my state of mind.

Power of positive thinking, I lean to the positive in most things.  I am big on gratitude for anything.

It's just hard-wired for me.

Even when things go horribly awry and I may be despondent, I remain optimistic

It's built into my psyche to be optimistic and I nurture this optimism by being thankful for what I've got and always hoping for the best and planning  for the worst

It's a faith and self-belief that helps you to come out from any situation.

Joe Biden in the White House, Covid-19 vaccines, The pandemic has taught people to trust science

Just a way of being.

just people attitudes have been positive & that creates confidence

Just the way I'm wired.

After all, the alternative is pretty nasty.

Karma - good things will generally work out for good people

Kind words, rain, lavished green forests, love

kindness and generosity from others

knowing I am above ground and have tomorrow to make things right.

Knowing I will make it

Knowing that I can change what I have control over.

Knowing that I've done the right thing by everyone I have come into contact with over the last 20 odd years of my life and despite government over reach and overzealously taking our freedoms of religion and movement.

Knowing that if you do the right thing, it will hopefully work out. Put in the hard work you get returns. Not all the time but overall.

Knowing that if you don't give up, you don't fail

Knowing that options are available.

Knowing that The Lord is in control

Knowing that these bad times WILL come to an end and I'll see my family again

Knowing that things have worked out in the past.   Changing the way you think will change the way you feel.

Knowing that things will always change.

Knowing that we all have a chance to turn our lives around & in the process being able to influence & inspire others to do so too

Knowing that whatever's happens is OK. Because I know it will be no matter the outcome.

Learning by examples of strength from other people. It is inspiring their history of  one step after another, until achieve their objective.

Learning to stay positive

"Life" (Three-Times)

Life - if we choose to stop only looking at the negative, then you start to realise there is much to be grateful for.

"Life & Victor Perton"

Life and my relationships with others.  I am alive and I am thankful for my support networks. My family, daughters, spouse and close friends

Life and professional experience - over time, you come to realise that things that loom large, seem like big problems or major embarrassments as soon forgotten.  

Remember to consciously stop and appreciate what is going well, the positives.  What goes well/is a positive is often quiet so easily overlooked unless you consciously look for it

Life has made me optimistic - knowing things go up and down as part of life. But from a pandemic perspective its helped to be able to observe and be grateful for the things that never really change around me, like the beach, the magpies in the morning and having a laugh with my parents about the anxious antics of our ancient ginger cat in the winter.

"Life is good."

"Life is so precious there is no other way to look at it."

"Life, and the opportunities it will bring."

Life.  It's such a blessing and wonderful but short gift.  We live in an amazing time and in a truly lucky country. Not being optimistic and grateful would be such a waste of this special gift."

"Living in Australia."

"Looking at each day as a positive and don't believe all you hear on the news."

"Looking forward to each day."

There are lots of examples of how when people work together things can be achieved."

"Lots of money"


"Love, healing, nature."

"Making a habit of looking at the positive side of things and looking forward towards my goals."

"Making art or being involved in a creative process."

"Many good things have happened in the past 12 months."

"Me & my self confidence."

"Meeting new people, learning new things and requests for collaboration opportunities. Bonus: My cat"

"Mindset and experience. I truly believe things will work out in the end and if not working out, it's just not the end."

More and more people turning to non-meat alternatives for their meals

More Opportunity than ever before. The best is yet to come.

Most of my optimistic thoughts are driven by my past experiences. Forming schemes about daily life incidents and hoping it would happen the same in the future also.

Most people want to work together

my ability to be able to make a change

My attitude, my focus on the good things, and my ability to savour life consciously.

My basic belief that most people are good, kind and helpful got validated in the pandemic when people came together to supply oxygen or other resources during the second wave of covid . Seeing such people keeps me optimistic and hopeful.

My belief in myself, that tomorrow will occur whether I'm grumpy, ecstatic or somewhere in between.

My belief in people and truth.

My belief in the adaptability of our species.

My belief in the goodness of humans. I believe that we all belong together. Maybe people get busy in things on the surface and don't see it as often, but when we come together, we are a force like none other. So, what makes me optimistic is that no matter what happens, I will be able to see the good in me and in others, really that's all I need to keep going.

My belief that my hard work and determination to try until I succeed will pay off

My children

My children  My wife  My colleagues  Innate human values  A broad understanding of the world in context of history - I read a lot

My children and their potential as citizens and contributors. Their thoughtfulness, kindness and interest in people and institutions.

My children mostly

My children, and living in Australia

My continuing Faith, despite some evidence to the contrary, that empirical evidence always wins over dogma and ideology in the end... eventually.

My daughter. My health. My mindset and problem-solving skills.

My experience makes me optimistic: I know that given all of the life events I've experienced, things mostly work out OK.

My experience showed me that even in very desperate situations, a solution for the existing problem could be found. And even if this couldn't be found, life continued and brought good moments after all.

My Faith

My Faith

My Faith and belief that the best is around the corner makes me eternally optimistic.

My Faith in God and a belief that at the core, everyone is good and want to make a positive contribution to the people around them.

My Faith in my students' enormous talent, determination and aspiration. 

My Faith that God will not fail me or forsake me. A reference to the book of psalms

My Faith that there will be good, especially if I am active in making it happen.

My Faith, my family and my work

My Faith.   My family.

my Faith...not necessarily religious Faith but spirituality

My family & Friends. The feeling that you want to see them every morning when you wake up

My family, seeing my children grow into wonderful people and now making their way towards being adults.

My family, the beauty of nature and the ability of people to recover from adversity and move forward

My firm belief in the existence of God and the Hereafter

My general outlook on life and my upbringing

My genes!!!!

My genes. I am very fortunate. Find a silver lining in every cloud and a learning experience in every challenge or failure.

My girlfriend

My good relationships with family and friends and the local community in which I live. Regarding the wider world, I am not so optimistic.

My gratitude practice

My husband and daughter

My inner 'knowing' tells me that I am a part of All That Is, therefore, all is well. What may not seem to me to be optimal, is usually for my highest good in any event and I'd therefore still optimal.

That we can develop a vaccine at breathtaking speed that works  that science is back on the agenda  That we all learned how connected we are

My kids. They are empathetic, impassioned and intelligent.

My knowledge and Faith in God.

My life

My Life

My mindset, I am a positive person by nature

my natural belief in myself and those around me

my nature

My optimism is just

that - I believe that somehow things will work out in the end.

My outlook in general, and focus on being solutions-oriented, trust in my relationships of working together to find a way

My outlook on life

My own capability

My parents were quintessential Aussie battlers. They  always worked hard and looked forward to good things and encouraged those around them to do the same. Their memory makes me optimistic.

My personality. An inherent belief that everyone is doing their best with what they've got to bring in the moment. Also Australia is The Lucky Country

My relationship, my girlfriend, my job, and the fact that I learned in January that I have a sibling.

my religious belief - God is great, goodwill always be rewarded with good.

My sons

My teenage kids

My unwavering belief in our (the human race's) ability to learn.

My wife, kids, and grandkids and the prospect of, at a later stage in life, beginning a new career.

My wife. She's a pancreatic cancer survivor. She never complained once

Nations and their people are regaining control  - reducing reliance on global supply chains   - taxing the GAFA and reducing their influence


Nature. Life goes on despite the worst catastrophe. The sun comes up every day!

New plans and ideas

New solutions for plastic, a steady quiet issue-oriented government, the young people I meet, sunshine, my sense of God

No matter how bad things can go, everything can be fixed and solved somehow - except for death.

No problem lasts forever, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

No Trump. Vaccines.

Non conformists

Not a lot right now. I'm more fatalistic.

Not putting labels on things such as good and bad, and knowing whatever happens, I'll find something to enjoy about it.

Not sure where a sense of optimism comes from




Nothing today

nothing with the current Australian Federal Government in place - the most corrupt and inept government in this country. Australia is so far behind now it's utterly embarrassing. This keeps me anxious every day they remain in power. The Fed Govt is using propaganda to fool gullible Australians into voting for them again. We are now living in a fascist state - I deeply concerned about our future as a nation

Nothing, the detachment from reality of our politicians, many people in the Australian community, who lack awareness and do not grasp what is coming makes me pessimistic and stressed

Nothing. From experience, things work out OK, but always far less than you hope.

NSW political leadership , I have been vaccinated , business practices going well , super rising as are house values , children are safe and happy , amazing wife and good friends , my volunteering makes a difference to others who are doing it tough , we are healthy , golf is good , city in the final tomorrow .

Observing self-less acts from others. It gives me optimism that there is good in the world.

Often it is in the small things like a sunny day or a friendly conversation with a stranger. The continuance of small thing certainly mount up as optimistic generators.


Open optimism expressed by others

Opportunity to help people in need

Optimism is low for the coming year, serious lack of senior opportunities in my chosen field. Hopefully, I'm wrong, and things pick up in the next six months, time will tell.

Optimism is much needed, especially in this difficult time to get over it. I am trying my best to steer through these testing times.

Optimism is necessary; the other is not an option for a healthy life.  My optimism is nourished by witnessing and hearing about the amazing things many great individuals and organisations are doing in the world. They demonstrate what is possible. And I truly believe that genuine humankind is kind. And we have incredible capacity for innovation. And a small group of positive and determined people can change the world.

Optimism that I will continue to thrive that vulnerable people will receive the support they need and that First Nations can gain control of the resources they need to thrive

Optimistic about new business initiatives, which has been dragging for many months to get to the next stage of progression, will be great to look at.

Optimistic is a perspective of reading the past and the present on the positive way

Optimistic people around me

Ordinary people doing good things

Our scientists have found good and quick responses to the pandemic. Society has asked some deep questions about how we work and how we do business and what areas of technology we need to develop for a more sustainable and uncertain world

Our youngest generation engagement in the environment. Technology development.

Past experience and hope for the future,  plus it's typical of my personality.

past experience of things working out despite difficulties

Past experiences. Having experienced many years of trauma and terrible things - I know that things still turn out OK, and even in that process, there is still good amongst the bad.

Past good experiences. Family. Friends. Generally good life



People - and our ability to innovate and try new things

People and uncertainty of life make me optimistic. Things might seem toughest at one point, but you never know when life takes charge and sort things out in unexpected ways. Remaining optimistic helps us enjoy the present.

People are caring for each other more and consulting in moving forward.

People are fundamentally good and care for each other.

People are generally good and want good things for others  Society will find a way to solve our current problems

People are making a bigger effort to connect due to lockdown. Humans are rediscovering their humanity. Real-life and stories are being shared. Vaccines are being administered.

People being good to each other and achieving extraordinary things.

People start waking up and realise that most governments have told them lies about the pandemic and that in fact there is no pandemic at all! In Switzerland we even have a voting about all these nonsense measures.

People who go about their lives enjoying themselves while caring about others

People will, over time, trend to data and science

People, people give me hope, negative people can be exhausting, though.

People.  The support networks and neighbourhood support groups that sprung up during COVID show the people inherently want to connect and help each other. I'm optimistic that we will realise that the current lifestyle can be better, can be more local and inclusive and can be paced more sustainably

Peoples positive attitudes.

Personal demeanour

Personally, the small things sunshine, friends and family, having things to look forward to, growing new ideas into something practical and useful!  Professionally, hardworking and conscientious colleagues, collaboration, community interest in the environment & people's well-being.

Perspective that people are basically good

Positive attitude and being grateful

Positive attitude of people fighting in this tough situation

Positive news and attitudes

Positive outlook on life, accepting what life is throwing my way, doing what I feel is good for me and confidence that things will always improve if I work hard enough 

Positive people

Positive people and positive outcomes.

Positive people, stable government, sunny days

Positive Thinking. Living in Australia

Post Pandemic: Speed of Vaccine Development, Gratitude for Essential Workers, Seemingly sincere efforts and investment by corporations to end systemic racism. We just went through a historic horrific global event and we seem, as a species, intent on improving the human condition.

Prayer and watching my thoughts and words provides comfort.

presence of opportunity

Pursuing my long term goals.

Realistic optimism regarding the future motivates us to plan and work now for the outcomes we are hoping to realise.   So, to a considerable extent, optimism is self-fulfilling.

Reflecting on previous experiences  My self-talk

Looking for the good  Overriding my negativity bias

Relationships - Goals - Achievements - Learning.

Religious beliefs

Remembering this is only a moment and it will also pass

Research, Science, Production, Market and Enterprise.


rural Australia has shown what a powerhouse and great place to live it is. Our family, friends and community are employed and able to live 'normal lives.

Science and the rapidity at which science can solve societal problems when scientists work together and share research findings.

Science defeating covid19.

Science makes me optimistic. It always has and it always will. I'm also optimistic about our young people, thanks to the conversations with my 17 year old son and my many university mentees. There's a palpable shift in values and priorities, a greater focus on social justice and the environment, whilst being realistic about the need for financial security.

Scientific collaboration

Scientific progress.

Right now, COVID-19 vaccines.

Scott Morrison is increasingly being seen for what he is - an intellectual dinosaur wedded to the fossil fuel industry and his crazy religious beliefs.


Seeing and believing an end site

Seeing children born and growing. There is a future for them.

Seeing good outcomes in the people I work with; taking things one day at a time; knowing that all things end eventually

Seeing how in touch, smart and connected my kids are to what's important.  The future and power in that future will change for the better. 

Knowing that old ways are truly outdated and being seen as such.

Seeing how nature continues to go on, the sun rising every day, the birds nesting in my yard, the trees blooming after winter. Nature believes that tomorrow will come, and therefore, so do I.

seeing how resilient Australia proved to be during the pandemic so far, seeing a lot of economic activity, noting the shift towards better diversity and more equal treatment of women (albeit far too slow), and watching my family grow.

Seeing my community being supportive, friendly and helpful. I have witnessed an increase in acts of kindness.

Seeing my daughters grow and spending time with my husband, family and friends

seeing or hearing people do good things for people and humanity

Seeing people be happy and succeeding or working through life struggles

Seeing people drive to improve in all aspects of the business.

Seeing people helping each other. Observing the products of community action.

Seeing plants grow where nature has previously taken a beating.

Seeing small intentional actions for improvement taken in every aspect of life - home, work, leisure, environment by others around me

Seeing small pockets of care, kind, love, human success, etc. Focusing on the good, rather than the bad in the world.

Seeing the good In other people.  By associating with only positive people and avoiding the carries of doom is a great start.

Seeing the growth in my youngest daughter has she grapples with and moves forward from trauma. She will recover and live a happy life.

seeing the strength of our community in adversity

Seeing the vaccination rates rising and grandparents reuniting with their grandchildren.

Self-assurance that I can face obstacles


Self confidence

Serve to the nature and society

Simply being alive! A positive sense of being in all that I do makes every experience better for me and for those around me. Being optimistic generates optimism around me.

Smiling, being around optimistic people, my relatives

smooth work and plenty of enjoyment outside work

So I've always been optimistic.  I think it's just a mindset. I'm particularly optimistic about the opportunity to keep doing new things.

So much about life makes me optimistic! I think, in my experience of life so far, by having Faith that the future will be positive and using adversity as an opportunity to learn and adapt, I think we simply do achieve what we hope for and feel better.  

I also have Faith in the power of love, and feel blessed to have been afforded the gift that is LIFE and a wonderful vehicle that is my body.    Life is just amazing and awe-inspiring- this is what makes me optimistic!

Some new international commitments to Net Zero emissions

Some sense of people taking responsibility for their actions and realising that to live in a community, you have to give back and act in the common good.

Something has got to happen sometime, it just has to be arithmetic

Spending quality time with family and friends.

Strong economy and family life


Sunrise and exercising each day   Connection with family and friends

Support of family and friends

Surround myself with good and enthusiastic people who are forward thing, content with their lot in life and enjoy life

Surrounding yourself with good people family and friends

Switched from IT and became a funeral celebrant. The role is quite clear. Steer distraught families from a mindset of grief to admiration for their departed love ones.

Taking in the great outdoors. Hearing my 5 year old tell me about what they've learnt today.

Talking to young people

Talking to young people and youth. Achieving one's goals and when you see that the work you are doing has some positive impact on the lives of others.

Teaching can be an incredible opportunity to shape the future generation. Seeing young people under my care thrive and  grow. Giving them the confidence to take on challenges that create even more opportunities to grow. They are becoming leaders of the future. The world is in good hands. That's what makes me optimistic.

That after the year we had in 2020 things have improved in 2021 and should continue to get better as we get our normal lives back

That collective positive will and capability will win

What difficulties are not forever and the situation will change

That during the pandemic, we could put the endless need for economic growth aside for the benefit of the vulnerable.

That everything I need is within me to get through anything in life

That everything in life teaches us , every day we grow and where there is growth, there is opportunity, and where there is opportunity, there is always a way forward.

That folks have woken up to the gifts and privileged bestowed on us by the environment and our forebears

That from challenges comes innovation. That people will use this time to reassess what is important to them and hopefully will usher in more love, kindness and compassion towards each other and the environment.

That good is more powerful than evil.

That I am in good health and have a small but close family that supports each other.

That I believe I can do it. Having a system I believe in.

That I have got through worse in the past. Knowing that things (bad times) never stay the same, especially when health is involved.

That I have strong relationships with my family and friends and a variety of different support groups if I ever feel that I need to lean on one or more for support or advice.

that I woke in the morning! I thank my circumstance that I have a house, food and loving family and friends.

That I'm alive! Seriously and without revocation!

That if we survived and can flourish following the COVID pandemic then we nail anything

That many millions more people now see that everything is uncertain, because that is our reality and always has been. One day rain, one day sunshine; one day good health, the next ill illness; birth, later ageing and death; one day economic prosperity,

another a global pandemic. Clearly seeing and then accepting such change and impermanence brings more peace, as the highs and lows are merely experienced as the natural flow and ebb of life.

That people find "making a difference" more rewarding than being well off and that connecting with one's purpose counts for more than status and security

That people have become kinder after Covid. More caring of each other, putting people and health before money.

That people will learn from mistakes (including myself) and make the world a better place.

That people, organisations and governments have been forced into a rapid period of growth during the pandemic. As restrictions lift, I'm optimistic that the above stakeholders will implement their new learnings which will result in better ways of doing things.

That the collective and sharing spirit of humanity will ultimately overcome difficulty.

that the future will meet my expectations

That the international community is calling out Australia for banning and making it expensive and difficult to return to their own country.  Maybe I'll get to see my family soon

That the pandemic has given the world a chance to reflect on where it is going and what interruption looks like, and that, collectively, we have an opportunity to learn from the 'pause' and build a better 'new' world from here.

That the post-pandemic world will be full of opportunities!!

That the world has reached an inflection point and that everything will change when we get through the pandemic

That thing will work out in the end and there is always a solution

That things are changing slowly, and there is a better, more equitable future that deeply cares for the plane that we live on.  Also that more and more people are starting to question the status quo and realising that there are other ways to live and exist and connect with each other, and we can create a more caring, connected world.

That vaccination will help open our country up to more normal travel and international engagement.

That women have been considered and measures included in the 2021 Federal Budget. And that the jobs market is starting to pick up, including in the media industry, after a terrible year of COVID and job cuts/hiring freezes.

The ability of the for-purpose sector to problem solve and adapt when faced with a major challenge has been demonstrated during COVID. This is a real strength for Australia  - although perhaps underacknowledged.

The advances in vaccines and vaccinations, the growth in compassion humans are demonstrating as the pandemic rolls on and the fact that the sun rises each morning and the birds sing despite all that is going on.

The amazing people in my life and those I am yet to cross paths with!!

The ambition for a better future

The belief that there is always something good out there if you have the patience and tenacity to keep believing it

The best is yet to come

The capacity of people to use reason and creativity to solve any problem

The collective community response, resilience and care throughout the lockdowns in Vic in 2020.

The confidence that I can create solutions to my challenges and make things better in my sphere of influence. Past experience showing me that when we overcome challenging situations, we always grow from the experience.

The continuing advances of technology including biotechnology together with the resilience of the free world to incursions on freedoms

The Covid situation and hope things will go back to semi-normal. Also connecting with like-minded people.

The current chaos, the friction, the comfortable becoming uncomfortable. To me it shows that real change is around the corner.

the current generation's push for sustainability

The daily opportunity to improve on yesterday.

The detachment from the result

The economic, political and social environments

The energy, autonomy and tenacity of the young people who I work and interact with daily.

The Entrepreneurs are rising up, and industry is realising to attract the best talent I.e. millennial and GenZ leaders they must act on the SDGs.

The existence of my personal resilience and that of the wider community.

The existence of pessimists - relativity is a good thing

the fabulous people in my life  self-belief

management of expectations

The fact that being optimistic makes my days and people surrounding me way more fun and easy! :)

The fact that I know God is opening opportunities for me and nothing can therefor beat me

The fact that I see the young generation taking a keen interest in preserving the planet.

The fact that my wife loves me and sticks by me, and that, in general, people are good.

The fact that people are good and want to be happy.

The fact that there is no such thing as the "good ol' days" and the future is what we make it.

The fact that we live in Australia the best place in the world for COVID control & the economy & job situation is solid & many people we have contact with are optimistic. God is in his heaven

The future!

The glass half full approach to all interactions and projects keeps your own spirits high and motivates others to do their best

The good people in my life

The good values parents and teachers has bestowed on us and that we live by daily.

The goodwill of other people

The hardship my family and I'd gone through during our childhood which allows me to appreciate more, the opportunity I get that I wouldn't have, and always having my family there to support.

The hope for a brighter and more secure future. That governments will actually do the right things for everyone and eliminate racism and nationalism.

The hope that the Canada-Australia-NZ-UK (CANZUK) bloc could restore a safe haven of prosperity and freedom of movement in a world which is otherwise disintegrating.

The human ability to adapt and overcome

The human ingenuity and perseverance even through toughest times

The human spirit to do better

The idea that the pandemic will end, and science will help us return to normality, despite the idiotic and perverse response of conservative governments.

The increasing focus on including women and challenging the global practice of leadership

The inherent good in humans when faced with a problem or crisis

The innate resilience of people and history which invariably shows that the tough times eventually pass

The joy a child has every single day.

The key source of my optimism is working with young people who are looking for answers and investing in their future.

"The kids."

The knowledge that we will get through this and the sun will come up tomorrow

The little things along the way to creating a better future: connections with people who care about the planet and its people; sharing achievements big or small; people reaching out and asking for help when they need it and people offering assistance when you need it.  Hope energises everyone every time!

The love of my friends and family

The love of parents for their children, and the love that humans hold for each other, when allowed to do so.

the majority of people want things to improve, therefore the majority should steer the future in a positive way

The most logical approach I found to life

The opportunity for a change of Federal Government makes me optimistic along with getting on top of the covid situation.

The outlook that after a valley, there is a peak.

The passion and commitment of the people I work with, the beautiful environment I live in, my family.

The people I surround myself with

the possibility of kicking out the selfish liberals

The potential for new ideas, that a vaccine is helping to bring numbers of COVID cases down in my country, each day is a new day.

The potential that exists

The power of optimism and optimistic thinking.

The prospect of becoming a grandparent, very soon.

The recovery from the pandemic locally in health and economic sense. The feeling that we are moving forward again. But recognising that this is not the case everywhere.

The resilience of people

The resilience of people and their innate desire to help others in need - especially during hardship.

The resilience, adaptability and community spirit of some of our community  members makes me optimistic

The smile on my sons faces, a rainbow, having to work (I have a job) from home (I have a roof above my head). The little things in life

The striving for excellence and innovation in our small. Having good Carers looking after my kids with disabilities. I have a little space taken up mostly by work!

The sun always rises/ a smile happens/ good luck happens out of the blue/ remaining healthy & comfortable/ love of friends & family/ discovering inner strength as life progresses

The sunshine, my son; feeling in the flow with a piece of creative work... seeing positive shoots of recovery and talking to friends, neighbours and colleagues... walking out the door and seeing the new season lambs, knowing that in the scheme of things our current problems are temporary and solvable, with the right intent.

The sustained reduction in malaria incidence among children<5yrs in my endemic backyard(Northern Region of Ghana) from 48.3% in 2011 to 13% by 2019! Sustained reduction in prevalence is my source of optimism!!!

The thought that I can still grow and learn so much more and there is so much more fun and positive emotion to be had

The unfailing spirit of man and the fact the sun rises every morning is more than enough to be optimistic. The love of a good woman helps too.

The upside of how our community is responding to life through and after the pandemic

The vast opportunities to follow your calling and/or your dreams, given having embraced a positive attitude to life in general.

The way communities have worked together during the pandemic gives great optimism for the future.

The weather. My mood. Having money or money that doesn't have to be spent on anything specific.

The work

The world has (almost) come through a crisis, and things are looking up.  Covid is not the only topic.

The world is evolving and becoming more aware of the needs of more and more of the people, the environment and our communities. Our communities are made up of amazing people.

The world is healthier and better fed than it has ever been

The world is inherently a good place, expect the best, not the worst, and it usually turns out OK.

The world will steadily pull itself out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The youthful energy of my kids   The sun on my face on a beautiful day  When you see someone caring for someone else

There is always a new day.

Take small, steady steps when things don't go your way etc.

There is always good in bad situations

There is always something to be grateful for, I also think it is relatively easy for me, because I have a good job, home, family etc.,

There is good in every experience. Sometimes I have to wait a while, but I know it will come.

There isn't much at the moment.

They are many more good people than bad people in the world. While that remains the case, there is always hope.

Things always turn out for the best.

Things are changing for the better on the pandemic front for the better and I am grateful for how far we have come in Australia

Things are getting better after a horrible year last year.  People have had the chance to think about what's really important to them during the pandemic.  A more sensible government has been elected in America, which tends to lead us.

Things do work out in the end. I'm still living, healthy, and connected to those I love and we've just been through a pandemic. Stressful at times, but  a lot has also been achieved in the things I can control.

Things usually do work out, so they will keep working out!

"Things will eventually work out, regardless."

"Thinking about future."

"Thinking that things will change and that even if they don't it doesn't matter we will all turn to dust one day so try and have a laugh while we're here."

"This is the positive to look forward."

"Throughout the global pandemic, there have been plenty of times of crisis experienced by many, and it has been heart-warming to see acts of human kindness and compassion every day. It has brought us all closer together in ways that probably would never have happened were it not for the pandemic, so I am optimistic that we will all be able to move forward as a society in a better way by exercising more love, care and consideration for one another."

"To focus on the goodness and trust that the Lord is with me in all circumstances."

"To see growth opportunities in my work."

"To see that more and more people are aware of the socio-environmental crisis."

To see the sunrise every morning, no matter where I have lived, and to hear the birds sing

To work in a positive work environment, and to surround myself with people doing the work they want to do


Trump lost. That was a big chunk of optimism. Now, if he can only do some prison time.

"The Universe."

US rolling out a universal basic income, showing leadership on international tax avoidance and wealth tax - gives home of addressing inequity issues.



Vaccination - it's been a slow start, but we are starting to see an increase in pace now.


Vaccine and the wonderful positive energy of the youth

Vaccine will let life become more normal and international travel to take place in 2022


Very little

waking up in the morning

We are changing for the better as a society. It feels like the change is occurring at a snail's pace. If you look at how long we've spent embracing the toxic attitudes that we are marginalising, the pace of change isn't as bad as it feels.

We are learning to live with Covid19 although Australia is a laggard

we are ready to work for building a better future

weather, vacations , sea, bath, reading, external good news, friends good news

What makes me optimistic is how clever people are. And I'm sure that the cleverness of people will bring us through to a happy ending.

What makes me optimistic is my belief in the phrase "persistence beats resistance".

2020 was a very challenging year mentally and financially for me as I started my own business . I started out full of optimism as to what I was going to achieve and then Covid hit ....... 

Clients we extremely hard to come by as no one wanted to commit to Business Coaching , where would they find the money for that ? they were worried about keeping on trading, let alone adding cost was the common consensus amongst my target market of trades business owners . Some were interested but not willing to commit .   This is where the persistence part comes in  .... I kept in contact with prospective clients , offering advice where I could add value to their business and low and behold, 2021 saw me start to sign clients .  I kept up my optimistic demeanour and approach through what were the "bad times" for not only my business but for the world in general, and the resistance was broken down . 

Optimism being the expectation that good things will happen and that things will work out in the end, have proven to be so accurate in my circumstances and, more importantly, will continue to do so .            

When family life and business are in balance

When I am improving, achieving my goals and receive good feedback.

When I can keep my negative beliefs at bay.

When I look back over my life experiences, I can see that 'in the end I am exactly where I am meant to be, so I trust the journey I am on to get there.

When I see an injustice rectified

When I see good in others.

When it comes to the pandemic, I feel optimistic now that more people are getting vaccinated and new cases are dropping. Prayer also makes me optimistic.

When my work its recognised

When other people do not impose their expectations without being mindful.

When something good happens initially, I get hopeful for more.

When you are optimistic, it rewards itself. People are drawn to you, and you frequently hear comments about how positive and happy you matter what!

Where there is life, there is the possibility of hope

While it is easy to fixate on the negative ideas perpetuated by news organisations, there is actually more good than bad. We should grateful and optimistic.

Work is going really well and there is talk of a new job for me

Work, exercise

Working hard and achieving

Working with people supporting development of community

Working with positive colleagues in an almost post-Covid era and living in such a wonderful part of the world with the freedom & lifestyle available to us.

Working with the community to achieve outcomes that benefit the community

Writing keeps me sane.

Young people and their deep consciousness for place and the other

Young people

Young people moving forward with dreams  we can generally get there in the end.  there are more people that want to collaborate than there are activists

Youth and their drive to push movements of social justice

A defined goal

the innovation and spirit of humankind

I look forward to spending time with my family, participating in activities with my grandchildren as they grow up. I also feel I can make a valuable contribution to the community by assisting those less fortunate than I.

A positive attitude and surrounding myself with like-minded people

“The sun always comes up after the rain, and it simply cannot rain all the time.”

Self-confidence and motivation, and determination

don’t think about too much that things you can’t control

Hope. There’s a better near future, better day or better situation coming

Having confidence

Life :)

Faith, Family, Friends, Positive outlook.


hope. Sometimes I wait for luck to get a job. Heaps of luck is required. and fate

not much - have to be not depressed - medication helps

Believing anything is possible!

Human kindness

The visual connection and eye to eye contact which makes you smile

Not a lot at the moment, work-wise. There appears to be a push by the state government to centralise our rural health services, and I believe this will have a negative impact on the economic and social fabric of our communities. Personally, I am more optimistic as our young family continues to grow and learn and show signs of achieving good things for themselves and others in the future.

People are coming together to show they care. Hugs are back!

Negative expectations lead to negative outcomes.

Momentum and activity towards my personal and business goals is what drives my optimism, along with my faith in human beings giving back and helping people less fortunate and vulnerable people in society.

The energy of others, faith that tomorrow will happen, human goodwill

Every day we jump out of bed and try to get something done on the way to our longer-term objectives.

Seeing many people thrive during the pandemic and realising that we’re all different and react in different ways. There’s so much opportunity out there!

I see most things as temporary and see hope.

The prospect of a change in Government in Australia.

That there is always something or someone else to care for that can make us all feel better.

Covid-19 being brought under control & return to usual human interaction.

There is a worldwide change to better look after our planet. This is a significant change, and hopefully, we can incorporate improving the conditions of the poor nations that need assistance.

The feeling that I can improve my health. Good relationships. Every day is a new one.

Seeing the generosity people have been exhibiting over the past year, and of course, the signs of a return to normalcy, but maybe something better than the old normalcy, and people have had a year to reflect on what’s truly important.

Two reasons: !. It has been a difficult period, and I and others need a compelling set of ideas/objectives/journeys to engage the spirit and create energy and direction. The opposite is extremely negative. 2. This difficult period has also been positive in the sense that it has allowed a fundamental understanding of life, a period of reflection and a rethinking/resetting of priorities.

That the world has, by and large, become progressively more ethical as the years roll on. There are still plenty of challenges, but the world is a far better place than it was 20, 50 or 100 years ago for most segments of the global population (including farmed animals)

Indeed with the pandemic situation, it was not easy to stay optimistic about what we could see and hear on TV. However, I’m confident that we will go through and yoga helps me. And my mantra is: “if you cannot control what’s going on, you can control the way you react to it.”

Optimism is an expectation that good things will happen and that things will work in the end.

it’s simply become a good habit of being open-minded about good possibilities

Learning about the evolution of life and the universe around us.

Every time they fabricated things against Trump - 6 months, 12 months, two years later, he would become vindicated. The “Russian” stuff - vindicated. The “find the votes” thing - vindicated. Border policy - vindicated. The vaccine origins - vindicated. And countless others. So despite the appearance that the world is slipping into some kind of dystopian nightmare, there are other reasons to believe we’ll be ok over the longer term.

I consider myself to be an imperfect optimist. My optimism ranges from irrepressible to exuberant. Besides, whenever I was not optimistic, I was wrong at every stage of my life. I’ve been told that optimism is an idealistic falsehood and that grounded realism is the single source of truth. In reality, and in my experience, being optimistic is constitutive of the present, the future and redefines the past in ways that are favourable to growing through to triumphant success.

Worrying about things I have no control over is too exhausting. I concentrate on those things I can control.

A belief that most people try to be good people and in the end, that will result in good things happening

The understanding that things happen, they are not good or bad. It is natural for things to happen. When I go with the flow, well, I go with the flow. This feels better than resisting.

Since being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in December 2018, I have continued to enjoy my life every single day. 2.5 years on, I remain optimistic (even during a pandemic) and believe I have many years left in me yet :)

Despite the politics sometimes at play, our governments are seriously committed to overcoming the impacts of COVID.

To always learn from yesterday so that tomorrow is better. I like to look ahead and have things to look forward to.

Progress with seemingly hopeless cases of conflict that despite the anger of so many that certain talks/signs of diplomacy can intervene

Constant reinforcement of a positive attitude

Whatever the outside influence, if I put my mind to something and really work at it, I can make good things happen. For example, during this second lockdown, I’ve become rather good at running long distances!

Signs that with careful management, the pandemic is dissipating and that the economy is recovering.

The fact that the dune comes up and goes down every day and that flowers grow!

Thinking everything is going to be ok.

The expectation of a better future, we must start now

that we will hopefully not have a flat earth government forever and that a new government will listen to scientists and ecologists

COVID 19 will be manageable soon.

Acceptance of the unknown and the ability to create art.


it is in my nature and horoscope

I always believe that things happen for a reason in life. Every experience in life teaches us something good.

Knowing that change is constant

That customers, colleagues, clients and organisations might embrace technology more, enable flexible work options and move away from the daily commuting “grind.”

We’ll head back to work,

travel will open up; people will have had a moral reset, China will be seen for the despotic regime it is,

governments will seriously address cyber issues etc.

A faith that everything will work out fine. That remaining positive allows me to have hope

Knowing that we got through the lockdowns last year and that things will improve.

Especially now in this pandemic, one could complain, but that doesn’t help. Thinking that this too shall pass makes it easier to wait for

my nature

Humour and food. Laughing and cooking. Realising that these allow us to reflect and reset and engage.

Experience - having a bit of life experience has shown me that optimism is the best way forward.

My belief in the Lord Jesus Christ assures me that I can look forward to a glorious eternity with Him.

The hope that my corrupt state Govt will get kicked out at the next election and that people are starting to wake up to media lies and globalist corruption.

my capacity for self-improvement

That there are good people in the world

The change that’s coming embodies guaranteed universal principles achieving harmony and prosperity in the absence of any Government interference by the one collective body, We The People, the exclusive Ultimate Higher Authority.

I have good health, good friends, beautiful animal companions, and live in a safe country and state.

Friendship, kindness, people caring for others and the environment, beyond a focus solely on themselves

You have to be.

I believe that the best for society will eventually break through the selfish systems on which society currently operates.

A robust economy creates opportunity.

I am an optimist by nature and, as such, surround myself with optimistic like-minded energy. The things that make me optimistic are looking to the future and visualising where I will be in 5 years. The things I can control and influence take a front seat, and those that I can’t, I will let slide through my thoughts and learn not to stress so hard about these. Getting out into nature energises my optimistic juices. There’s something spiritual about getting a dose of mother nature’s energy that makes me stop and feel that everything is going to be alright.

Naturally this way- I guess my parents modelled this. I have a BND mantra too (brand new day)

Kind, friendly people

Knowing that I am 100% the creator of my life.

I believe I create my future. I, therefore, take full responsibility for it. I believe in my capacity to create a wonderful future. That is what makes me optimistic.

Truth and the right to choose

an emotional investment in the future, that is, having a positive attitude

Positive thinking We can’t change the beginning, but if we start now, we can change the ending!

My hope in the second coming of Christ

I believe that there is more good than all the evil around us. There are millions of amazing people doing everyday small but important and meaningful things.

Young people and the ability of experts

The thought that no matter what happens in life, I’ll be alright and find my way.

“My #optimism is driven by my belief in #HOPE which to me is being High On Personal Energy & the reality of life being that no pain ever lasts forever some just take a bit longer to go away.”

I simply prefer looking on the bright side.

believe in the bright future evolution of human civilisation

Faith and hope. Seeing results from effort. Knowing the power in changing the way I look at things... anything is possible. Possibilities.

The Australian way of life. Me taking control of any situation and doing my best

My waking up each morning.

When I look at my past and my ability to deal with situations/issues/challenges, I trust myself and my ability, and that makes me optimistic. I also have a strong family network, and that support makes me know that things are going to be ok.

The strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity has been shown time and again in history and the lives of individuals.

A sense of hope for the future and security (relationships, family, finances) in the present

I love more than I fear.

Knowing that there are resources you can turn to when you need help

The immense universe of opportunities before us,

It will be good, unless and until I’m proven incorrect.

Being around students from backgrounds that would make most people give up on their education, prevailing and achieving their goals against the odds

Human ingenuity

Faith and Trust in the universal forces


I have so much to be thankful for and surrounded by loved ones. At 66 years, I am looking forward to another 30 + of joy.

Planning future events - by visualising them, I see great things ahead, and it keeps me optimistic and motivated.

My God

Vaccination numbers increasing, sunshine, gratitude, connecting with friends and community.

Joining good people in positive movements all over the world. Making sure to be aware of desperate need, but also of the kind & organised humans building in the right direction to alleviate need.

I think that as long as you have another day before you, you have options. And if you are healthy, even better!

Financial progress getting out of debt

My history of success

Learning about myself and others and realising how much self-agency we have in creating the conditions for optimism to flourish

Technology innovation

Knowing that we all can make a difference and improve the way we live

Daily I choose to practise optimism. I believe no matter how dire the situation I will come through; I choose my attitude the obstacles that exist I just in my mind I can overcome them


I am a natural optimist; I see that every bad situation can have a good ending - nothing is impossible, and there are many ways to achieve a good outcome. Nothing done can’t be undone.

I believe in the power of positive thinking.

I generally believe that I can work most things out for a good outcome & that most people still have good in them.

I look forward to spending time with my family, participating in activities with my grandchildren as they grow up. I also feel I can make a valuable contribution to the community by assisting those less fortunate than I.

I take life as a challenge.

I think my optimism stems from managing to deal successfully with previous bad or challenging experiences that, with some tough times and hard work, turn out for the good. But, mind you, the end result isn’t always how you planned it.

I will get a lawyer role assisting disadvantaged people

Inclusive approaches to matters that affect all of us. The management of the Pandemic in Perth has been successful as we have collectively joined to manage it. We now must do the same, and all get vaccinated to sustain my optimism.

It helps to look for positives in life. But, unfortunately, too many look for negatives, and it becomes a habit.

Knowing I have my health, wonderful family, a roof over my head, food on the table and the will and means to earn a good living to keep me safe. And I am lucky to have my father’s optimism.

Life is a cycle. We may be at a low ebb at present, but better times will return.

Looking at the long-term picture.

Meditation - when I feel calm and relaxed, I have a more positive outlook. When you can let go of the busyness of life and let your monkey mind settle, you can turn to the light.

My decision to be more optimistic, supported by all of the positive changes I see occurring globally.

What makes me optimistic? My friends and family

What makes me optimistic? My God centred outlook

My optimism is drawn from the many good and kind people in the world, many of whom are young and enthusiastic. I accept that there are many bad people too but choose to concentrate on what is good.

People will be vaccinated, and we will find a way to deal with COVID, and things will return to a new normality.

What makes me optimistic? Plans for the future. Evidence of good things happened and happening.

What makes me optimistic? Seeing my children happy and healthy.

seeing my family happy

Self-belief and faith in Almighty that I can pull it through

Self-care mostly. Being not hungry😅.  Communication with friends, walks, physical activity

Taking good care of myself. Physically and mentally

That I am always looking for things to improve a current situation more than it currently is, at all levels.

There’s no point in being pessimistic.

The beautiful natural world we live in

The birth of my granddaughter.

What makes me optimistic? The fact that I live in Australia have sound family relationships, and we are a well-governed country.

What makes me optimistic? The future

The future has more to give than past experiences!

What makes me optimistic? The human spirit’s ability to adapt and deal with all situations. When something bad happens in one’s life, this is a heads up that something good is about to happen.

The idealism of youth. The resilience of people.

the innovation and spirit of humankind

What makes me optimistic? the love from my family

The sun always comes up after the rain, and it simply cannot rain all the time

There are still kind people about.

To know information and understanding Context.

To see and hear about people searching for better ways of doing things and working to make the world better for all.


Understanding and being happy in my acknowledged Purpose and living in Flow. Living in the now and consciously being aware of my emotions and feelings.

Understanding my own family matters first, knowing that something new will happen every day, not worrying about what happened and living in the now, being positive and authentic to my values.


What makes me optimistic is that there is a reason why I’m here, why I’m doing school and aiming for a career. I know that sounds weird but being able to believe that things will work out, in the end, is partly due to my hard work and that in the past, things have worked out. I’ve gone through my own set of trials and tribulations in the past, and it worked out in the end, and good things did happen. So if I can go through it once, I can go through another set of challenges and come out to the other end. I think that is what makes me optimistic.

When I end the day on a satisfactory note

Whilst progress has flattened out from the sheer size of the lift from 1920-1970, humans have always sought to improve their quality of life.

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