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1500 Answers to "What is the better normal you foresee for yourself?"

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked those answering yes to "From your experience of the pandemic, do you see a "better normal" for yourself?",  What is the better normal you foresee for yourself?

It's clear, most people are enjoying a better life-balance.  People are enjoying innovation in their homes.

This is a lightly edited list of answers and some additional insights from other writers and researchers.

"More time with my partner and my pets, less time spent in transit, more flexibility to access services during 'business hours', set my own thermostat, multitasking in meetings where I don't need to contribute much, and access to my own kitchen for meal breaks."

A lot more time for my partner, for my health, for things that are important to me (friends, food, exercise, piano, learning, reading), less time spent on commuting. 

"I am more in tune with my values and purpose: Self-compassion and deeper awareness of systemic issues globally and locally."

"A better focus on my life and my loved ones. A less stressful, less cluttered life. A better appreciation of others. A kinder more caring me."

More working from home, enjoying family life more. I kept my job but lower salary; I kept my family and with more joy and love.  My priorities will change accordingly.

More love in all aspects of life (home, work, and community) and a very grateful mental mindset and heart set that I will integrate and embody.

Increased time out of a routine which allows for the right things being done at the right time. This includes the self-reflection time, keeping the home space good, connecting and communicating with others. Definitely the increase time in nature and business connections that are done electronically.  Having shared experiences with my children where we all work and play in the same space. Seeing my children flourish away from the negativity that often comes at school, seeing them choose their own subjects of interest.  Being more in the timing of the season since cycles rising with the sun going with the sun, walking and moving when needed on the computer completing projects without distractions.   Feeling joy in the heart seeing the responses of people to each other globally.  hearing the conversations were people question the treadmill that they have been on. Knowing that there was a selling out of seedlings and chickens and the people are turning to create a Sustainability with in their homes. Knowing the cars are use list sky is clear. This is the opportunity for proper renewables like solar wind geothermal waves to come to the front.

"I feel much less pressured to conform to social expectations - I am comfortable with a smaller circle of contacts and no longer feel obliged to "socialise" in order to appear to be doing the "right thing".  The right thing is within me and I don't need to go beyond that to find the answers to my issues."

"I am a more balanced person - not just focussed on work - but having a sense of purpose."

"I feel more empowered to make choices."

Less activity forced due to obligations and others' expectations.  More time just to be at home and with nature and with family and friends. No more activity for the sake of "entertainment".

"I am a calmer, less anxious, less consumerist woman."

Charm Bonaparte of Mama Gee's

“I’m not so rushed, I’m not getting the same customer load that I was before, so the pace is much slower, which lets me think and come up with other ideas and new dishes that I want to create.”

"A simplified life with ess materialistic pursuits as signs of success. Learn and value nature, even more, witnessing how forgiving it is during the pandemic to heal itself without humans. I wish for new human-centred systems in all areas of our lives and the leaders that will lead us there."

"Some more consistent exercise habits set because of a subscription to my yoga studio which has videos of varying length that I can use every day."

Jane Anderson, Latrobe Health Advocate

"One of the challenges is that some people have been more impacted than others. And particularly those who haven't been able to access digital connectivity - that's been a challenge. On the flip side I've actually had people proactively writing to me about the positive experiences that they've had through COVID-19. They've talked to me about the lists that they've had that they've never been able to get to and they've been able to get to those lists. So dealing with the fernery and dealing with photo albums and the jobs that are on the list that have never been achieved. People welcome doing that. They've also talked about having the time to spend in their garden reflecting on their lifestyle having a better balance of life. So we know that's been challenging for some around how you can have it ... It's a school, it's a workplace and your ordinary family home is doing lots of different things but a number of people have commented to me that it has been time to pause and reflect and achieve a better balance."

Nareerat Wiriyapong

"Amid this year's lockdowns, there has been a lively debate about whether remote working will be part of the "better normal" going forward. Whether a person teleworks occasionally or does so on a permanent basis can have important implications for their working conditions. Ensuring daily and weekly working hour limits as well as developing, implementing and monitoring working time arrangements, in line with medical advice, and with clear assignments of responsibilities on costs, can help employers adapt to the current and new worlds of work."

Brian Mittge 

"In 2021, which of these habits can we maintain? As our life slowly opens back up, can we carve out simple family time together? Let’s remember this era when we were together around the table for dinner and Scrabble. Let’s save up puns and one-up each other on the groaners. Let’s walk in the sun and maybe even the rain. 

"Let’s buy gift cards from local restaurants and patiently hold onto them until things open back up. 

"In this time when we can’t safely gather, let’s rediscover the telephone and call up people when we think of them. Let’s maintain and even expand connections that have lapsed into the pale shadows of occasional texts or Facebook likes. 

"And when we can safely get together with friends, family and neighbors, let’s do it! After this year of isolation, I hope we never again take for granted the blessings of companionship.

"I’d challenge you to look back on this unprecedented time, not as a year to rush into the rear view mirror, but as a stained glass window that can illuminate a better, more beautiful future."

Robert Chan Yap SJ, President, Ateneo de Manila University

"We are looking at using learnings from the current crisis to build on the ‘better’ normal that will arise as a result of the pandemic."

"To build upon my somewhat newfound level of patience, with people and circumstance to be able to take the learnings from the situations I find myself in and respond to others in a patient and empathetic manner."

1. Deeper connections and trust socially and commercially. 2. Conviction to lead myself, my business and others to change and adapt in positive ways.

A 'better normal' I foresee is the manner in which the education of the children and young people in our care will unfold. The survey data collected during remote learning from parents recognised the growth in their children of  independence, responsibility, time management and organisation and students recognised the value of being able to manage their time to best suit the demands upon them. we will adjust how a school day operates in order to keep these advantages.

A balanced lifestyle. One where I’ve learnt to let things I cannot control go. To not worry about them as much.

A better appreciation of what is really important.

A better balance between work and family. An even clearer commitment to tackle the community’s tough challenges using evidence and collaboration. Making time for creativity.

A better balance in life

"A better focus on my life and my loved ones. A less stressful, less cluttered life. A better appreciation of others. A kinder more caring me."

"A better focus on what is really important to me."

A better life balance

"A better normal of collaboration and learning with a community built on KLT."

A better normal would mean to see me helping more people, having more time for important things-there are more important things than just work.

A better perspective of what matters and what doesn't.  A better appreciation of uncertainty and change.

"A better researcher"

A better way of working.  More aligned with myself and with who I am in the world.

A better work balance. Productivity over presenteeism with Work from Home arrangements.

A better work life balance more flexibility to work from home and avoid the traffic chaos that eastlink produces

A better work-life balance and a willingness to take opportunities as they present.

a better work/life balance

A better-balanced life, with a focus on health, family and close friends.

A bit more relaxed and getting a lot more sleep.  Spent a lot more time with the family which is good.

A breakthrough in how we work and really seeing opportunity in technology

A broader collaboration between my colleagues

A broader understanding of what is 'normal'; more freedom to work from home or any other place that is convenient; greater inclusion of those with disabilities in work, study, government and business processes and interactions.

A calmer, less frantic normal. I did not realise how busy and hectic it was until we stopped. When we stopped and just gave ourselves time to breath and work at a reasonable pace... it felt better!

"A career review"

a change in perspective having been forced into lock down and a greater respect by others for relationships

a clearer focus on the things that matter - family and friends and being kinder in general

A clearer perspective on what is important, more time in community

A fairer more equal society.  More tolerance, relevant skills

A feeling of relief that more of the quietly decent people will have awakened to the sad plight faced by those in our society to have not been able to better share in the increased wealth that the progress has provided those decent people.

"A fitter person"

A fresh look at productivity and working arrangements

A future less bothered by inaction over the crises facing humanity because of a new call to informed change

a general slowing down of my life.  Stopping to enjoy my family and friends and especially to take holidays regularly in Australia but mostly WA.

A greater appreciation for the simple things about friendships and connecting with people and lifestyle in general. Also, a greater sensitivity for the hardships of others. Lastly a greater focus on my health and the health of those around me.

A greater balance between my work life and personal life.

A greater focus on the real issues of life and the well-being of people and the country

A greater focus on things that are truly important to me.

A greater focus on what's important to me, making a positive impact through my work and personal lives.

A healthier lifestyle. More time with family

A healthier outlook on my professional and personal life. I’m concentrating on my health with a better diet and exercise

A healthier version of myself (nutrition, exercise and sleep) that enables me to professionally perform at my peak and remain resilient in the pursuit of business goals

A healthier version since I started a daily exercise routine at the beginning of the pandemic. Closer relationships with my  relatives who live in another state since we now FaceTime daily.

A higher level of engagement with others - consistently reaching out and staying connected becoming the better normal.

A higher value placed on time and the importance that everything will get done in its time. Less rush and more focus on quality versus quantity is the better normal.

"A hope that with faith in GOD, things will be on track soon."

A keener appreciation for the things that matter .... less distractions experienced in the pre-COVID-19 life, dispensing with the ‘unnatural business’ many were experiencing.

A kinder more humanitarian political management

A kinder world, where there is greater support for the less fortunate members of the community

A kinder, fairer world that is informed by science and evidence instead of speculation and popularity.

"A leaning towards peacefulness, less manic life, greater focus on loved ones, focus on health and the planet."

A less frantic pace of life

A less frenzied and busy existence. More quality family time, more connected neighbourhoods and deeper friendships with people closest to you. Less consumerism, less commuting, and taking more time to walk, exercise, cook and do things for myself and my family.

A less rigid perspective towards work. I hope there's a realisation that people can be equally/more productive (and happier) working remotely

A less rigid way of working

A life that has integrated the best ideas I/we learned during COVID

A little more freedom than this, including freedom from fear of the virus

A lot more emphasis on support local , shop local and promote local .

A lot of nonsense such as global warming hysteria and other leftist rubbish has fallen of the agenda

A more appreciative, respectful and nature valuing future. Learning from this experience redeveloping 1°,,2° and 3° industry in each region with a more environmentally focused future. The lesson is we are part of the world. We are only a part. We need the world but the world doesn't need us. We are part of this planet and must appreciate this.

A more balanced approach to work / home. More focused on the important things.

A more balanced life - where I can better control where and when I work.

"A more balanced life and opportunities that are not just the product of a drive for "growth".  Donut Economics is a good starting point - NZ, Amsterdam..."

A more balanced life that involves honouring myself and the planet

A more balanced life with a focus on community.

a more balanced life.

A more balanced lifestyle

"A more balanced perspective and a newfound ability to better manage time."

A more balanced work/lifestyle based on being a more engaged and caring community

A more caring and concerned society that puts people first and understands the need for empathy and support with a government and private sector that values people and the future.

A more collegiate world.

A more compassionate and caring society, along with the ability to revision new pathways when dealing with old problems or issues. In other words, being more creative and innovative.

A more compassionate and inclusive self-inspiring Australians and others to possibilities and opportunities

A more considered and intentional approach to life opening the space for more optimism and the things that bring joy and contribute to my mental health.

a more considered life

A more equal and compassionate society with Zero emissions targets and plans in place

A more equitable society, better support for those who don't have much or are still trying to find their way.

A more evolved person, who has had and taken the time to self-reflect.

A more flexibility in the work life balance.

A more flexible and balanced life, without the guilt of the previous normal. That guilt that comes from the feeling of never giving enough time to what it is that you are doing, whether it is work, family life or other. A more flexible and balanced world will enable us to achieve more, across more and feel better for it.

A more healthy reset in a. The work to live versus live to work continuum. b. The time I spend thinking about environmental revitalisation c. The needs of the many versus individual rights spectrum

A more humane approach to life!

A more inclusive caring and polite population based on a more honest view of what Government should facilitate for everyone here

A more inclusive view of how people can work. The impact of restrictions on people’s lives and how this can relate to people with disability. Hopefully increasing tolerance.

"A more informed approach to others!"

A more present and slower life with less materialism and more appreciation for the important things. Important things being family, friends, the simple things.

"A more realistic view on life."

"A steadier work and personal life balance"

A more thoughtful life with less freneticism, given lifestyle changes required which may become part of a better normal

A more thoughtful, intentional, slower approach to daily living.  Greater appreciation for who and what surrounds me and greater self-awareness of the things which sustain me. 

A more values based and wholesome business community who comprehend the significance of connectedness

A new way of engagement via online and having conversations with global shapers and seeing different perspectives of the impact of COVID19

A new way of working seeing us move away from traditional office environments and the notion of face-to-face meetings, allowing everyone better flexibility to work in new and innovative ways.

A normal that include less "stuff," more time with the people who matter to me, and a greater appreciation for what I have.

A normal where we focus on being together more than doing things.

A place of being less frantic, with more time to enjoy life.

A quieter and more fulfilled life

A reduction in fossil fuel use and pollution

A renewed focus on personal health and a better recognition of the things that are really important.

A reset of the market economy and an introduction of new protectionist policy to encourage Australians helping Australians.

a respectful society

A return to a less complicated life,  where things that REALLY matter take centre stage

A simple life pared to basics

"A simpler life with more time for loved ones and less time on unnecessary things."

A simpler life, less commuter travel, focus on family and wellbeing, focus on workforce mental health and wellbeing

A simpler, less busy life. More focus on family, friends, community.

"A simplified life with ess materialistic pursuits as signs of success. Learn and value nature, even more, witnessing how forgiving it is during the pandemic to heal itself without humans. I wish for new human-centred systems in all areas of our lives and the leaders that will lead us there."

A slower pace and appreciation for things and being more connected to what matters which is family and close friends, not acquaintances.

A slower paced life with more time for reflection

A stronger connection with nature and my family and less time wasted on things that don’t matter.

A work balance that allows me to spread across a range of activities to apply my passion for entrepreneurship and philanthropy to make an impact.

A world where hierarchy flattens, where we put lives first not just work.  A world where there is no room for bad leaders.

a) Extending my in-person business to deliver more online  b) Taking steps to for the next phase of my personal life

Ability to execute delayed projects; spend more time with family interstate and overseas; bring friends to stay, and colleagues to head office

Ability to focus on where I’m going. Being able to work from home gives me more time in my day to now study, and a change in my relationship status to single means I’m not running after someone else. I recognised how much I’m doing in cooking, family and household duties compared to my partner, and how that steals my time and energy for pursuing my development and career

Ability to have more face-to-face connection time nor virtual connection.

Ability to see "other" possibilities in the way I work or my life in general. The change shift has enabled a new view

Ability to work from home.  Happy to be at home.  More organised.

Able to see the positives in adversity. Drinking less. Saving more money!

Able to speak with others who now understand the issues of a damaged planet

Able to spend more time at home, reflecting on our priorities in life, able to e-meet and share with more people via videoconferencing, social media etc.

Able to use my potential optimally and upgrade my skills

Able to work from home as much as possible as it has many benefits, one of them being. saving time travelling when the time can be used in a more productive way like working.  WFH has been a great way of getting more done.

Able to work more flexibly, avoid travel to City, able to conduct business on many visual platforms

Absence of greed in corporate Australia

Acceptable to be working from home.

"Acceptance of my choice to live and work where I love in a rural town. Acceptance that quality can be found no matter where you live. Acceptance that it is OK to take care of yourself and your family first."

Achieving a more balanced lifestyle and shift in priorities

Action around the ecosystem being accepted

Adapting new Work environment with never normal scenarios.  Effective communication with less mobility/travel

Adjusting to the new reality, working on solutions to meet people’s needs, with proactive collaborative community health solutions for the world - and myself, participating where l can adjust our working and living environments

Advancement of medicine

Affordable housing, high standard of living and improved facilities such as education and health.

Aligning what I do much more with what I value. Questioning activities driven by routine and not doing unnecessary or low value creating activities.

All will be ok in the end.

Already experiencing more clarity and fulfilment in being able to live into my purpose daily

Already good

Amazing opportunity to reconnect with people and disconnect from busyness and the corporate rat race

An attitude of patience and gratitude

An awakening has occurred on our planet. I am optimistic we will follow its guidance.

An even stronger focus on family values and on contribution to the Planet and on generating profit for good - for the benefit of ALL of mankind and the planet.

An improved work-life balance

An opportunity to contribute more and align my life's mission and values with my daily activity

An opportunity to explore new options, some of which will hopefully provide an income stream

"An opportunity to refocus on what really is important in life and making concerted efforts towards that vision. Where and how can I have the greatest impact personally and professionally is a question I am asking myself and both of those areas are not necessarily mutually exclusive, especially when you love what you do and required to work from home more than ever."

Anything is possible with the right mindset.

Appreciate friendships, acts of kindness/generosity, supporting my local shops/suppliers and taking time to mediate, move, give and think.

Appreciate good health, family and friendships   Walk more. buy less goods, travel within own state rather than overseas. 

Appreciate more what we used to take for granted

appreciate my freedoms much more

Appreciate my social contacts more and appreciate my community’s commitment and resilience

Appreciating and enjoying what we have rather than seeking more

Appreciating non work time more.

Appreciating the things and people we take for granted.

Appreciating the value of true friends even more-plus using quiet "me"" time more effectively.

Appreciation of neighbourhood, community, fellow human beings' willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, my loved ones and my home

As an older person with chronic kidney disease, I need to avoid infections of all kinds. Will continue to stay out of crowded places, shop quickly at times few others are shopping, use a mask if I have to, be careful about washing my hands and not touching heavily touched surfaces like handles into restrooms.

As the myth of our normal was considered good.  It has help shatter that perception.      Our current myth of 'Progress' assures us that full-speed-ahead is never wrong. History and Ecology is the discipline that teaches us that it is disaster.    Progress should be the movement towards an improved desired state of wellbeing and Optimism.    We have the opportunity learn from our mistakes and become smarter and wiser     We need a revolution in thinking and in our vision for the future.  That create great opportunities for positive change.


Aside from renewed gratitude of having family and friends more tolerance, kindness and giving. Optimism

Autonomous option for working mode determined and directed by a shared preferred or shared outcome.

Awareness of health and more stringent approach to hygiene

Awareness of others and compassion for the hopelessness I see reflected in some people’s eyes, 

Awareness of priorities

"Back to basics and more time with family."

Back to normal

"Balance" (ten idential responses)

"Balance and perspective"

"Balance and perspective on what matters."

"Balance between work and life and aspects of wellbeing."

"Balance between work at home and at the work site."

"Balance in life and enjoying simple things."

"Balanced approach , slow down, greater hygiene with sanitizer use, and more emphasis on long term clients that share our values and ethos."

"Balanced, connected and energy focused on things that will create better creative outcomes."

"Balancing family and work time.  Permanently living in rural Victoria and working IN PART via Zoom."

Be able to work more effectively & efficiently

Becoming free of a communist totalitarian before he succeeds in the destruction of a supposedly free society.

Being a healthier and fitter Me and also working more efficiently whilst working from home more often.

Being a lot more aware of what is around me. My neighbours, local businesses, my family and friends. Not taking these things for granted.

being able to live away from a city; being in control of my time; having more flexibility

Being able to see more people in your home not just two from one family.

being calmer and more relaxed without the hustle and bustle of having to go into the office

Being cleaner. Washing my hands more often.  Stop touching my face,  staying clean shaved.  Overall being more self-aware.

Being close to family members and still be able to do my work without any guilt towards the family.

Being focussed, not so distracted by trifles

Being in less crowded places and having better work life balance.

Being more agile, creative, accepting the circumstances and finding new ways of engaging, working and socializing.  This will be the new normal.

Being more aware of my health

Being more aware of the needs of others

Being more aware of what truly matters in my life and not taking it for granted

Being more cautious and better forward planning.

Being more considerate of my actions and caring more about the people around a me

Being more in nature; travelling less, buying less.

Being more mindful of my peers overall wellbeing

Being more responsible in looking after yourself and respecting other people’s rights.

Being part of a kinder, more inclusive and forgiving society/community

Benefit family time over business time, more home office time, less consumption

Better able to put things in their proper perspective. To stop sweating the "small stuff."

better appreciation for what I have and can do

Better appreciation for what matters in life.

Better appreciation of what matters such as relationships over assets

Better at self-managing, not needing distraction so not avoiding but processing

Better attuned to myself and others

Better balance and increased flexibility

Better balance and occasional integration of work and home life. Greater flexibility to support managing this balance.

Better balance and understanding what is really important

Better balance between home & work

Better balance between home life and work life both specially and priorities

Better balance between work and family.   Realigned priorities

Better balance between work and the rest of my life

Better balance between work and wellness

Better balance in how I work (home and office), more chances to exercise and eat better

Better balance of work and family - better connections with friends - greater consideration for each other

Better balance of work and family, creative ways to be there for my kids

Better balance of work and life

Better balance of work and life - having flexible work hours and working from home has meant that I've gained more time back for other things and reducing commuting.

Better balance of work projects; better family routines; many iterative family and friend reunions long into the future ... already planned

Better balance work and life

Better balance,  ability to work from home.  Less structure and fewer commitments for kids.

Better balance. More candid conversations personally and professionally that inform better ways of doing things. Everything being “more personal” and loving through ongoing waves of crisis means closer relationships.

Better boundaries. More engagement in my passion projects. Less time wasted commuting.

Better business model, more time at home

Better business, deeper relationships, more productive, coming back to slow thinking and first principles

Better choices regarding setting boundaries around more free time and balance in my life.

Better communication outcomes, easier access to people and services. More time for family

Better communication.  Hopefully a review of industries that can support our economy and our children's futures.  Better use of technology to drive our economy.  A better appreciation of what we have and who we need to support to ensure that we remain the best at what we do.

Better community, business and world structures with more co-operation and more productivity

Better control over my diet.

Better control over workload (enforced by COVID!). Better health and fitness, having made that a focus during lockdown.

Better diet and more time at home

"Better eating and drinking habits"

Better eating from home grown and local ingredients. More walking around the neighbourhood. Increased commitment to local businesses

Better engagement with regional and rural people

Better family-work balance   Stronger sense of community   Greater respect for health care workers   More focus on sustainability

Better Federation

better fitness, walking every day.  Leaving the car at home to go to the shops.  Better online communication

Better germ prevention hygiene

better health and working hours if I can control them and get rid of the commute/peak hour

Better health if others have learnt basic hygiene, as in the 1950s.

Better health outcomes for Australia

better home life balance

Better integration of work, family and leisure.

Better life balance

better life balance

Better life balance with more efficient work between home and office and productive social contact that encourages innovation, relaxation and clearer thinking

Better life balance, better appreciation of things I may have taken for granted

Better management of ‘negative self-talk’.   Better control of alcohol consumption.

Better mental and physical state - where work is better integrated with the rest of life.

Better more efficient transactional communication linking people from remote communities

Better normal means appreciating a slower way of life and the people around me, rather than “things” and work achievements.

"Better nutrition and eating habits. Regular daily cardio exercise with minimum of 10,000 steps per day. Periodic day trips to area nature preserves, state parks, and hiking in the mountains. Conscious effort to maintain better work-life balance. Less frequent travel on airplanes."

Better opportunities to work from home, use virtual meetings instead of travel, more time for focus and relationships

"Better personal hygiene and LLC You"

Better perspective on overall life, more work-life balance, more balanced exercise routine.

"Better physical and mental health by continuing good habits developed during lock-down"

Better planned use of time  Appreciating things previously taken for granted

Better positive attitude to listen and to respond   Reduce the level of  “speed”

Better prepared, less taking things for granted, more now, less tomorrow.

Better processes and formalisation of communication.

Better role, more understanding community, better work life practices, new opportunities

Better routines in my life every day (moving, meditating, eating clean, connecting with family, friends and laughing) Use my voice and my abilities to advocate for new business models and ways we can improve society to be fairer, my equitable, more sustainable more inclusive, smarter, more prosperous for all and more time to contribute to society as a volunteer, a learner, a carer or a tourist.

Better sense of community and the needs of others.

Better societies, more understanding

Better time management

Better time management, less appearance hours with clients

Better time use, greater inner peace, appreciation of physical activity

better understanding of myself

Better understanding of myself, emotions and relationships. Forgiveness and acceptance and let things flow/find their course.

Better use of technology, more telework

"Better use of time, slowing down. More time doing things that I enjoy and with my loved ones."

Better use of time. meeting without travel

Better use of time. When you have downtime in the office, it's difficult to spend that time productively. Usually, it's spent on menial tasks or procrastinating. At home, those extra minutes or hours can be spent on personal development, fixing things around the house, exploring the neighbourhood, etc. Even if/when we go back to the office, I think people will have a greater aversion to dead time and will find more valuable things to do.

Better Work life balance

Better work / life balance  Higher levels of productivity

Better work / life balance with less travel time

Better work / life balance.  More family time, less travel, higher productivity, better connected and supported, more resilient, recognition of what is important.

Better work and life integration

better work life 'integration'

Better work life balance (12 idential responses)

Better work life balance  Ability to work more effectively in different environments

Better work life balance - redefining 'important' and needs

Better work life balance and opportunity to work from home a bit more in 2021

better work life balance and to be able to feed the creative self

Better work life balance enabled by more flexible working arrangements, and greater connectedness to staff through video conference.

Better work life balance less social pressure

Better work life balance with higher productivity.  Also, an appreciation of many things that were taken for granted.

Better work life balance,  more productive at work, less commute/stress

Better work life balance, clearer priorities around quality not quantity, deliberate contribution to purposeful work

better work life balance, improved people leader and family participant

Better work life balance, lower living costs, more productive

Better work life balance, spending more time with family

Better work life balance. More family time. Ability to work from home. More health benefits of more time to exercise and relax.

Better work practices, including working from home and attending meetings remotely to reduce travel time.

Better work-life balance

Better work-life balance achieved through working from home.

Better work-life balance, less consuming, more sustaining and creating than before. More focus on own and other health and wellbeing.

Better work-life balance, with more comfort around working flexibly

Better work-life balance.  working from home more

Better work-life balance. Less travel.

Better work-life balance. Working from home. Appreciating family, friends, social occasions. Considerate consumerism.

Better Work/Life balance  Removal of some old blockers in key roles, hopefully removing blockers

Better work/life balance and quality time with family


Better work/life balance. Value simple freedoms more now stage 4 is teaching us what life is like without them.

Better work/life balance/integration  Less time on technology  More family time  Better quality friendships  Contributing more to a better world  Stronger commitment to addressing climate change

Better work life balance, an improved sense of community

"Better at my yoga practice."

Better, smarter more economical ways of doing business - less business travel, better communications, more consideration for the impact of business on the environment.   For me personally, people embracing remote learning and learning over time to build mastery in their skills and capabilities; businesses adopting a systems approach to  ethical selling strategies and processes to run better more sustainable businesses; better care for employees, suppliers and customers. 

Breathe!  Take time out for me! Kindness! Resilience!

Bringing forward my plans to move to  Regional Victoria away from the cost and complexity of city life and the disappointment in my fellow residents who really don’t give a damn about anyone else.  Simpler and more self sufficient

Building back better

Business is booming and I am having a lot more time to myself

Business refocus on learning

C level suite recognizing skills  of their senior managers they have previously been dismissive off  as they felt they are the only ones that know what's best

"Calm and centred"

"Calm and Positive"


"Calmer and greater sense of perspective"

"Calmer more foresight"

"Calmer, more considered."

"Calmer. More compassionate. Deep connections to people."

"Calmness, less worrying about money, More Love & Understanding."

Can I say that the terminology doesn't resonate with me? What is normal? According to who? When does something become normal? Less travel, working from home.

challenging work with a good work/life ratio

Change in lifestyle, healthier food, less time wasted on commute, more versatile communication and work through online media.

Change in opportunities. Especially with online eCommerce and my new economic model for Sustainable Wellbeing. Which COVID-19 has highlighted the need for.

changing priorities, new opportunities

Charting a new and positive direction in life based on the experiences learned from the past.


clarity about what really matters and less distraction

Clarity and deeper awareness I need to slow down and create more balance in my life

Clarity on the pre-pandemic decision to live marriage separated for 1.5 years.


Clearer insights into what is important and what is time-wasting

Clearer understandings of what is important for me in life

Closer connection with the people I love and with whom I work.

Closer family life and less rushed due to less movement

Closer to my family by spending more time with them

Commitment to pursuing some goals on which I've long procrastinated

Committing more the things I truly care about. I hope to that in the future I can easily say no to the thing I feel obligated to do- instead of what I want to do.


concentrate on the essential not the trivial

Concentrate on what I feel is really important and avoid ‘busy work’. Give myself time.

Concentrating on what is important

Confident that I am retired & not worried about working

Conscious decisions / more appreciation of our standard of living & systems /

Continue to realize my human potential - both in an individual and collective sense - in responding to the new challenges  and insights emerging from COVID 19.

"Continuing the better thinking, behaviours & habits from Lockdown"

continuing to work from home on a regular basis

Cooking and eating more at home rather than eating out.  Got more indoor plants in the home to build a more relax environment. Exercising a bit more to compensate for less mobility as compared to working in the office.

Counter intuitively, I see people being more confident to communicate genuinely as opposed to the learnt reticence of /reluctance to/fear of open dialog when face to face. This will mean, for me, less time, as a mentor, drilling down to the core facts of a case, often hidden by this widespread socially learnt behaviour.

COVID bought me time which was always the missing piece in my life...never enough of it

COVID has brought like-minded people together and  given us time to think, what better can be done in future. Trust has improved and made me feel that there are people who  wish you good and Vice versa.

COVID has encouraged me to focus more on what I would like to achieve and the need to use my time more effectively to do so

COVID Has given me the time to slow down and think about what I want to do personally

Created a new robust economic model for sustainable wellbeing that can be used around the world.

Creating a full office space with up-to-date technology in my home so I can work from home most of the time and only go into the office as required.  I travel a lot for work so this works better for me.

Daily exercise and work life balance

Daily walks and time in nature  Ability to undertake projects  Appreciation of time with family and friends

Deeper connections with people. A recommitment to live a more compassionate life

Despite the fact that I'm 88 years of age, I always think my best days are ahead.  I don't know how I'll make the future better; I just know I will.  Closer family ties. 

Permission to not be productive all the time.  Pace of life slowed down.  I think some good things have already happened.

Determination to create better work life balance. Haven't done it yet but keen to do it.

different view on reality post COVID

Digital = greater efficiency. Doesn't stop face-to-face but eliminates those face-to-face meetings that were not necessary. = better use of time and lower costs.

Digital connectivity

Discard distractions and focus on the things that matter, personally and professionally.

Discipline of exercise and eating home good food

do not take for granted over health matter.

Doesn't matter how bad things may feel, there is always someone doing it tougher than you....focus on perspective

Doing more around the house, more active reaching out to friends, appreciating competent government,

Doing regular exercise now, thinking more about activities want to be involved in, will try keep life a bit slower

Easier connection with physically distant groups of friends who are now (finally) familiar with Zoom etc which most of us in business have used for years but have now reached mainstream population

education will have changed, I hope, more learning outside of the 4 walls of the classroom, community/families more aware of the work that teachers do.  teachers upskilled with the use of tech. easier to connect with experts via zoom etc for regional areas, as we are more confident at using this platform.

Enhanced health, stronger empathy, focus on the truly important matters

Enjoy my family more

enjoying more the simple things I took for granted, hugs, swims, watching my child play sport, doing my volunteering, time spent in good company, sharing meals, going to theatre sports events and concerts

even greater flexibility and a stringer commitment to my own wellness

even more focus on health and fitness

Even more gratitude for what we have

Even more relation-oriented and utilising digital solutions

even stronger commitment to health, safety, wellbeing and environmental improvement.  Greater flexibility re work.

Expanded my use of other communication tools not previously used.  Took a look at what I was doing and made adjustments, et al.   All this is individual adaption and growth. 

Family , Discipline , work practice

Far greater appreciation of the 'smaller things' I.E., quality family time. While also a greater appreciation of the things that I am missing right now which, living in a free society as Australia, I took for granted.

Far less commuting. people we deal with at last more receptive to virtual working.

Far more aware of choices that I make which are healthier for both mind, body and relationships.

fast moving and digital

Feeling less of a need to rush around. Much happier to stay put.

Flexible work arrangements with more work from home.

Financial security

Financially stable, some fruit and vegetable production from my home, being able to work contributing to a better society, and still being able to gain education in later years

Fine-tuned focus and discipline.

Firstly, the courage, warmth and determination to defeat all obstacles, whatever my sphere – never give up. It is so inspiring to see people who keep going against tremendous adversity. The second is to look for positive aspects and opportunities whatever the circumstances. When one door closes another opens. Thirdly to appreciate the opportunity to see more clearly our inter-connectedness on an individual, local and global scale.

Fitness and work from home


fitter , simpler , less rushed, priority to important things to me such as family 1,2 and 3.

Fitter and healthier and not sweating the small things

Fitter and more organised

Fitter, calmer and more productive

fitter, more appreciative of others' work, more patient.

Fitter, more focussed on family and friends, better perspective on the world

Flexibility and better health

Flexibility in where and how I work. Opportunity to have a portfolio of roles so I am not reliant on one employee ever again

Flexibility in work arrangement.  Better work life balance  Potentially better environmental and community benefits (greenhouse gas reduction and less traffic congestion)

Flexibility in work life balance

Flexibility to work from home

Flexibility; connection; less impact on the environment; creative wellbeing

Flexible work arrangements

flexible work arrangements enabling family time and personal health/fitness

Flexible work arrangements to continue, new opportunities in emerging sectors from resurgence in manufacturing to decarbonising, to AI and much more

Flexible work place and hours of work at the office.

Flexible working

Flexible working arrangements. Cleaner and more sustainable environment

Focus more and don't waste time on things that don't matter. Rethink everything, I do to see if I can do it more efficiently or effectively  or if I can drop it from my too busy life. Don't let the politicians get away with so much nonsense. I am thinking of entering politics myself. There is so much waste of money and time going on with self-interests. Do any of them really care about the future of Australia? It seems not.

Focus on finding time for what matters most to me:, what makes me happy: family, friends, my community, my health and wellbeing

Focus on health and family

Focus on humans rather than things including more flexible working arrangements.

focus on the important things in life, health and happiness, family and connection

Focus on wellbeing, nz orientated lifestyle that is environmentally sustainable.

Focus on work and life choices that really matter

focused energy to help people navigate life and business ahead. Many are extremely anxious and feeling helpless and unable to act. I want to instil calm and inspire optimism and positive action ahead

Focused, Motivated, More Giving

Focusing on the start simple things in life that really matter. Family, friends, taking things a day at a time. Not sweating the trivia and nonsense that was rampant in the pre COVID-19 world.

Focussing more on the present.  Increasing mindfulness and not dressing so much

Focussing on what is important, what we can control. Simplify communication and leverage lessons learned during the pandemic

for me personally yes, more time with family, working from home. I see some positive changes in how some services are working as well

For me: tighter family bonds & reinforcement of family values, Lifestyle simplicity & focus on my life purpose.    I hope it has helped society see the structural barriers in society more clearly & emerging societal issues relating to digital transformation & climate change.

For myself  to play a useful part in helping  to ensure there are projects developed  and ideally approved to create  a new industry that creates jobs , opens up our regions and contributes to reducing global warming of our unique planet.

For myself and others more generally, there is a new spirit of generosity and kindness. It's something akin to the Sydney Olympics effect - but hopefully more sustained.

Forced life changes - how I chose to adapt was for the better. New job, better relationships, less stress, less travel, less stuff, healthier food. All good.

Freedom from work, the ability to find my own work-life balance.

Freedom to make lifestyle choices, set priorities around family and friends


FULL RETIREMENT ON A BASIC but hopefully adequate income... safe relatives & friends unaffected health & income

Fuller flexibility. A greater acceptance for working around “human” commitments and choices to prioritise family and personal well-being.

Further bonding with loved ones. No time spent commuting.

Future is always going to be matter pandemic or not!!

get more time with my family - as no longer working interstate

Getting back to nature, appreciating what you have around you and slowing down.

getting business up and running

Getting clarity on future career, as opportunities are being presented to me.

Getting out of my comfort zone and thinking creatively of how to inspire durable change.

Getting some more sleep and spending more time with family with working from home.


Giving people greater respect and consideration

Global efforts to fight the pandemic together has raised more cultural collaboration

Government and economic systems that work for people most in need.


Grateful for all the things I took for granted

Gratitude for what I have and my health

Great appreciation of the small joys of life; family, friends, a walk along the beach, safer cruising procedures, politer passengers.

Great perspective on what is important

Great work/family balance

Greater acceptance of the fragility of our existence, a wider remit to rewrite priorities and embrace the ways in which technology disrupts what's possible to do and an end to the myth of growth and the nine to five as a measure of authentic success and what's important. An existential crisis!

Greater Affinity with family, truly living and role modelling flexible working, humanity has a greater influence in my leadership

Greater and more effective use of the Internet and services available over it to share experiences and support in common interest groups

Greater appreciation for time spent with family and friends.  Greater awareness of the environment and my effects on it.

Greater appreciation of healthier connections with people

Greater awareness and action  on my part to conserve resources, use what I have more wisely, waste less, share more and take even more care to be environmentally responsible.

Greater awareness of the importance of family. Not taking for granted that the good things we have built will take care of themselves.

Greater awareness of the risk of such occurrences with appropriate risk management strategies changed to reflect this new normal. Opportunity to review what and how we do things

Greater balance in life. Less environmental impact.

Greater balance in my life between work and the rest of my life. Less travel time. I have also rediscovered a whole range of hobbies and developed new interests. Less impact on the environment as well.

Greater balance work and home

Greater capacity to handle adversity

Greater certainty , a more cohesive less selfish society

Greater clarity

Greater clarity on what's important in life. More time with kids/family (not always a great thing), less travel/time away, more productive work with less water-cooler chat and wasted meetings/commute time.

Greater confidence to manage through adversity

Greater connection with family and friends, learning not to sweat the small stuff in life and having a greater appreciation for the environment

greater connectivity generally and access to on-line offers so I can retire to a regional area - a leap frog moment     but, I am an international and need to get to see all of my blood family who live overseas and this is currently a very worrying aspect of being in Victoria, especially.

Greater empathy, quick decisive decision making and greater communication across the organisation.

greater family balance

Greater flexibility

Greater flexibility and virtual "reach"

Greater flexibility for seeing my clients

Greater flexibility for work to be structured to suit people's situations and more of a focus on contribution, output and results than 'presentism'.

Greater flexibility in how I work with my clients and colleagues.  Faster decision making, less 'face time' spent in meetings.

Greater flexibility in my working environment, working from home etc.

Greater flexibility in the workplace

Greater flexibility in work style. Greater focus on health, both physical and mental

Greater flexibility re place of work and how I work.

Greater focus on balance between family time / me time / work and chore time.  More flexible working conditions.

Greater focus on home and community, reset of business purpose to the same

Greater focus on the things that matter to me like health, family, friends and less on stressful issues that I can't control

Greater freedom on when and where I travel, more flexible working hours and a much shorter daily commute.

greater mental focus on people close to me I value these relationships even more

Greater opportunities to collaborate and work on solving problems together

Greater patience

Greater possibilities and openness to what is possible. Less materialistic and more community connectedness.

Greater self-awareness and compassion

Greater stability.

Greater understanding of people's vulnerabilities under pressure

greater uptake of remote meeting technology enables more meaningful efficient connections. Personally, working from home cuts out commuting, allowing that time t0 be utilised on higher quality activities.

Greater use of flexible working hours, more working from home. Less travel time, sitting in traffic. Lower traffic volumes in peak times.

Greater use of technology to communicate can actually mean better communication for me. Less travel and more picking up the phone to talk to India.

Greater utilisation of digital communications platforms to save work related travel and for improved creativity and productivity.

Greater work-life balance and less wasted time travelling

Greater work-life balance and more time spent with children

Greater working flexibility between home and office. Less commuting and road congestion, use of fossil fuels and air pollution

Greater workplace flexibility = increased leisure time

Greater workplace flexibility: a broader culture underpinned by the belief that people are more effective when given freedom and flexibility to manage their own work, schedule and environment.

Growing as a person from the experience and continuing to make a contribution to the community wellbeing

Had time to reflect and realise what was most important

Happier and more flexible team

Happier within myself emotionally and an opportunity to work from home more.

Happy to be well and with family

Have a better overview of interconnected-ness and less desire to rush for the sake of rushing

Have had time to appreciate being more balanced

Have slowed down and living with more intension

Having a slower life. Spending more time at home and appreciating family and friends in small gatherings

Having greater flexibility and splitting time between working from the office and home.

Having more home time and less frenetic activity in the day

Having relocated primary address to regional Victoria I foresee spending significant more time out of Melbourne doing business remotely and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle

Having the flexibility to work from home, not commute and be more productive - the stress levels are quite dramatically reduced

Heading for retirement, I now know what being 'busy from home' can look like.  Not so fretful...


Health and Happiness

Health awareness

Healthcare has had a chance to exponentially grow.  We will be able to service more from a distance and make health care more equitable

Healthier (more time for cooking healthier and more natural food, more time for exercise, less stress, more time outdoors, less time in the office until late at night)

Healthier and more balanced between work and life.

Healthier and more sustainable because I’m continuing to work from home. It is more efficient and effective with no time wasted commuting or waiting outside clients offices. Conference calls are always on time

healthier and more tolerant of others circumstances

Healthier lifestyle. Consider there is more compassion within the community.

Healthier living, new invigorated business  model

Healthier with better relationships

Healthier, and more relaxed me, less stress and appreciate the important, simple things in life

Healthier, calmer, with more focus, conscious about my mental health

Healthier, closer to family, clear headed

Healthier, fitter, more connected with people. Less cluttered and more focussed life with clearer goals

healthier, more laid back.

healthier, will appreciate little blessings

Heightened sense of community


Higher standard

Hopefully a fairer, more equitable society with more spent on things that nurture peace and safety and less spent on preparing for conflict and war.

Hopefully more interest in what I have to offer ... compassion and care through self-awareness.

Hopefully some moderation on the value of mega cities

Hopefully, a more compassionate society with businesses collaborating together. Becoming aware of the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.

Huge increase in focus and demand.

Human contact and awareness

Humanity has had a punctuation mark and many are looking for better options for everything in the future

Humans are social animals Having been in a similar situation 7 years ago being in lock down voluntarily or not it stifles thinking and innovation

I  can have a life I deserve.

I always hope for the best, it's in my best interest to do so;)

I am exercising more and eating less.  Also eating more home cooked meals so much more healthful eating.

I am fitter and have better organised my time.

I am grasping some opportunities that have come my way through Linked in

I am home much more and a play a much larger role in my family rather than my work.

I am in closer contact with friends who live in other cities than I have ever been.  We actually have video chats regularly instead of the sterile and stunted social media communications.

I am more at peace with setbacks because I model resilient optimistic behaviour in myself and spread it to others.

I am more conscious of 'must haves' rather than 'nice to haves'

I am more engaged in more issues of importance than ever before, and I have connected to new institutions which have increased my happiness and sense of wonder immeasurably.

I am more in tune with my family.

I am now much more in tune with what I like to do, as opposed to what I need to do.

I am now much savvier with my use of technology, and much more focussed on exercise, fresh air and good nutrition.

I am requesting to work remotely one day per week (full time student Counsellor. I benefited (better overall wellbeing and productivity) during isolation not having to travel 90 minutes on a busy freeway (M1)  per day. My energy levels raised and I was able to exercise daily with the extra time found in my day/routine. My better normal is prioritising my wellbeing and making time to exercise.

I am taking the opportunity offered by the change.

I am travelling less, so I have more time and less stress

I believe that the fact that commercial real estate will be transformed- there is an opportunity for everyone to spend more time at home and complete work in your own space. After all that will also help to generate savings in organizations as well as reduce carbon footprint for unnecessary commute

I believe we will be seeing some very interesting new opportunities

I can achieve more through the balanced use of virtual and face to face communications.

I can be more selective about what I want to participate in, where I want to be and who I want to be with. I can contribute to things previously back benched because their importance has been highlighted. I feel free to pursue what I care about.

I can do more things from home. I won’t have to go out as much

I can see working from home works for me a lot better than travelling. I've learned that I don't need to meet people face-to-face to get things done. And I save lots of time.    :-)

I can use better my time for professional and private issues

I don't foresee any better normal. But if there would be one, it would mean that the government shifts away from fossil fuels, provides strong incentives for electrification of the energy sector, followed by the transport and heavy industry sectors. 

I don't know what it looks like. I just know it's there.

I don't see much changing actually. I think politics (and economics) will resume as it was.

I don't see one

I don’t want to be busier. I want time with my partner, myself, friends and family. I don’t want to work full time either.

I don’t

I enhance our lives locally  to achieve a global future for the planet

I feel I have more time , and I am not giving as much of my time to others

I feel that with the right message businesses and people in general will be more open to a genuine offer to help them move forward to a more positive future through planning and an optimistic approach to making the second half of the year a growth phase rather than just stabilizing .

I foresee a more God-fearing, grateful, resilient, and optimistic self.

I foresee less unnecessary travel.  I foresee more time spent with my husband.  I foresee less time wasted and more time spent enjoying the day-to-day things in life.  I foresee more time cooking.  I foresee appreciating all the great things I have.

I have a clearer plan for our family life. This includes addressing plans for retirement, options for our kids' education, and how we organise our life.

I have been able to work from home which has helped balance work, children and health

I have bought a business.

I have come to a  greater appreciation of nature, of not being overly busy, and of connecting with family and friends. I also see an opportunity for social change towards greater justice, equality and a more sustainable economy (all things I have worked for all my life).

I have developed an exercise routine which I plan to continue and am less likely to be fussy about small things in my life.

I have established an exercise routine that I am enjoying

I have greater clarity that there are many options, and with options come freedom.

I have had the opportunity to reduce by busyness and have cut back on my rushing around. Am enjoying this for the first time in my life, and plan to make this my new normal.

I have had time to reflect on my position both personally and financially

I have had to have a look at how I was living my life and made changes to ensure that I am much more aware of how time is used and for what.

I have more time to put into other projects now that we have moved all meetings to video or phone conference, saving a considerable amount of unnecessary travel between meetings.

I have settled into a routine involving walks, take away coffee, pursuit of languages online, family tree research and connecting with family and friends via video calls

I have worked remotely for a long time, and always been an advocate of its benefits.  This event has meant many others have had to give it a go and found that the excuses that have been used in the past for why it won’t work are in fact all things that can be overcome.  It is a practice that gives people flexibility to truly balance work and live - the biggest impedance for me previously was the expectation I should spend 2 1/2 hours or more travelling to an office - which is not time well spent.

I hope and pray that we will be kinder to one another, and the compassionate leadership we've seen from a few major organisations sticks. Putting people before profit always works best.

I hope I'm quicker, sharper and more prepared to take the risks I know I can take successfully (or at least without fearing losing the risk).

I hope it will lead to a re-evaluation of some of accepted norms in society such as levels of consumerism, the need for better training for the workforce, a reduction in commuting with some restructuring of the workforce to reduce office-based work among others

I intend to embrace every opportunity and take nothing for granted

I learnt how to be more relaxed

I like not travelling to meetings and doing things on zoom for efficiency.

I live and work with people with better developed levels of sensitivity to context and gratitude for what they have and do.

I much more intentional, purposeful and grateful appreciation for each moment

I examined my life compared to  my core values, made a new master plan, exercised more.   Better communication with friends and colleagues.  

I see a less competitive, less greedy world based on principles of fairness and equality for all - both people and nature. And a recognition that we are nature - not separate to nature.

I see a more family centred normal where I value pursuing hobbies at home, gathering or conversing remotely with friends and family much more regularly. I see better home- work balance and savouring simpler pleasures.

I see a possible change in entirety... COVID19 has given me a chance to unwind & I don’t think I want to go back to wound up

I see an opportunity to use my time better and not fall back into the old traps of dedicating time to tasks that are not fulfilling.  e.g.: spending quality time with family.

I see business owners being more aware of the importance of optimism based on a well-researched and carefully constructed business plan. An increased awareness of the importance of defining ones values and adhering to these in all relationships.  This will support a culture of mutual trust and optimism.  In this new culture, I see myself working with more optimistic business owners who contribute in new and interesting ways towards creating prosperous communities.

I see businesses being based on higher values of integrity so that all may prosper, not just the powerful and unprincipled who care little for issues of character and integrity.

I see how this has made me more focused and succinct which has improved my productivity already. I’ve got this!

I see more honesty, stronger boundaries, and focusing on what is most meaningful in my life.

I see myself more relaxed and giving greater priority to the activities that focus on my true values.

I see possible opportunities in my job situation, to help colleagues with their training & in their roles, and to add value; however, it is becoming a drag being apart from my family and living in a separate country under very strict lockdown rules. 

I see the chance for our society to work much more to overcome inequality and to learn re the need for this from the way COVID19 has revealed the flaws in our present systems.

I start to appreciate many things I took for granted previously, like health and the freedom to move around. I found myself more resilient and innovative in dealing with difficult situations.

I suspect that I will become more aware of others around me, not that I was not so aware, but maybe focus changes. Hopefully this will be in a more caring way but, at least, I will notice I have neighbours and others.

I think a few things we can gain is :  - better hygiene  - work life balance with more opportunities to work from home and provide a real balance  - people not coming into work sick, even if that means working from home because we have seen that a lot of us are actually more than capable and in a lot of circumstances get more done despite distractions at home.

I will accomplish all my goals and end up settling in the place I wish. Can take better care of my family and can be helpful to people in need.

I will adjust to the survival requirements that are necessary until a vaccine or medicines that can counter the symptoms of COVID-19 is produced.  While doing this I will work to get a clear understanding of where we will be when this happens.  I will develop a plan to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that the so called, "new normal" will present. 

I will be fitted and stronger and more willing and able to try new things. I will not be constrained by the fear of failure.

I will be happy with return to normal   Freedom of movement

I will be less stressed about small things that are mere inconveniences.

I will be more aware of the value of what we have.

I will emerge from the pandemic stronger and with much more challenges to tackle

I will ensure more control over my own life.

I will go for a lot more long walks

I will spend more time at my regional house in Yea Victoria and less time at my Melbourne townhouse

I will use Zoom, FaceTime etc. much more now to connect - rather than travel to do face to face all the time.

I work remotely and 'presenteeism' is an issue for those not physically in the office regularly.  The experience of remote working over the pandemic period should shift those attitudes and may create more opportunities and positive attitudes for those working remotely like me.

I would like more social distancing and reminders of hand washing to continue.   I’m at the mercy of my company as to what happens next so I’m very worried.   I would like to work mostly from home.   I would like to keep exercising by myself. I will also continue to socialise in small groups.

I'll be stronger

I'll priorities my time better, treasure moments and meetings. And avoid meetings for meetings' sake.

I'm optimistic that the pandemic will reorient everyone's expectations regarding empathetic, kind, and fair government. I'm optimistic that this will see nasty, pessimistic, and cruel thugs like Peter Dutton, Barnaby Joyce, and Matthias Cormann shafted into opposition. Yay!

I've always had the mindset I have now... positive, explorative, the logical (as well as biological) family, tikun olam

I've decided to retire and do some things that will make a difference

I've had more time to research the Bible's influence on music so I can complete my Ph. D. dissertation.  I've also had more time to compose and edit previously recorded jazz, rock and blues songs.

I’ll appreciate very much to enjoy more reliable standard of safety, a more updated Public Health Service which can really reach the weaker member of the society, and above everything, a more efficient and reliable political Sector and a more efficacious and trustful coordination between political parties and the government.

I’ve looked at our lockdown as a chance to research new opportunities

I’ve spent the time to slow down and re-evaluate priorities

If there is a better normal I think it would be more for Future generations rather than my mature age peer group

Implementing an effective work life and wellbeing program

improve life quality, gain efficiency and more balanced competition in the company (professional from headquarter vs professional from affiliates)

Improve ourselves to be better

Improved balance between work hours and non-work hours.  Greater connectivity.

Improved balance of work/life without loss of efficiency.

Improved coping skills and I maintained my optimism

Improved productivity and a renewed vigour to design f2f time to take advantage of what is special about being together and using augmented online tools and information to enrich the f2f time together.

Improved understanding by employers of working from home capabilities, especially as a parent of a young child.

Improved use of technology to get my job done more effectively

Improved work flexibility  More respectful people generally, valuing quality of life  a slower less stressful way of life

"Improved work life balance and more regular exercise habits."

Improved work/life balance

Improved work/life balance due to the ability to work remotely, and the opportunity to test/experiment and innovate in the workplace

Increased clarity about what's important to me. Being more consciously connected to living in alignment with this.

increased exercise , greater valuation of kindness and increased consideration of other's circumstances - increased empathy

Increased flexibility and focus. Huge opportunities as we pivot and make changes to be more effective and efficient in the future. I also realize my focus on having high quality relationships and helping clients authentically is what has opened up a lot more work. I also see how being conservative financially and planning for contingencies and having emergency funds has been critical to thriving in the pandemic versus suffering

increased focus on our core competencies - upskilling adults in digital business skills and rapid skills acquisition for new careers

Increased income at less cost

increased opportunities

Increased work place challenges

Independence, focus, distractions of busy workplace omitted

Inner insulation

International business growth

International travel is a big part of my job, I see that the expectation to travel often and for short trips will be diminished, which is a good thing.

is there a better normal. a lot of systems have to change and that takes a long time.

Isolation has taught me I do not need as much

It has been a time to reflect, develop new skills, read several books and plan a new Cooperative venture.   Personal and professional goals have been reset and I'm optimistic that progress will be made.

It has provided a chance to reinvent our lives and balance work and personal time. Think about skills we rarely used

It is not so much for me, but others. The better normal would be to look inwards more, to breathe more consciously, to listen more. It would be to realise that the material world is finite and it would be better to ‘spread the risk’. Invest more in a stock that is not destined to fail...

it will be a life without fear and full of hope. where I can have time to work, see my friends and have time with my family.

It's been a time of reflection, space to do that. I have been able to determine what is important, sift the hay from the chaff. That's a comment from a women who grew up on a farm. I am changing what I do in my work, to do what I love, not what I think I should do and to decrease my income rather than stress myself working to increase it.

It's given me a chance to slow down a little and to have more appreciation for what I have, especially the people around me!

It's not about me - collectively we will be more connected. kind and appreciative of what we have. We will find middle ground between what we had before and what we were thrown into.

It's perhaps reinforced that I should give less emphasis to my earnings and more on quality of life requires trust in yourself and optimism too that I will get the balance right

It’s leave this world a better place for the generations to come, it has to be now.

It’s small but it’s been important. I get to eat breakfast each day. No longer am I running to get to work grabbing a granola bar as I leave and then hunched over a computer with burnt coffee at work.

Its huge I have researched y and z generations gaining understanding. Looked at old patterns from Baby Boomers and X and took the best things and left the rest. We have a great chance to collaborate

job flexibility and work life balance

Just happy and more organised

Keeping life’s priorities in balance - family,/friends, work, spending time in nature.

"Keeping up the habit of daily check-ins with colleagues"

kinder and more caring

Knowledge no matter what happens it doesn't affect my outlook and focus

Larger audience online and an ability and opportunity to diversify.

Launch of business

leading a more deliberate life

Learnt new skills and developed deeper appreciation for things that I would not have otherwise

Leaving behind a miserable 9-5 and starting my own business.

less "stuff"

Less alcohol, more exercise, better appreciation of sooooo many things - family, friends, travel, opportunities, work, general employment

Less anxious for things that don't matter.

Less BS, more enjoyment

less busy quieter more friend time

Less busy work, greater flexibility in how I work, more local living.

less busy, less activities, more time with kids.

Less busy, more time for family and people, using technology to achieve better life

Less chaotic, distracted life.

Less commute, and working from home, more online connection on a regular basis with my family who is a long way away

less commuting  people being more open to being connected  less insular and excluding "leave me alone" mindset 

Less commuting for owners and our staff  More productivity  Greater drive to digitalise the business faster

Less commuting time by  partially Working from home.   More focus on immediate community of friends and family.

Less commuting to the office.  Less interstate travel for work.

Less commuting, more balance in life & had time to breath, focus and work out what I actually like and want to do

Less commuting, more productivity.

Less concern for the unimportant things

less consumerism

Less crowds ,less commuting ,rural life ,domestic tourism

Less day to busyness, less traffic, more WFH opportunities and more calm

Less driven to be out there "doing' all the time. During physical distancing I have learned to pace myself better, with a better balance between work and relationships and self-care.  I have also learnt to enjoy more alone time and aim to maintain the benefits of these new discoveries.

Less environmental stress short term, and better long-term planning (home office) plus a push for automation due to climate change, etc..

Less expectation to go to crowded venues

Less face-to-face meetings, better understanding of social distancing = less colds, 'flu.

Less flying/travelling. More home-based work

Less focus on work

Less frantic   More kindness

Less frantic. More time for reflection to ensure better decision making. Less of what we needed to do to make life work - racing back to child care at the end of the day, grabbing expensive takeaway meals during the week, hanging up quickly on calls to people who matter.

Less frenetic running around. More time to consider being me in place and in the moment.

Less frenetic travel. Opportunity to rethink the way we connect with and communicate with people - we can touch so many more people through re-imagining the way we used to do things. There’s honestly so much we can do differently and better!

Less hamster wheel, doing more of what matters.

"Less haste, more review of what is actually important not habit,  more compassionate and sustainable capitalism"

Less hasty decisions and better planning/scheduling of duties.

less hectic life - work and social

Less hectic life: more opportunity to reflect on the bigger issues; through Zoom Webinars amazing access to the insights of global thought leaders; better health through wearing Masks (but hopefully not catching CV-19!)

Less hours in front of a computer and more meaningful experiences

less inclined to occupy myself with the non-essential - with work and at home.   More effective at truly choosing which discretionary items are worth doing

Less intense and crowded work and shopping experiences

Less mental clutter with renewed focus back on family, community and self.

Less movement and surface distraction, more focus on connection with others and the things that really matter

Less need for material possessions

Less noise more achieve

Less of the running around.

less over-committed

Less packed into each day

Less pressure to go out

Less pressure, more time in the home, less traffic, greater appreciation of people and of life

Less procrastination

Less respect for authoritarian bullies

less rush, more control of what I am doing, more thoughtful decisions

Less rushing   Refocus on value   People hear to listen

less rushing around

Less rushing around and less expectations from others about rushing around

Less rushing around trying to “ achieve ”

Less rushing around trying to do everything at once. Pacing myself

Less rushing around, more items delivered to the house. More confidence to suggest a video call over attending meetings that take up a great deal of time

Less rushing, more calm, less pointless travel

less self-indulgent activities that waste money and time and more appreciation of the things and people who make a difference

Less stress  More flexibility, better balance.  Focus on what is truly important, for me that is family

Less stress related to travelling in peak hour traffic, less costs involved in working from the office, increased healthy eating and daily exercise, increased ability to balance work and a healthy lifestyle.

Less stress, less travel, more home time.

Less stress, more religious

Less stressed. More time for myself. Better balance of work and personal life

less time commuting, more time with family

Less time driving in traffic and more time with family and in my home.

Less time in the cbd and less time on transport  More activities with the family

Less time in the office, more time working from home - rebalancing hours. I've become better at prioritising and revised my values

Less time spent commuting into an office

Less time spent commuting with more days working online from home

Less time spent configuring,  more working from home.

Less time spent in traffic. More walks/time for reflection.

Less time travelling to work. Less consumerism. Improved health of environment and planet. Less consumption of limited resources, Less pollution.

Less time travelling, less formalities, better relationships

Less time wasted travelling to work as I can at least work from home part time.  Save money from less work travel.  More use of active transport like cycling to places.

Less traffic and driving  Better benefits from the government for people in need  More family time.

less traffic and more time

Less traffic on the roads resulting in lower road deaths, lower pollution, better communication with others,  greater importance in personal relationships, the list is endless.

Less travel

less travel  more dedication to things I find rewarding and enriching

less travel - so more available time  due to some more efficient work practices

less travel and more video conferencing and use of email

Less travel and therefore better utilisation of my time.

Less travel commuting, more time with the family, more focussed on what really matters

Less travel gives more time to work on self and spend time with kids.

Less travel more sleep

Less travel time to work, greater opportunity to share quality time with family and maintain if not improve efficiency at work

Less travel to meetings, greater local connectedness, daily walking

Less travel, more family time, more focus on societal impact

Less travel, more time at home

less travel, more time for reflection, healthier, more time in the natural world

Less travel, more time with family, a greater appreciation for modest pleasures.

Less travel, peace,

Less travel.  I love travel, but for business I would like it to be travel for a purpose rather than the assumption that all meetings need to be in-person.

Less travel.  More time with family.  More productive working remotely.

less travelling, more sport.

Less unnecessary travel. Better understanding of work life balance and the juggle with home.

Less wasteful and more grateful

Less work, more time in nature and maybe if the property market falls enough the chance to finally own a home.

Less work, more time in nature, volunteering in my community

Letting things go because it will all work out.

Life / Work balance is improved and this has led to a more content, less hectic and unproductive life

Life as we knew it, has suffered several challenges and disruptions (man-made and others). We must learn to How to wisely utilise our human and natural resources, for the better of humanity and its livelihood.

Life balance

Life balance

Life before this Virus

Life is ascent and anabasis. Sometimes, during the journey, one gets the chance to make faster progress. What we are going through is accelerated evolution. I am becoming more detached and more mindful.

life slowing down getting off the 'busy for busy sake' merry-go-round

Life work balance

living & working like before the COVID19. *like means /realize/ similar quality in every one of my decisions*

Living a more balanced life, paying more attention to the small important things that give joy. 

Living a more simple life

Living a productive and comfortable lifestyle

Living at a slower pace

Living in a society that has learnt a once in a generation lesson on the importance of working together for the common good

Living sustainability on my property and working from home with my family. Face to face where needed. Slowing down. Buying only made-to-last products, buying in bulk, community centred living. Working 4 days a week. A retirement pension should be enough to live on except that Morrison has vowed to get rid of the retirement pension

Living true to my brand and beliefs

Living where I want to live and choosing my own path professionally.

local, community-based

Lost weight!

Love for people

Lower GHG impact

Mainstreaming of flexibility at work; better engagement with virtual communication technologies across work and social life

Maintain the work/Life/Health/Communication balance.

Maintaining a more balanced lifestyle between what I have to do and what I want to do!  No longer seeing a need to 'work for the Man" but rather working when I want and with whom I want. 

Maintaining employment (universities are in a parlous state) along with the opportunity to travel occasionally

Major Policy issues left unattended to be addressed. Inequality, Infrastructure and Renewables

Making. A contribution

Managing priorities and delivering learning through a range of media

many superfluous services removed and realigned to better serve me and my community

maybe more balance between work and home

Maybe more working from home, better virtual meetings.

meaningful collaborations

meditation and self-healing

meeting in small groups

Message is being heard. More people ready to advance, more companies willing to reinvent.

Mindset is more focused

Minimizing travel, reducing  my consumerism, enjoying doing simple non expensive activity, being content to be alone, being really selective in my work options

Mix of work and home  - less commute time, better use of video and other options for meetings, better ability to contact regional and other colleagues, ability to structure family commitments around a broader work day where start and finish times are flexible


Modified behaviour so my actions always align with my beliefs and values. Truly valuing my relationships. Being prepared to walk away from jobs in dysfunctional corporate Sector.

More efficient life

More able to take things as they come rather than be unsettled

More acceptance of flexible, diverse and inclusive workplaces and work practices. Less unnecessary travel. A smaller footprint on the earth. A bigger place within my family.

More active, less stressed and with a better work life balance

More adaptable, flexible and able to survive change.

More and varied opportunities to work from wherever I want.

More appreciation for what I have, respecting the freedoms of travel and engagement with family - it can all be so quickly taken away!

More appreciative of small things in life

More Australian based businesses popping up

More autonomous working environment, self-determination and working differently to fund more balance in my life.

More aware about how busy I am. More conscious about hygiene. More willing to negotiate with my boss over working from home on a regular basis, which is better for my family life.

More aware of my own needs and conscious of prioritising them

More aware of opportunities for environmental improvements, time management and utilising technology more for communicating.

More aware of sanitizing and hygiene measures

More aware of the safety for your  health that was taken for granted more vigilant

More awareness of the interconnectedness of everyone's health with everything else- and that health is the basis of a good life for everyone

more awareness of the value of health and life

More awareness of wellbeing and personal health. Less power for banks and landlords and regulators.

More awareness of world issues - I will educate myself more.

More awareness, more focus, more drive

More balance

More balance between work and home life

More balance in my life

More balance in my life and opportunities to think about the well-being of others

more balance with less travel, and less focus on unimportant details that never really added value.

More balanced

More balanced and positive attitude

more balanced and realistic

More balanced approach toward life

More balanced in my life

more balanced life and chance for government to improve social policy

More balanced life style. A better appreciated time     Hey Siri    A reassessment of what’s important and a more balanced approach to life in general

more balanced life, smaller number of 12-hour work days a week

More balanced life.

More balanced life. More time at home. less "busy"; more productive use of my time

More balanced relaxation coupled with focussed work

More balanced work life by not losing too much time to commuting and non-essential travel. Able to achieve some of my organisation's goals because of new collaborations.

More balanced, more targeted

More business activity.

More business opportunities. More time with my family. Better control over my children's education.

More capable of accepting life as it is.

More careful about Climate Change risks to ensure lower carbon emissions from my personal lifestyle and care on health risks to ensure protection from infections or infecting others

more caring and compassionate

More caring society

More caring, less materialistic, greener, cleaner

More chance to reflect, plan and seek new opportunities.

more chilled

More chilled

More choice in how and where I work.

More choices in everyday working environment and more choices in level and type of human interaction

more choices to be who I am

More clarity about the role of family and community in our lives.

More clarity on the things that are most important for me to live a fulfilling life.

More communication with friends and family

More community service in the field of coaching and more walking giving myself more thinking time.

More confidence, less busyness, more presence, more gratitude, less hiding, more service, less worrying, more appreciation, more joy.

More connected and community aware and connected

More connected with my wife and children

More connected with others. More considerate of others needs and being helpful. Understanding what binds and creates 'community'. More accepting of change and myself.

More connection to family

More connections

More conscience about the importance of time.

more conscience around health and safety

More conscientious, more time spent on family, better diet and exercise

More conscious focus on maintaining rich and meaningful relationships, connecting more, being more focused through better health and work habits, and staying energised through a clearer sense of hope I can help the world.

More conscious of the need for care in meeting my health needs and the needs of others.

More considerate that others have good reason to have a different perspective or priority

more considered about how I spend my time

more considered how I spend my time

More consistent exercise. More reading. Writing more Poetry. Eating better.

More content with the simple things and with family

More content with what we have - our 'disaster' was so much better that WW1 & WWII on my immediate family

More cycling, walking, spending less and spending more time with people.

more determination ,more prepared to communicate directly and more often

more digital connectivity with many of the cultural barriers to change with regards to digital engagement overcome with better rules and cultural protocols for digital engagement defined and embedded

More direct connection to a greater community of like-minded thinkers actively working for a better world and willing to help

More discerning about what I attend. Joy in being at home in my cocoon. Less time in traffic travelling to meetings.

More disciplined in how I spend my time  More work from home  More focused on things that matter  More cooking

More disciplined towards evaluating potential growth opportunities rather than just keeping things in "AS IS"!

More disciplined, firmer on some things, focused

more done online - work, shopping, etc

more effective and inclusive communicator - the benefit of consulting widely and not just with those who can attend face to face

More effective communication across geographies

More efficiency and productivity

More efficiency, particularly in business. (More Profit due to better structures, systems and best of all happier teams)

More efficient dealings via way of online meetings and communication. Changes due to the creativity and innovation that has occurred.

More efficient in time, more connected with my family.

More efficient use of time. Better engagement with my family while working at home.

More efficient use of work/home balance, far less wasted travel time = less pollution, expeditious time and management planning and implementation, significant reduction in meetings (time) and to and from times (thanks to virtual meetings), considerable rent and office equipment savings, decentralised commerce and government, lower infectious illnesses due to lower use of public transport (med/long distance) and less crowded cities. Best of all more community spirit and awareness occurring and talking to fellow citizens. 

More efficient ways of conducting business

More efficient working & managing both personal & business life more efficiently

More efficient working environments. Less commuting = more time for family and better and more personal relationships

More emote working and less commuting. The end of hot-desking and less open plan. A chance to kick-start the next wave of reform in the Australian economy.

More emotionally connected with my friends and family, more focused on health and well-being

more empathy less judgement

More emphasis on the quality of contacts and not on physical proximity

More engaged more deeply with the important issues.

More exercise

more exercise and balance in life

More exercise more meditation

More exercise, balance

More exercise, better use of time and greater appreciation of the environment around me.

More exercise, more introspection and better communication with others. Listening to what I say to others. And apologise if necessary

More family time with my work  Being just as busy as it was before corona

more family time, less spending

More family time. Less travel /commute time.   Better hours at work so less adversely impacting on family time.

More family time. Slow down.

More flexi work for our staff. Better productivity. More creative strategic work completed.

More flexibility about where and when I work

More flexibility and productivity through virtual tools and technology

More flexibility around work arrangements and a slower  paced social life.

More flexibility around work hours and location

more flexibility at work - no need to spend as much time in airport lounges

More flexibility in how my work is delivered

More flexibility in the way I work and the opportunity to connect with more people digitally

More flexibility in the way I work with my clients and a renewed sense of control of my lifestyle and work balance

More flexibility in the way I work.

More flexibility in the way we work. Less bureaucracy and more agility.

More flexibility in the working environment, working from home more frequently

More flexibility in work/life balance

More flexibility in working hours; people will be more hygienic, especially in public places

More flexibility to work from home  More flexibility to have appts done remotely e.g., tax appt, doctors appts (where possible)

More flexibility where to work, less time wasted with commute, less air travel etc. which means support of the environment

More flexibility with work

More flexibility with work driving a better work life balance

More flexibility with work. Better work/ life balance. Less rushing around!

More flexibility, less commute

More flexibility, use of video conferencing which cuts down on need to travel as much, smaller carbon footprint etc

More flexible and equal.

More flexible work

More flexible work arrangements

More flexible work arrangements and better work life balance.

More flexible work conditions, using technology instead of traveling

More flexible work hours and ability to work from home more often.

More flexible work.    Everyone realising Melbourne is not as important as it thinks it is.    The end of the Trump presidency.

More flexible working and work/life balance

More flexible working arrangements - more working remotely and focus on what is important.

More flexible working arrangements and less pressure to run around everywhere with options for virtual hook ups.

More flexible working arrangements, spending more time with my family, less general illness from greater hygiene

More flexible working arrangements/acceptance and hence greater balance, making more time for family and friends.

More flexible working environment, less business travel, time leverage through adoption of online service product delivery.

More flexible working from home

more flexible working, lower environmental footprint. more time with school age children.

More flexible working, which provides time savings that allow me to focus on my health

More flexible workplace arrangements; more actions towards global warming; a better social security system to take care of vulnerable groups in the community; a more responsible government.

more flexible- open to new initiatives (wok & life)

more flexible, business growth, moving next to my mother - focus on family.

More flexible, more resilient. Untroubled by trivial things and open to working wherever I am.

More focus and energy, kinder to my body and mind

More focus and improved my relaxation by meditation

More focus less stress

More focus on family and things of importance

More focus on family connection, better prioritisation of health - having been able to walk everyday with my son has been wonderful and not wanting to give that up. Being focused when I do need to work is also great.

More focus on family needs and less frenetic efforts  on external responsibilities so better work life balance especially with working more at home.

More focus on family, less on business.  More focus on my team's wellbeing, less on profit.  Greater emphasis on business purpose, less on competition

More focus on health and connecting with family and friends. Less work and leisure travel. More local visits. Less accumulation to keep up with the Joneses. More internal focus. More gratitude. More health. Simplification

More focus on important things in life - identify new opportunities - find the right people around me

More focus on life balance appreciating the opportunity to spend more time at home, even whilst working

More focus on the things most important to us as humans/people.

More focus on the things that are important to me and society as a whole.  - Less time wasted with commuting and travel.  - More time for communication  - Less time spent on formalities, more time for 'content'

More focus on the things that matter; health, happiness, caring

More focus on things that are important and being present

More focus on what is important and an opportunity to change old habits.

More focus on what’s really important, better saving

More focused and doing what I love.

More focused on being surrounded by the people who are positive and good to me.

More focused on important priorities, seeking connection and conciliation at grassroots, doing positive things for the environment

More focused on purpose and skills, not status and style

More focused on the positive and more willing lead national change

more focused on the real and less distracted by non-essentials

More focused on the things that matter.

More focused on what matters

More focused on what needs to get done

More focused.  Worked hard on positive communication techniques with my husband.  Became even more grateful

More focussed on other people

More freedom in the workplace, flexibility work from home, adoption of technology, less travel, less flying

More freedom to innovate how I live, work and serve others. Leave smokestack habits and legacies behind. Reach into new pools of knowledge and culture.   

more freedom, less travel getting prepared to go to work, more time with family, more time to exercise and just that white space to think 

More generous and simpler society

More healthy: better diet, more exercise

More humane and more coach to leaders trying to be Authentically Connected to their people and families

More hygienic environment

more income

More independent, understand where people add value to my life and not just there.

More investment in relationships, less in possessions

More knowledge about panic stations!.

More localised activity

More mindful

More mindful, better able to stay afloat and resilient in the sea of bad news and misinformation, connected more deeply than before with those dear to me and with many others I've connected with during the pandemic. I had the opportunity to learn about new areas of research, knowledge and practice that will enable me to live a better life and make a better contribution to the world.

More money saved and potential for my husband to work from home

More of a reflective life, less busy and more in harmony with who I am. Less spending and less rushing and more at home time.

More of everything, less of moderation

more of the same balanced life hopefully, and the recognition of the importance of 'cutting your coat to fit the cloth'

More online work. More balance. Shorter meetings.

More open to more new ideas

More opportunities for local manufacturing

More opportunities to lead, more opportunities to slow down and balance work and life.

More opportunities. Hopefully more reliance on "homegrown", more involved in day-to-day family life,

more opportunity

More opportunity to love and to help others, as others will be wanting and needing more help

More opportunity to work from home without previous stigma. More opportunity to exercise and live according to nature's rhythms and cycles.

More optimism about the things that really matter. No stress or worry on things in business politics that are ultimately irrelevant.

more optimistic

More options and a different perspective on work and life going forward

More options and opportunities

More organised, less frantic,; more focused on others, less focused on self and particularly far less focused on material things and the pursuit thereof.  Greater value on downtime and quiet time and thinking about the spiritual side of life and what is our purpose. Much more committed to personal health and well-being - not just self but others around me, including those I know, but perhaps not well.   More interested in creativity and acquiring knowledge and experiences which add depth, beauty and interest to life.   

More patient, calmer new perspective.  Appreciation of all I took for granted.

More patient, tolerant, appreciation of simple things, less value on money.

More present and mindful connections and engagements personally and professionally.

More present. Appreciating simplicity in my life. Slowing down and not filling my life with unimportant things. And importantly being comfortable in myself and enjoying my own peacefulness.

More productive and connected organisation

More productive efficient and energetic

More productive than ever.  More conscious of others than ever.  More health conscious than ever.  More creative than ever.  Insist that The Art of Sustainability must be ingrained in government, business & society.  More collaborative than ever.  Convinced that everything in connected.

More purpose and joy-filled endeavours - both for myself and rippling out to others

more purpose in work and life

More purposeful

More quality time with family

More quality time with family and friends. Lower environmental footprint. Stopping to smell and appreciate the roses of our immediate local environments before considering global travel.

More quality time with friends, more time experiencing live music and theatre, a better-quality relationship with my significant other and being closer with my family

More quiet time!

more quiet time. Stricter personal and professional boundaries. More time on my own spiritual development. More time at home. Less socializing.

More reading and learning

More reflection, more relating, less purchasing.

More reflective and appreciative of what I have.

More reflective and in touch with my inner ambitions.

More reflective and steady in my outlook. Clearer on priorities.

more reflective on  my family and friends

More reflective time and the ability to balance work and personal life.

More relaxed

More relaxed

more relaxed

More relaxed & less hurried and anxious

More relaxed about life, decisions, the way I live, my whole being.

more relaxed and casual way of doing business

More relaxed and clear

More relaxed and more sleep

More relaxed lifestyle - less crowds

More relaxed lifestyle, less travel.

More relaxed time outside of work. Thinking time and time to digest information

More relaxed, better work/life balance..

more relaxed, flexible working conditions, not as hectic

more relaxed, greater family time, work life balance

More relaxed, less rushed, healthier lifestyle, less money wasted on entertaining, eating out and drinking, more time with family.

More relaxed. More home time. More reflective.

More remote work opportunities with people globally apart from in large cities

More resilience and self-reliance

More resilience.

More respect of one’s space

More respect to each other as another human being with needs as those I have.  Stop enormously exploiting others in interest of promoting "my" instead of "our" interests.

More respectful of the gift of time. Meaning I am more conscious of the finite nature of it, and my relationship with it. I am responsible for how I choose to use it and spend it.

More rest

More rest, more exercise, joy in garden, house and with who I am living

more routine in home life

More rules and bureaucracy.

More selective choices in what I do and how I do it.

More self-directed and self-managed.

More self-directed, I feel more in control of me.

More self-discipline, more adaptability

More sensitive to others and know our neighbours.

More simple life, less stress

more sleep, more connection w family

More social distancing

More thinking outside the square. Moving on from some long-established routines that should have gone years ago

More thoughtful about what I take on and better focus

More thoughtful of society, environment, equality and many other things

More time

More time

More time and location flexible lifestyle

More time at home  Less travelling for work   Cleaner air for the planet   Focus on health and wellbeing

More time at home - saving money

More time at home and being more focused on local shopping and attractions

More time at home, less places to have to run to.

More time at home, less stress

More time at home, living more, working less obsessively.

More time at home.

More time at home.  Less materialistic.  Better sensitivity to race relations.  Stronger sense of community.  Trump dumped.

More time doing what I love with my work, reaching more people and sleeping in my own bed more!

more time for exercise

More time for family and self-care

More time for family, better integration of time with kids and time at work. Potentially even a different structure to the working day and working week - same outcomes, same total hours at work, just a very different break-up of the days and weeks.

More time for family, better sleep, less carbon footprint

More time for family, health, and things important to me, less time commuting and travelling for work. Working more focussed from a comfortable home office instead of a distracting open plan office.

More time for important things particularly relationships

More time for myself, more time for others, more harmony with nature

More time in nature , more conscious living, maintaining better contact with friends, family, more activism for worthy causes, more local connections

More time in reflection and more time with family and closest friends. Less rushing from event to event

more time spent with meditation/mindfulness, more working from home rather than commuting

more time spent with my team - more focused on boundaries between work and personal

More time to appreciate and enjoy family and friends. Carpe Diem

More time to do exercise without the obligation to have to go to the office on a daily basis. I am I charge of my time.

More time to look after my health because I don't travel as much. Easier to work from home and less overheads as well so more $$ in my pocket

More time to spend with family

more time to spend with family, and on my personal hobbies, and things like self-care, cooking, gardening, listening to music and reading

More time to think and reflect   More time to invest in close relationship and things that matter the most

More time to think which means less energy required for time poor reactive thinking and  actions

More time to use better technology to connect with more people

More time with family

More time with family  Work flexibility   Less commuting

More time with family and less face-to-face meetings

More time with family at home, less business travel, more recreation.

More time with family, less focus on materials things

More time with family, more efficient, less stress.

More time with family, opportunity to rethink what is important

More time with my family and time to exercise since I’m not commuting 3 hours per day

More time with my family, more flexibility in my work practices, shift to an outcomes-based work arrangements

More time with my partner and family. A renewed concentration on what is important in my work, rather than just what I do. Opportunity to take stock on personal health and wellness. Respect for the new communalism that has arisen in some communities through a shared adversity.

More time working from home

More time working from home

More tolerant of change and increased patience as people constantly adjust to change and understand that change is normal.

More transparency from governments

More understanding & analytic

More understanding and compassionate- but also taking citizen responsibility for things that are unjust

more understanding of human interaction with nature, impact, changes to workplaces, move to digital.

More use of video meetings. More time for enjoyment of walking amongst nature

More use of virtual meetings saving time - change to a smaller office and reduced costs

More video communication and less travel

More virtual interactions and online connected learning.

more virtual working

more WFH and more people being real about expectations

More WFH opportunities will make it easier to be a digital nomad

More WFH, more balanced life

more work / life balance and ability to focus on what is really important

More work from home and greater flexibility

More work from home options, deeper appreciation of people and loved ones, less focus on material things.

More work from home, more local products and local tourism, better environmental conditions.

more work life balance

More work life balance

More work life balance

more work-life balance and flexibility, built on trusted relationships

More work-life balance.     More focus on what matters.

More work/life flexibility

more working from home - decentralisation ; better quality of life

more working from home and encouraging my team to work effectively remotely. This eliminates the travel time from my day and allows me to exercise more easily, also allows me to shuffle activities around in my day  - though it is still governed by zoom meetings

More working from home with the attendant savings in commuter time and enhanced flexibility

More working from home, less travel, less going out because I feel like I should, valuing more time with close friends and family, more commitment to fighting for climate change action in Australia and around the world.

More working from home, more flexible approach

Most of the people, both young and old, are more grateful and respectful of the things that matter in their lives. They aren't taking things for granted.

Moved from city to country and pursuing a new career where I can take time to look after and spend time with my older parents while still working towards other goals. A more rounded life than before

Moving away from reliance on China and globalisation.  More work opportunities.

moving forward with in a hybrid way with both the pre-COVID experience & knowledge combined with techniques & experience gained during COVID.

Moving to permanent working from home will give me more family time and avoid commutes

Much greater Government focus on investment in community Connection and family wellbeing Alongside Existing spends for economic development and productivity. In that context I see a better future for our children and our people. That would be a better normal for me.

Much more aware of the impact I'm making towards other persons

Much more flexibility in the way we work and an increased willingness to connect online (visually).

Much more focused on staying clean and not being so close to others.

Much more work and meetings online, and those more productive, meaning less travel, less commuting, more family and personal time

My better normal is one where I have less work travel and I spend more time creating.

My better normal is to put my family and myself before other people's expectations of me.

My Business will be better organised and take less of my time.

My faith and deeper appreciation  of all that is important to me

My passion and work are able individuals thriving based on an understanding and clear offering of their Gift—more people want this as it will be the easiest path forward, which is excited for my company and me.

My perspective on choices has been positively effected

My response to Q1 was that I was “unsure”.  There is the possibility of more flexibility. However, there is a lot of uncertainty - mainly around leadership. If we had NZ’s PM or the Icelandic PM/government I would be very optimistic

National access to all Australians who need to find the right care for ageing or disabled loved ones.

Nature having had a major break from pollution and a chance to somewhat recover.

New avenues

New business opportunities

new business opportunities and growth.

New business opportunities as a result of online meeting technology and more connection with friends and family via these platforms - we were used to working this way with colleagues but family, friends and clients weren't familiar with it until COVID

New chances and opportunities since so much has to be restructured and reprioritised

New habits, new attitude, catch my thinking, choose thoughts that serve me, be grateful (less for granted)

New initiatives and new opportunities.  More people who awake, understand the hidden agendas of the political and economic elite!

New opportunities

New opportunities and energy for better life experiences

new opportunities for a more inclusive and restorative society

New opportunities for communication and collaboration.

New opportunities for ways to work using tech, a new path in my career, less stress travel, a better quality of life. New experiences with my daughter.

New opportunities in Australia and Globally.

New Opportunities in Business

New opportunities.

New paradigms

New perspective on what’s important

New positive habits, being mindful of cleanliness and being openly friendly

New venture.  New  ideas. New knowledge. More qualified.  New material. Next  book. Better life balance. Enjoying the whole experience .

New ways of doing my normal activities.

New ways of doing things discovered and part of long-term change

New ways of working which better balance home and work life. A greater sense of community.

New ways to build trust and relationships. New opportunities for collaboration. Development of new skills . A more balanced life with less commute times.

no commuting working longer days but have the flexibility to work around and with the family also.

No COVID-19 to threaten our lives and economy.

No longer take things for granted to be the same as they were.

no more survey monkey

Nobody is free from the pandemic no matter u r rich or poor, highly educated on uneducated.

none...until the borders open up and planes are flying overseas

Normalises flexibility

not 100% sure

Not as much travel, getting to understand how technology can make my life easier and time at home

Not being forced to work in toxic workplaces anymore

Not having to go into work all the time - social distancing is likely to mean that I can still work from home from time to time

Not so rushed to get things done. Even though I don't catchup physically with everyone we are more connected via zoom or facetime

Not sure

Not sure

not sure yet, but always optimistic.

Not sure, though I am more aware of how busy I can get.

Not to Listen to the lies of the Left

Not willing to share

Now flexibility and empathy

Obvious stuff like less commuting & more time with family but it may also enable a general reset to focus on what is truly valuable.

On a purely personal level, I expect the future to be full of opportunities for me to diversify my productive activities. This ranges from broadening my career options to enjoying an enhanced relationship with my kids and even getting more practical fulfillment out of my various recreational pursuits.

One based on greater optimism in policies and decisions

One community again.

One hopes for a less polarized society with a renewed focus on sensible and practical politics. A little more humanity would be a bonus!

One in which the flexibility reality and potential afforded by technology and innovation is accepted and embraced instead of ignored   or denied.

One of a non-competitive aggressive community where everyone is scrambling to be at the "top"

one that has me less reliant on close proximity  but equally creative (my collaboration requires team work and group work - academic book writing)

One that is focused on what matters and what makes a difference.

one that takes time to breathe and not work as hard. Enjoy the small things, take time with family.

One where people connect knowing what they missed

One which is more centred on people and in which compassion and love are valued more.

One with less stress as new ways to work have emerged

Ongoing flexibility of where I do my work, from home or the office or another location. Ongoing flexibility in how and when I do my work.

Ongoing working from home freeing up so much time to do other stuff with family at home

Only good stress

opportunities arrive from adversity

opportunities derived from a disruption in the norms of economic stability. When there are disruptions, there are opportunities.

Opportunity for better diversity and equity in work    Focus on wider contribution than simplistic accounting - six factors that affect "bottom-line" not one.   Positive proactive steps on environmental issues that recognises climate change Better panning for issues natural disasters etc

Opportunity to reset personally and professionally and for sizing high-quality service and relationships

Opportunity to work from home, better work life balance, less time commuting, more time to exercise

Opportunity to work with more people who will be motivated to create a better future

Optimistic to be connecting with peoples around the globe physically and virtually. Connecting, influencing and enabling.

Option to work from home and to interact with team virtually

Organised.     More market opportunities

peaceful, intellect is more powerful, able to make better decisions

People are kinder and patient with one another, checking in respectfully and proceeding cautiously before acting.

People are more accepting of adopting remote care assessments therefore we can actually assist more people in Australia without the time / costs of travel.

People being more willing to cooperate

people generally have more tolerance and care for each other

People might become more caring and value possession less.

People more cautious about health and hygiene  More social awareness toward environment and fellow citizens

People more forgiving. Less drama and stress. People not spending money on rubbish they don’t need. People washing their hands and not spreading germs. People Being vaccinated

People showing more gratitude for the simple things in life

People wearing masks when they are unwell,  everyone being more caring of each other and the environment, businesses allowing more flexible working, parents being able to better share responsibilities

People will be more sociable, looking out to help other people.

Perhaps an extra day working from home

Perhaps the opportunity to experiment, try new things, test things out that we were too afraid to experiment with previously. As they say don't waste a good crisis :-)

permanent home office, family affairs and residence visa resolved..

Permission to do what I love

Personal exercise was always discretionary for me at the end of the day, I now have locked in an early morning routine that ensures it happens.

Personally ... it's been a bummer - I became a grandmother as isolation set in ... I have held my grandchild 3 times in total ...  he is now 3 months old I have missed significant bonding time  ...       New normal - more time with family - less with work!

perspective, calmer

Physical health

Placing an emphasis on, and making time for deliberate social connection

politics free business

Poorer in wealth but richer in self.

potential to do more online and reach more people

Practicing daily gratitude, more time with my children helping and watching them grow, no bias, more time to exercise and look after myself whilst working from home.

Priorities better aligned to what's important - family and friends

Prioritising important relationships. working at sustained activity rather than the fragmentation that technology encourages.

Prioritising people first, greater awareness of self-care and growth, moving forward with authenticity, kindness, empathy and understanding.

Prioritising things that are important to me, not just helping others based on what is important to them (which was often themselves)

Prioritising things that are important to me, not just supporting others in what is important to them

Prioritising time with family above all else.

Prioritizing the things that give me happiness - and finding a better balance with work and family and friends, exercise, etc!

Probably someone who is fitter, more productive and spends a bit more time for themselves

Pursue the most important things in life.

Putting less pressure on myself

Putting limits.

Quality of life, increased wealth, increased assets, more leisure time, greater flexibility, greater Discretionary income, less debt- no debt more individual control.

Quality time with family  Caring for important and non-superficial matters  Enjoying more my time, my life. Doing more of what makes me happy 

Quieter city, more connection with the environment, less individualism and entitlement

Quieter more peaceful

quieter. not as busy. more time for deep reflection and to do things that bring me joy. Saying no to things that I do not want to do.

Re prioritised activists which had become a “habit”

Re-evaluation of what is important in life.

Re-prioritised life goals, and able to focus on what is truly important to me

Reading habit

Reassessment of what it important in life.

rebalancing of economies with an increasing focus on the environment. It will be good for everybody

Rebalancing of important issues  both professional and personal

Recognition that I need to be less busy and have more quiet time.

Reducing inequity

Reflection over the direction of my life. Discovery true freedom....e.g., not being a hostage to consumerism. And being closer to family,,,

Refocused my goals both personal and professional. Before this I felt that I was flying along the “career” roller coaster unable to breathe, see out of the carriage long enough to either enjoy the view or get a perspective on what was next

Refocused on work life balance, more flexibility in the workplace and priorities realigned

Regular exercise, contacting friends more regularly.

Regular Exercise, improved eating habits and more time for family sharing food, emotion and better understanding

regular outdoor exercise in nature with multiple friends

Regular telecommuting, including telehealth,  people being more patient and kinder to each other, improved communication and compassion.

Rejuvenated. In demand as writer & editor. Committed to building society & the economy back greener and more sustainable.


remote work and being more aware of infection control

Removing the frenetic way, I as undertaking my work day and now saying no to work I don't want to do.

Renewed hope that we will transition away from fossil energy to renewables.

Renewed life balance, more effectiveness and efficiencies and continuation of the innovations discovered at this time.

Resetting of boundaries and evaluation of how I spend my time

Resetting of priorities and refocus on those priorities


Retiring with dignity

Retraining in an area that I love

Routine  Better identify and appreciate leisure time

Safe and easy-going work and living environment

Same life

Saving the environment

See family and workout. More life/work balance

Seeing people recognise that the previous life was maybe not quite worth pursuing. Change is very good.

Self-aware and getting clear on my purpose

Self-care and contentment

Self-isolation enables best focus on keyboard warrior types

Selfless and humanist sustainability

separate from work and home

Sharing a greater awareness of the needs of others and setting out how to address their needs

shift of balance to more local/family time

Shifting the balance to working from home more and focussing on what is REALLY important.

Shopping local, travelling domestically and going slower

Show more love and understanding

Simple plans for the future. Conservative, practical financial planning. More focused on family and personal relationships.

Simpler life, spiritual focus, gratitude

Simplified  and clarity of life

Simplifying daily life

Since COVID hit I've changed many habits and added some healthier ones. 7 months smoke free and saving $1000's, changed to a much healthier diet, and connected globally with zoom. The better normal is relaxed, fitter and increased optimism for a fuller life and future.

Sleeping longer and better.  Taking a step back when stressed about work.  Being mindful of handwashing habits.  Taking time to disconnect from work and have fun.


Slower interactions with people and institutions where it matters, faster when it doesn't

Slower life

Slower life, spare time, nature, cooking at home and saving money

Slower lifestyle. Work from home. More connection with people

Slower more time with family. New perspective on what is important. Grateful.

Slower pace, entrepreneurial, in harmony with nature

Slower pace, making the time for the important versus the urgent, consistently connecting with friends and family, stronger connection with the environment, less travel, more home cooking, more rest and play.

Slower pace..  Working f home  Less interstate travel expectations   Happier in own home and space.

Slower, more appreciative of nature

Slower, more focus; better appreciation of meaning values and priorities

Slower, more purposeful 

Slower, simpler way of living and more considerate of others, the environment, only doing what is essential or meaningful

Slowing down

Slowing down, knowing you don't need lots of 'stuff', being kinder and more aware of the needs of others, increased empathy

Slowing down.  Appreciating where we live and special friends.

smaller carbon footprint

Smarter, more efficient, and more flexible ways of working

Social distancing.

"Some more consistent exercise habits set because of a subscription to my yoga studio which has videos of varying length that I can use every day."

Someone who slows down a bit and also actively trying to eat better and move more to improve wellbeing.

spend less, travel less, engage with loved ones and local community more.

Spending a lot more time at home with my family.

Spending more time at home

Spending more time doing things I want to do with other people. In the end, stupidly long work hours and effort don't really count for much.

Spending more time in nature than in crowded areas. Currently forging closer bonds with friends and family through frequent communication, but not sure if those will stay strong as restrictions ease. I am seeing very quick technological advancement at my job (teaching).

spending more time on self

spending more time with family

Spending time relaxing with family

Spending time with People that matter.

spending time with the family.  resetting priorities

Start working, pre-seed investor found but all Equity documents Takes so long to be done...

Starting the day with a good breakfast, so I'm not snacking as much.  Taking the dogs for a good walk in the morning before work.

Stay Healthy

Staying in and wearing a mask when I leave the house

Still unclear

Strengthened the habit for healthier me (physically & spiritually), closer to family, explore/challenge the untouched/unseen part of me, seeing the world in more positive way

Striving for a better work-life balance, including taking the time to exercise more often.

stronger awareness of health issues

stronger community

Stronger connection with family and friends.

Stronger emphasis on local, state, national goods rather than overseas

Stronger focus on activities that are important for me and removing concerns on things that I cannot change or influence.

Stronger focus on the important things.

Stronger online community.  Greater national and global connection and communications.  Greater wisdom and vision.

Stronger team empowerment and ownership. Time to be on biz and not in biz

structuring work and leisure time to ensure more quality time for myself and my children

sustainable, renewable energy, and LOW energy future

Swimming for 35 minutes daily.   Reading Books Daily.  Eating healthier

Take better care of my physical and mental health

Take more control. More online presentations, less travel

Take time out for lunch when working. Less commute time

Taking more care/time for self.   You can’t do everything or be everything for others.

Taking more time at home, learning, gardening, and not feeling the necessity to be out and about due to “boredom”. Read, cook, enjoy music.

Taking on less running around, trying to plan more for the future

Taking the time out to look after my myself (physically and mentally).  Realisation that I do not need to be rushing around and the need to be busy all the time

Taking things, a bit slower, taking time to do things I just wouldn't have done previously

Taking time to appreciate the little things and the people in my life

Taking time to appreciate the smaller things

Taking time to be mindful and present

Telemedicine - we are Medical Instrument manufacturers!

Telephone medicine for less crucial medical issues such as renewing prescriptions.

That vast numbers of us will play our part on changing many of the old givens and making our world far better

The  human right brain is faulty generating anxiety and  makes us a hopeless species. But the 'better normal' gives us hope for a better future.

The 'emergent' strategy part of the equation gaining more weight

The "What makes you Optimistic? graphic at the top of this page is unnerving. (is that Vic Perton's stuff?)  I'm not optimistic; generally. A better normal for me relates to daily work arrangements - less travel, increased productivity.

The “work from home” requirement has meant I have had to change the way I work and this has surprisingly brought out positive outcomes.

The ability to have flexibility as to the hours I work and where I work to have more of a work / life balance.

The ability to live in the NOW and accept que sera sera and generally communicate with love and laughter

The ability to maintain full time employment and school drop offs and pick ups

The better normal am foreseeing is that, by observing all the necessary precautions my better normalcy will be constant always.

The better normal for me is to continually encourage people I meet to be positive and optimistic, and to remind everyone that innovation and adaptation to adversity is not difficult.

the clarity of what is important for the people I work with came first and then I was able to step back and see without the pressure of external meetings and the constant busyness of each day what was important to me.  I had the time to be selfish with my time and my focus.    I cut some people out of my life most likely for the first time in my life I said no when I would have otherwise said yes.     For me the post COVID 19 is going to be a freer time simply because the forced break allowed me to declutter my diary and declutter my schedule and declutter the false perception that others value me when in truth they were merely using my knowledge.

The COVID-19 experience has made us all more aware off our relationships with family and friends, on both an emotional basis and also on a physical distancing aspect. This is obvious, but I feel that it has also increased people's valuation of themselves as an entity and the value of others, so may be a greater degree of respect has developed in community.

The disruption of the coronavirus provides an opportunity for societies to reshape themselves and change our society for the better.

The further opportunity for flexible, remote working and even more enhanced family life

The general pace of life seems a bit lower. I have forced myself to take more walks to reduce the amount of time sitting and have had the opportunity to enjoy our environment a bit more. I still hate hills though.

The immediate impact of having to work flexibly has demonstrated that it's possible for organisations. I can now comfortably juggle my personal well-being and family commitments guilt-free. No longer will I need to needlessly travel to and from work just to sit in the office. This has significant reduction in my environmental footprint but gives me time back into my day for my own well-being and personal development or spend it with family and friends. Ultimately this time makes me happier as a person as it enables me to obtain a better balance of all things I hold dearly or that are important in my life.  As a people leader, it’s also been good to live and practice more intently the practices of inclusive leadership with greater empathy for individuals which the situation has forced upon us.

The lockdowns have provided the impetus to develop 'new' ways of coping; Zoom-type meetings, greater working-from-home opportunities, moving to greater use (particularly by older people) of social media and like platforms.

The pandemic has been a great equaliser as it affected everyone equally, notwithstanding financial circumstances.  Also, hopefully, it reminded people what is actually important in life, other than greed and money.  So, the better normal is that we can all re-start from the same starting position (again financial security notwithstanding) and that, hopefully, people will have learnt to be a little kinder this time around.

The pandemic has brought my world closer on line. We cannot go back. Optimism takes us forward, hopefully

The pandemic has highlighted systemic and institutionalized discrimination and oppression that has long needed to be addressed. I believe it has unleashed forces that will now force it to be addressed.

The pandemic prioritised health issues over economic concerns, perhaps a bias that I did not appreciate enough in the past.  My working habits will be more holistic in the future.

The world comes to me. I no longer have to choose between events in Qld or WA. I can do both

The world has changed and will likely never return so I am engaging in trying to establish a new future which is sustainable and cost effective

The world has slowed down and focused on the importance of connection to self, others and community.

This period gives me a new perspective. It provides me with increased desire to add my skills to helping  create better norms. It motivates me to act in a way I probably wouldn’t have before and gives me extra energy, even though I was slowing down before at age 72!

Through the use of technology, I am living in a more flexible work environment which provides better work balance.

Time to explore a wider range of interests in life. Having time to devote to passion projects with like-minded optimistic people who also want to embrace innovation and change.

Time to reflect. How lucky are we

Time with family

To apply a total review of one's time in managing emails, social networking Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Project's that one is interested in, Jobs to do AT HOME, etc...

To live my life for me and not worry about what people think.

To slow down   Think  Make clearer decisions   Say yes to the things of benefit to me and my family.  To have everything change and taken away from you given then the mental ability to rise and be grateful for a roof over our heads the warmth of our house comfort of food and support of our family.

To spend more time in family, to think in myself, to work more green, to spend low money, to think about the necessity to consume things without value

To value more the simple things in life.

Tolerance towards others  Kindness to myself

Travel less and therefore produce less carbon

True work-life balance, local social cohesion and engagement in open space.

Trying to sort through the shock and destruction. It will be some time. At the moment we are staying in the moment and working through the motions towards some type of recovery/repurposing of what we did.


Understanding how to be patient in situations not under my control, learning how to accept and live with myself first has been wonderful. It has been a great part of my journey to love myself first.

Understanding what is really important in life.

Uninterrupted work has improved productivity.

Universal basic income   Free education   Free healthcare



Untethered from the office and liberated from my own capitalist brainwashing

Updated perspective.

Use of new (to me) technology, reconnection in a physical sense after the lock down leading to stronger connections.

Use video conferencing when needed.  Opportunity to work from home

Utilizing technology, I plan to stay in more frequent contact with friends and colleagues.

Value of life

Value time more than money.

View this current world crisis as a perfect storm. That without would have been much more difficult to accomplish.

Visit library n parks with my little one

Walk more, exercise more, care more, spend less, be with people I care about, delete news and political apps (done so already and it is fabulous)

Was able to help other disadvantaged people

We appreciate things more now

We are all connected and must stand together to create a better world.

We are very fortunate and should be grateful.

We have been given a gift -- we are part of a rethink, a reappraisal of our priorities, our methods, and a chance to think about who we will work with in our endeavours.

We have hit an absolute low in every aspect of our world - emotionally, financially and also politically.  It can only get better than this from now.

We have spent two years building a new business model around digital and automation which has allowed us to increase our service standards and professionalism beyond anything our industry has ever seen. We were told we are wasting our money and that it wouldn't work with clients. This pandemic has proved our conviction to be correct. We are one of the only firms who has increased revenue and EBIT, increased employee numbers, not reduced wages and not forced anyone to take annual leave and we have increased our client on-boarding substantially. We had conviction in building our new normal before the pandemic hit.  Regarding my personal life I would like my normal Friday nights back being University Cafe for dinner, Brunettis for coffee and a cake and then the NOVA for a movie....I’m looking forward to that normal again!

We see the fault lines in society, more acceptance of introverts & the unemployed. Fewer brutal myths. Less ableism. Education may be valued more.

We will be far more conscious of hygiene  both Cleanliness and Financial

Wearing masks, social distancing and maintaining contact by using technology some of the time mixed with face-to-face contact

Well, for now, it looks like less commuting.

WFH means a better balance between work and life (allowing myself breaks during the day to get up, out and exercise with the dog).  WFH gives me the space to be creative, both at work and at home.  With a/h activities stopped - we are less stressed and have more time with the family.  So, we will revisit which ones are really necessary when everything resumes.  In general, the pace is less manic, life feels simpler and I like it.

When you realise how quickly any business or person can find themselves in an awkward situation, you must reassess. For me, it makes me want to diversify, innovate and collaborate more to keep a good cushioning around me. We just don’t know what will happen next! I’m ready for it...whatever it is!

Where I continue to spread my optimism further than before, consciously demonstrating that life (and work) is human to human and by connecting in this frame we can  work to  create a marvellous future together.  A future where I am not constrained by old thinking and ways of doing things. Where my smile becomes my business card!

Why imagine a worse normal so there can only be a better normal

Will be organized and more disciplined

With online and video-based meetings and events becoming the accepted normal, I will be spending less time on travel.

wonderful, happier, more productive and efficient

Work and life balance.

Work from home

Work from home 1 or 2,days a week

Work from home built into how I work as a normalised structure.

Work from home more often. Less travel.

Work from home more.

Work from home some days is acceptable

work from home, work life balance

Work from wherever I and my team are.  Higher productivity due less in city office distractions  No contagious public transport to negotiate  Myself and team My team and I have taken powerful self-motivation and happy day living

Work life balance

Work life balance

Work life balance and being more gentle to ourselves

Work life balance better tuned

Work life balance less stress

Work life balance, great acceptance of the use and adoption of technology.

work life balance, less stress and running the rat race. Slower pace and appreciating the little things. Connecting with nature more

work life balance, less wear and tear on work clothes and car,

Work life balance, redefined work practices and service delivery

Work life balance.

Work life balance. Flexibility to work from  Home more often. More cohesive home life.,

work/life balance

Working at home

working at home has given me the opportunity to eat better get tasks done with less stress from letting a soup simmer for hours to receiving deliveries to using my lunch hour" to run out for groceries, so I hope we will be able to continue some work at home days

working flexibly and life focus

working for anyone in the world from home  running on the beach each day  seeing more of the family

Working from home

Working from home

Working from home

working from home 3-4 days a week letting me move to the countryside

Working from home and being more flexible

Working from home and greater use of online meeting facilities

Working from home and having this more widely accepted and continuing beyond COVID

Working from home and more time.

Aorking from home enables more exercise, less driving. Also allows more mindful days

Working from home has become an option as a result I have become resilient and more productive. It has brought into focus how Important my health and fitness are to me and the relationships I hold dear are less taken for granted.

working from home has confirmed that we can function individually and as a collective with alternative means of communication. I foresee a working environment that does not involve every day in a traditional office environment.

Working from home has freed up time from travel to spend with my family, with the kids. Priorities have shifted including where we are more conscious of exogenous shocks like COVID & climate change, and our need to co-exist with them, not deny them.   

Working from home is a huge benefit to our family.

working from home is becoming more acceptable and not linked to 'not taking the job seriously'

Working from home more

Working from home more often

Working from home more often

working from home more often and it being supported by the company I work for.  spending more time with my kids.

Working from home more often, not commuting to meeting, doing more things in our local community and having more time to exercise

Working from home more often, reducing travel and being more available for family

Working from home more, less time spent commuting, more time on personal pursuits

Working from home more, less travel for local and international meetings and conferences, better community feel with collaborators

Working from home more. Greater access to highly capable people as a result of WFH. Increased use of technology in health e.g., telehealth - no need to go to doc just to get prescription. Hopefully some action on climate change.

Working from home more. Using technology building business efficiency. Face to face time will be more social and better quality.


Working from home provides a better work life balance

Working from home reduces cost, risk and time wastage with 22 hrs per week back!

working from home supported

Working from home will be a big component of the office of the future.

Working from home, a greater acceptance of alternative methods of connecting, meeting ...  Improved efficiency.

Working from home, being better connected into my local community & spending quality time with the people who mean the most to me.

Working from home, better use of my time than commuting.

Working from home, less travel

Working from home, more relaxed

Working from home, more time with family, more flexibility

Working from home, saving travel, flexible for family life

Working from home; Baking experiences more; Engaging with the community.

working from home. Being 'slower' and more conscious

Working from home. Less busyness. More family time.

Working more flexibly to balance home / work commitments (by working from home one or two days per week I can be a bigger part of family life)

Working more from home

working more from home

Working more from Home office and continue to ware mask when outdoors. Like Asians where them if they have a cold or flu out of courteous for others

Working more from home, less commuting time

Working predominantly from home which gives me more quiet focussed time to work, less time travelling and a more calm approach to life 

Working remotely in a perfect external environment.

Working to improve society to lessen racism and sexism and other isms!

Working where I want, when I want. Avoiding the commute to/from work. Avoiding wearing a suit and heels every day. Feeling more 'free' to work on my own terms; freeing up time for creative pursuits (writing a screen play); gardening in my lunchtime; feeling free to relocate to the country or the beach and maintain my livelihood; cost savings - dry cleaning, petrol, parking, wear & tear on the car; insurance.

Working with clients remotely allows me to work over longer time frames and work on more systemic and substantial issues. It also means less travel time spent in taxis and on planes.

Working with local business owners to support our community

Working with people I like with control over my own hours and where I work from

Better work-life balance because of our better use of technology.

Zoom bringing people in remote locations together.

Better work-life balance

More focus on my health and wellbeing.

Greater self-care.

Able to consider a broader set of inputs and not just focussed on the work routine

Really enjoying having the freedom to move around: Realising living in a remote area has added benefits.

I believe my business prospects have improved due to the pause, which forced to me re-examine and then re-define what I wanted. So, I am now fully independent and managing my own reputation, work, etc.

More time with family and more patience and play with young children.

A more balanced life.

Family at the centre and personal wellness as the objective.

Taking more time to plan ahead.

"I am more purposeful

"More time with my partner and my pets, less time spent in transit, more flexibility to access services during 'business hours', set my own thermostat, multitasking in meetings where I don't need to contribute much, and access to my own kitchen for meal breaks.

"Circumstances have forced us to review the way we work and live together. The opportunity to change is wonderful.

"Purposefully learning and growing within, whilst serving others

"Balance between work and home

"Yes working from home 90% of the time

"I am more patient and tolerant of others space & pace. I am much more aware of keeping myself and the space around me disinfected

"More balanced in my time spent on stuff that really matters. Less unnecessary spending. More spending to support others.

Sachidananda Murthy 

"Economics and health experts project a better normal, if not the old normal, in 2021. There is optimism that the severely hobbled sections of the economy like education, exports and travel would revive more vigorously. The multiple vaccines for Covid-19 is expected to galvanise confidence levels."

Dr Dilkhush Panjwani

"Together, let us reconstruct our thinking and nurture in our hearts the virtues of hope, compassion, love, contentment, gratitude, and forgiveness, and embrace our fellow human beings as one of us. Let us ignite a spark of ‘divine frenzy” in our minds. Humanity needs peace on earth and goodwill to all, now more than ever. Above all, let us hope for a safer, happier, healthier, prosperous, peaceful, and better normal New Year."

Dr Jovenal Toring

“May our quest for the better normal empower all of us, the aerospacers, future aviators of this country, with a renewed commitment to life-long learning, as did the founding fathers of the aviation industry whose rulebook is to always fly the airplane no matter what."

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